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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.5

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.5


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 72, Number 5; September--October, 1999

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O.A. Kolenchits
Thermal Conductivity of Nitrogen at High Pressures and Atmospheric Pressure: Refinement of Generalized Data. pp. 815--824

E.M. Kartashov
New Integral Representations of Analytical Solutions to Boundary-Value Problems of Nonstationary Transfer in Regions with Moving Boundaries. pp. 825--836

N.I. Nikitenko, Yu.N. Kol'chik
Method of Canonical Elements for Modeling Transfer Processes in Multiply Connected Regions of an Arbitrary Shape. pp. 837--843

A.I. Shnip
Concerning the Equations of the Acoustics of Moving Media. pp. 844--849

O.Yu. Dinariev
Level Recovery Curve in the Relaxation Theory of Filtration. pp. 850--854

A.I. Moshinskii
Limit Form of the Equation of Anisotropic Heat Conduction in a Layer. pp. 855--861

A.V. Latyshev, G.V. Slobodskoi
Solution of a Problem Concerning the Distribution of Gas Molecules in a Layer with Mirror Boundary Conditions. pp. 862--869

V.I. Kordonskii, S.A. Demchuk, V.A. Kuz'min
Viscoelastic Properties of Magnetorheological Fluids. pp. 870--873

A.V. Luk'yanovich, D.E. Polesskii, I.V. Prokhorov
Dynamic Characteristics of Hydraulic Brake Devices with Magnetorheological Control. pp. 874--880

K.A. Chekhonin, P.A. Sukhinin
Numerical Modeling of Filling of an Axisymmetric Channel with a Nonlinear Viscoplastic Fluid with Allowance for the P-Effect. pp. 881--885

E.P. Sukhovich
Modeling of Equation for the Dissiption Rate of the Reynolds Stresses. pp. 886--895

E.P. Valueva
Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsating Turbulent Flow of Compressible Gas in a Channel. pp. 896--901

V.A. Vishnyakov, V.G. Zasetskii, R.K. Karavosov, A.G. Prozorov, L.I. Sokolinskii
Aerodynamic Excitation of Same-Type Narrow-Band Pulsations in Various Technical Devices. pp. 902--906

K.N. Volkov, V.N. Emel'yanov
Approximate Method for Calculating Turbulent Two-Phase Flow in a Channel with Permeable Walls. pp. 907--914

L.L. Vasil'ev, L.E. Kanonchik, D.A. Mishkinis
Vehicular Applications of Solid Sorbents for Natural Gas Storage. pp. 915--922

V.I. Baikov, P.K. Znovets
Gel Formation in Ultrafiltration in a Plane Channel with one Permeable Surface. pp. 923--926

I.V. Shevchuk
Effect of Wall-Temperature Distribution on Heat Transfer in Centrifugal Flow in the Gap between Parallel Rotating Disks. pp. 927--930

M.L. German, D. Lempert, V.P. Nekrasov, E.F. Nogotov, S. Rozin
Effect of Scattering on the Contour of the Radiation Line of a Plane Layer of a Selective Medium. pp. 931--936

M. Cherkaoui, M. Asbik, A. Khmou
Calculation of Radiative Transfer in Nongray Gas Using Narrow-Band Model and Monte Carlo Simulation. pp. 937--945

V.N. Bidnenko, V.L. Sigal
Thermophysical Effects in Photodynamic Tumor Therapy. pp. 946--950

V.N. Startsev
Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Laser Radiation on the Plasma of a Welding Arc. pp. 951--957

A.F. Bublievskii, O.I. Yas'ko, E.I. Yurinok
Modeling of a Direct-Current Arc in a Plasmatron with Step Electrodes. pp. 958--966

O.M. Ostrikov
Effect of Irradiation by Boron Ions on the Character of Realization of Twinning and Slip under Prolonged (More than 60 sec) Loading of Single Crystals of Bismuth. pp. 967--970

L.M. Akulovich, L.M. Kozhuro, M.L. Kheifets, E.Z. Zeveleva
Analysis of Highly Efficient Methods of Treatment in Design of Technological Complexes. pp. 971--979

V.B. Kovalevskii, S.M. Kozlov
Minimization of Mismatch in Metal Holding in Reverbatory Furnaces. pp. 980--982

M.S. Tret'yak, V.V. Chuprasov
Hardness of Coatings of Various Filler Materials in Electric-Arc Metallization. pp. 983--987

A.A. Evtushenko, E.G. Ivanik
Evaluation of the Contact Temperature and Wear of a Composite Friction Pad in Braking. pp. 988--994

A.A. Shugai
Friction of Solid Bodies with Formation of a Melt Layer. pp. 995--1003

V.K. Goncharov, M.G. Kiselev, V.T. Minchenya, M.V. Puzyrev
Increasing the Performance Characteristics of a Cutter Used to Saw Diamond Crystals. pp. 1004--1007

V.I. Dubkova, V.I. Alekseenko, O.P. Chudakov, A.V. Glinnik, O.I. Maevskaya
Piezoelectric Effect in Composite Implants for Replacement of Bony Tissue. pp. 1008--1014

L.I. Kolykhan, Yu.V. Klimenkov, Ya.A. Golubnichii, P.P. Khramtsov, V.S. Burak, I.A. Shikh
Influence of Weather Conditions on the Power of Heat Removal by the Emergency Cooling System of a Reactor. pp. 1015--1024

S.V. Puzach
Heat and Mass Exchange in Combustion of a Liquid Combustible Material in a Room with an Open Aperture. pp. 1025--1032

V.N. Gladyshev
Concerning Self-Excited Oscillations in Frontal Combustion of a Fuel Mixture in a Resonator with Lumped Parameters. pp. 1033--1046

Yu.S. Teplitskii, V.I. Kovenskii
Hydrodynamics of a Circulating Fluidized Bed. pp. 1041--1046

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