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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.3

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.3


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 72, Number 3; May--June, 1999

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A.N. Abramenko, A.S. Kalinichenko, Y. Burtser, V.A. Kalinichenko, S.A. Tanaeva, I.P. Vasilenko
Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of Foam Aluminum. pp. 397--401

P.V. Lebedev-Stepanov, G.G. Spirin
Measurement of the Thermal Activity of Dielectric Liquids with an Accuracy of »104. pp. 402--408

L.I. Vorob'ev, T.G. Grishchenko, L.V. Dekusha
Experimental Investigation of Air Cooling of a Conductive Calorimeter. pp. 409--411

R.A. Mustafaev †, M.A. Guseinov, T.P. Musaev
Thermal Conductivity of Caproic Acid Esters at High Pressures as a Function of the Temperature. pp. 412--419

A.V. Akulich
Hydrodynamics of Two-Chamber Vortex Dryers with Counter-Colliding Twisted Flows of a Gaseous Suspension. pp. 420--423

G.I. Efremov
A Modified Quasistationary Method of Describing the Kinetics of Drying of Hygroscopic Materials. pp. 424--428

V.A. Sychevskii
Application of Numerical Methods in Solving Problems of Interrelated Heat and Mass Transfer and Transformation of Structure in Easily Deformable Natural Systems. pp. 429--436

V.N. Glaznev, I.V. Koptyug, Yu.G. Korobeinikov
Physical Features of Acoustic Drying of Wood. pp. 437--439

K.V. Dobrego, S.A. Zhdanok, A.V. Krauklis, E.I. Khanevich, A.I. Zaruba
Transition from the Regime of Low Rates of Filtration Combustion of Gases to the Regime of High Rates with a Pressure Increase. pp. 440--449

A.S. Podol'tsev, Z.P. Shul'man
Numerical Simulation of the Hemodynamics and Biomechanics of the Arterial System. pp. 450--457

A.R. Dorokhov, V.I. Zhukov
Bubble Growth Rate and Phenomenon of Degenerate Boiling of a Fluid in the Form of Film Vaporization. pp. 458--465

Yu.B. Zudin
Model of Heat Transfer in Bubble Boiling. pp. 466--472

E.F. Shurgal'skii, I.Kh. Enikeev
Numerical Modeling of Droplet Deposition in Channels of Intricate Shape. pp. 473--481

M.I.Abu-Khalava, M.T. Gladyshev
Distribution of the Parameters over the Vertical in a Break-Through Wave. pp. 482--485

M.I. Abu-Khalava, M.T. Gladyshev
Break-Through Wave over a Deformable Bottom. pp. 486--490

M.D. Martynenko, N.A. Dokukova, L.I. Boiko
Vibrational Processes in Mechanical Systems. pp. 491--494

N.A. Dokukova, M.D. Martynenko
Displacement of Bodies with Tossing on a Vibrating Surface. pp. 495--498

I.N. Aliev, O.V. Gur'yanova, V.Yu. Temlyantsev
Waves in Charged Thin Plates. pp. 499--501

G.A. Aminova, G.V. Manuiko, G.S. D'yakonov, V.F. Sopin
Numerical Solution of the Problem of Diffusion of a Low-Molecular Weight Substance a Polymer Material with a Moving Phase Boundary. pp. 502--506

S.K. Andilevko
Skew Shock Wave at the Interface of Two Media. pp. 507--514

S.K. Andilevko
Glancing Shock Wave as a Limiting Case of Irregular Reflection. pp. 515--518

L.I. Urbanovich, E.M. Kramchenkov
Erosion of Steels and Alloys in Their Collision with a Flux of Abrasive Particles. pp. 519--525

L.I. Urbanovich, E.M. Kramchenkov
Determination of the Temperature Field of a Metal Barrier in Collision with an Erodent Particle. pp. 526--532

S.V. Solov'ev
Natural Convection of the Earth Liquid Core in the Presence of Internal Heat Sources. pp. 533--544

O.V. Nagornov, O.V. Sergienko
Special Features of the Processes of Heat and Mass Transfer under a Shelf Glacier. pp. 545--554

N.I. Yurchuk, V.P. Kozlov, P.A. Mandrik
A Method of Paired Integral Equations in the Region of Laplace Transforms for Solving Nonstationary Heat Conduction Problems with Mixed Discontinuous Boundary Conditions. pp. 555--571

P.A. Baranov, S.A. Isaev, Yu.S. Prigorodov, A.G. Sudakov
Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Improving the Aerodynamic Efficiency of Profiles due to the Suction in Vortex Cells. pp. 572--575

Modeling of the Return of Turbulence to an Isotropic State. pp. 576--583

S.A. Zhdanok, A.I. Zaruba, N.A. Zarutskaya, A.V. Krauklis, A.N. Ovcharenko, A.P. Solntsev, E.I. Khanevich
Cleaning of Air of Ethyl Acetate Impurity with the Aid of a Pulsed Corona Discharge. pp. 584--586

Yu.A. Vyzhol, I.A. Mulenko, A.L. Khomkin
Equilibrium and Kinetic Properties of an Atomic-Molecular Plasma. pp. 587--591

O.M. Ostriko
Influence of Electric-Current Pulses on the Operation of Sources of Twinning Dislocations in Bismuth Single Crystals. pp. 592--594

L. Vasil'ev, D. Nikanpour, A. Antukh, K. Snelson, L. Vasil'ev, Jr., A. Lebru
Multisalt-Carbon Chemical Cooler for Space Applications. pp. 595--600

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