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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.4

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.4


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 72, Number 4; July--August, 1999

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G.P. Brovka, V.A. Sychevskii
Calculation of Temperature Fields and Thermal Conductivity in Structurized Systems. pp. 607--613

V.A. Shulyak, D.I. Berezyuk
Study of the Processes of Mechanical-Thermal Treatment of Food Dispersed Materials. pp. 614--617

M.A. Brich, V.P. Kozhin, V.K. Shchitnikov
Kinetics of the Wood Impregnation Process.Modeling and Experiment. pp. 618--626

K.V. Dobrego, S.A. Zhdanok, A.V. Krauklis, E.I. Khanevich, A.I. Zaruba, D.V. Sakhnovich, A.N. Ovcharenko
Stability of Filtration Combustion in a Cylindrical Radiation Heater with a Porous Working Medium. pp. 627--633

V.K. Bobyshev, S.V. Guvernyuk, S.A. Isaev
Identification of the Vortex Mechanism of Front Stabilization in Modeling of Asymmetric Flow of an Incompressible Fluid along a Cylinder with a Protruding Disk. pp. 634--640

V.M. Khaustov
Use of Carbon Fibrous Sorbent in an Adsorption Refrigerator. pp. 641--645

G.V. Dashkov, V.D. Tyutyuma
Effect of Coriolis Forces on Nonstationary Incompressible Viscous Liquid Flow in a Channel. pp. 646--650

N.V. Malai
Hydrodynamic Drag of a Hydrosol Spheroid-Shaped Particle Heated by Internal Heat Sources at Small Reynolds Numbers. pp. 651--655

Yu.B. Zudin
Self-Oscillating Process of Heat Exchange with Periodic Intensity. pp. 656--662

E.P. Sukhovich
Simulation of Correlation of Shear Rates with Pressure Fluctuations in the Equation for Reynolds Stresses. pp. 663--671

S.A. Isaev, L.Yu. Belousova, P.A. Baranov
Numerical Analysis of the Wind Regime in the Neighborhood of Pulkovo Airport. pp. 672--677

L.G. Kaplan, E.I. Nesis, A.P. Yakshin
Rise of an Elipsoidal Air Bubble (a Thermal) in the Atmosphere. pp. 678--685

F.N. Borovik, G.S. Romanov, A.S. Smetannikov
Modeling of the Impact Dynamics of Large Meteoric Bodies on the Surface of the Planet. pp. 686--696

S.K. Andilevko
Critical Angle of Regular Interaction upon Collision of two Unidentical Strong Skew Shock Waves in a Gas with a Constant Polytropic Index. pp. 697--699

S.K. Andilevko
Interaction of two Nonidentical Converging Skew Shock Waves in a Gas with a Constant Polytropic Index. pp. 700--708

M.M. Martynyuk
Ideal Tensile Strength of Metals on the Basis of a Generalized Van der Waals Equation. pp. 709--713

M.L. German, M.S. Zheludkevich, V.D. Efremov
Special Features of the Temperature Mode of Steel Parts in Surface-Strengthening Grinding. pp. 714--719

K. Kusaiynov, S.E. Sakipova
Nonlinear Physical Characteristics of a High-Voltage Electric Discharge in a Two-Phase Liquid. pp. 720--727

M.I. German, D. Lempert, V.P. Nekrasov, E.F. Nogotov, S. Rozin
Effective Absorption Coefficient of a Selective Medium within a Finite Spectral Range with Regard for Scattering. pp. 728--735

E.R. Kasimov, M.A. Sadykhov, R.M. Kasimov, Ch.O. Kadzhar
Evaluation of the Selective Absorption Band of Waves in a Two-Layer Dielectric-Metal System. pp. 736--738

B.A. Barikhin
Qualitative Analysis of the Possibility of Ignition of Controllable Thermonuclear Fusion. pp. 739--740

V.B. Kovshechnikov
Current-Voltage Characteristics of a Three-Phase One-Chamber Alternating Current Plasmatron. pp. 741--744

G.N. Baranov, S.S. Grabchikov, S. Jacobs, N.A. Zhuravskii, D.E. Polesskii, I.V. Prokhorov
Study of the Properties of Magnetorheological Suspensions Based on Amorphous Magnetic Powders. pp. 745--748

B.E. Kashevskii
Behavior of a System of Uniaxial Ferroparticles in a Rotating Fluid Matrix. pp. 749--756

Yu.S. Teplitskii
Similarity of Transfer Processes in Disperse Systems with Suspended Particles. pp. 757--763

V.N. Pavlechko
Analysis of the Efficiency of Rectifying Plates in Cross Motion of Phases. pp. 764--770

V.Sh. Shagapov, N.G. Musakaev
Modeling of Paraffin Deposition in Flow of a Gas-Oil Mixture in Tubes. pp. 771--774

V.A. Etkin
Alternative Form of Generalized Transfer Laws. pp. 775--781

A.I. Nakorchevskii
Conjugate Problems of Unsteady Heat and Mass Conduction under Varying External Conditions. pp. 782--791

A.N. Chichko, Yu.V. Yatskevich
Thermal Model "Melt-Nucleus" and Study of the Characteristics of the Transition Zone under the Effect of the Electronic Structure of the 3d-Elements in Aluminium. pp. 792--796

A.N. Chichko, Yu.V. Yatskevich
Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Cooling of a Casting and Selection of the Runner of a Gating System Based on the Heat Conduction Equation. pp. 797--809

V.A. Andrushchenko, V.A. Goloveshkin, N.N. Kholin
Vortex Motions of Solid Media in Dynamic Problems of the Elasticity Theory. pp. 802

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