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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.2

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.2


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 72, Number 2; March--April, 1999

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O.V. Achasov, O.G. Penyaz'kov
Emission Method of Investigation of the Cell Structure of Multifront Gas Detonation. pp. 201--205

R.Sh. Gainutdinov
Conjugate Problem of Thermal Explosion. pp. 206--209

S.K. Andilevko
Skew Shock Wave on the Interface between Two Polytropic Gases. pp. 210--217

S.K. Andilevko
Skew Shock Wave on a Gas-Solid Body Interface. pp. 218--227

E.I. Vitkin, A.P. Ivanov
Heating Kinetics of a Plane-Parallel Light- Scattering Layer. pp. 228--231

V.F. Obesnyuk, N.V. Pashatskii, S.V. Osovets
Heating of a Structure by a Moving Plasma Source. pp. 232--235

S.V. Buzilov, L.D. Zagrebin
Pulse Method of Measuring the Thermal Diffusivity of Spherical Samples. pp. 236--239

O.N. Zharkova, I.A. Dimudu, G.N. Abaev
Lag in the Temperature Measurement System in Performing Fractional Distillation of Petroleum Products. pp. 240--244

S.V. Mavrin, A.V. Sten'gach, A.A. Potanin
A Stochastic Model of Disperse Systems. pp. 245--250

F.I. Babenko, A.K. Rodionov
Experimental Evaluation of the Crack Resistance of Glass-Filled Polyamide under Cold Climatic Conditions. pp. 251--252

G.Ya. Gerasimov
Modeling of the Pyrolysis Process of Coal Particles. pp. 253--259

V.V. Komar', L.V. Vyacheslavova, Yu.M. Pokotilo
Properties of ED-8P Resin-Based Powder Compositions. pp. 260--265

V.A. Lashkov, T.G. Khasanov, R.G. Safin
Mathematical Model of Solvent Electrodesorption from Capillary-Porous Materials under Decreased Pressure of the Medium. pp. 266--270

A.R. Sabitov, R.F. Sharafutdinov
Thermal Field of an Oil Bed in a Nonstationary Pressure Field. pp. 271--274

V.A. Babenko, V.A. Sosinovich, Yu.V. Zhukova
Derivation and Numerical Solution of a System of Equations for the Single-Point Probability Density and Conventional Rate of Dissipation of Turbulent Pulsations of a Scalar Field. pp. 275--288

A.F. Kurbatskii, S.V. Poroseva
Modeling of the Limiting Regime of Stabilization of the Average Velocity of a Turbulent Flow in a Rotating Straight Circular Tube. pp. 289--293

K.E. Dzhaugashtin †, A.Zh. Naimanova
Wall Boundary Layer in a Stratified Medium. pp. 294--300

V.L. Zhdanov
Effect of the Configuration of a Discharged Jet on the Change in the Base Pressure of a Model and the Strouhal Number in the Wake. pp. 301--304

A.I. Moshinskii
Some Particular Cases of the Two-Dimensional Integrodifferential Equation of Particle Transfer. pp. 305--311

Yu.S. Teplitskii, V.I. Kovenskii
Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles: the Problem of Scaling and Hydrodynamic-Similarity Numbers. pp. 312--316

Yu.S. Teplitskii
Conductive-Convective Heat Transfer in Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles. pp. 317--322

V.V. Zakharenko, Yu.A. Malysheva, A.L. Khandazhinskaya
"Efficiency" of a Plate from the Viewpoint of the Transmissive Capacities of the Mass-Transfer Stages. pp. 323--328

Yu.B. Zudin
Effect of the Nonisothermicity of the Wall on Heat Transfer in Jet Wetting. pp. 329--332

A.I. Kuz'min, S.S. Kharchenko
Mixing in a System of Plane Cocurrent Jets of an Incompressible Liquid over the Main Portion. pp. 333--339

Ch.M. Verdiev
Heat Transfer to a Laminar Flow of Toluene of Supercritical Pressure in the Region of Development of High-Frequency Thermoacoustic Instability. pp. 340--347

V.M. Shapovalov
Elongation Flow of a Viscoelastic Jet under Conditions of External Friction. pp. 348--354

V.V. Kharchenko
Investigation Based on the Use of Several Models as a General Method of Physical Modeling. pp. 355--358

S.V. Solov'ev, V.K. Bulgakov, S.V. Kuznetsov
Natural Convection of a Conducting Liquid in a Spherical Layer. II. Method of Solution. Calculated Results. pp. 359--364

B.V. Nerubailo, T.B. Nerubailo
Applicability of the St. Venant Principle in the Theory of Thin Elastic Envelopes under the Effect of Force and Temperature. pp. 365--379

L.O. Meleshko
Determination of Conditions for Development and Growth of a Metastable Diamond Phase of Carbon and Absence of Stable Graphite Phase. pp. 380-383

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