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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.6

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1999, Том 72, No.6


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 72, Number 6; November--December, 1999

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Foreword. pp. 1053--1054

F.N. Borovik, G.S. Romanov
Wide-Range Equations of State of Granite and Water with Allowance for Evaporation, Dissociation, and Ionization. pp. 1055--1061

F.N. Borovik, G.S. Romanov
Theoretical Study of the Curve of the Melting Point of Iron with Allowance for Ionization by Pressure. pp. 1062--1066

I.B. Kosarev
Calculation of Thermodynamic and Optical Properties of the Vapors of Cosmic Bodies Entering the Earth's Atmosphere. pp. 1067--1075

G.S. Romanov, V.I. Tolkach
Calculculation of the Optical Characteristics of a MulticomponentMultiply Charged Plasma. pp. 1076--1083

G.S. Romanov, V.I. Tolkach
Calculation of Radiation Characteristics of Diatomic and Some Triatomic Molecules. pp. 1084--1092

S.I. Kas'kova, G.S. Romanov
Average Absorption Coefficients and Mean Free Paths of Radiation of the Continuous Spectrum in the Region of Multiple and Total Ionization. pp. 1093--1096

S.I. Kas'kova, G.S. Romanov
Averaging of the Equations of Thermal-Radiation Transfer in a Plasma. pp. 1097--1102

K.L. Stepanov, L.N. Panasenko, G.S. Romanov, Yu.A. Stankevich, L.K. Stanchits
Integral Transfer of Radiation of the Actual Spectrum in Problems of Radiative Plasmadynamics. pp. 1103--1112

A.B. Gavrilovich, G.S. Romanov, V.P. Busygin
Modeling of Solar-Radiation Transfer in the Spherical System of Atmosphere-Earth's Surface. pp. 1113--1120

G.V. Miloshevskii, G.S. Romanov
Mathematical Modeling of the Passage of the Nucleonic-Nuclear Component of Cosmic Radiation through the Earth's Atmosphere. pp. 1121--1128

N.A. Kudryashov, A.F. Shevyakov
Self-Similar Solutions of One-Dimensional Problems of Gas Filtration with a Quadratic Resistance Law. pp. 1129--1136

N.A. Kudryashov, I.K. Alekseeva, O.V. Nagornov
Formation of a Snow-Firn Layer in Surface Melting of Snow. pp. 1137--1144

G.S. Romanov, M.S. Tret'yak, V.V. Chuprasov
Experimental Modeling of the Breakup of Meteoroids in the Earth's Atmosphere. pp. 1145--1148

K.L. Stepanov, Yu.A. Stankevich, L.K. Stanchits
Radiation of Strong Shock Waves Propagating in the Earth's Atmosphere. pp. 1149--1158

V.E. Okunev, G.S. Romanov
Numerical Simulation of a Hypersonic Gas Flow Past Cosmic Bodies during Their Passage through Dense Atmospheric Layers. pp. 1159--1168

G.S. Romanov, A.S. Smetannikov
Numerical Study of Asteroid Impact on the Earth's Surface with Allowance for Gravitation and Radiation Energy Transfer. pp. 1169--1179

N.A. Kudryashov, Yu.I. Syts'ko, S.A. Chesnokov
Mathematical Simulation of Gravitational Waves in the Ocean in the Approximation of "Shallow Water". pp. 1180--1186

N.A. Kudryashov, Yu.I. Syts'ko
Numerical Modeling of Gravitational Waves in the Ocean by the Double-Layer Potential Method. pp. 1187--1193

N.A. Kudryashov, A.A. Matveev, Yu.I. Syts'ko
Modeling of Cylindrically Symmetric Wave Structures in the Ocean. pp. 1194--1202

A.N. Laktyushin, G.S. Romanov, I.V. Khvedchin
Experimental Modeling of Volcanic Ejection with Formation of Mineral Filaments. pp. 1203--1208

S.I. Kas'kova, G.S. Romanov
Chemical Processes in the Earth's Atmosphere Disturbed by Volcanic Ejection. pp. 1209--1216

I.M. Kozlov, G.V. Miloshevskii, G.S. Romanov, A.E. Suvorov
Numerical Simulation of Gasdynamic Processes and the Dynamics of Dust Particles in Catastrophic Volcanic Explosions by Applying TVD Schemes. pp. 1217--1226

M.A. Brich, G.S. Romanov
Mathematical Modeling of Jet Volcanic Eruption. pp. 1227--1232



I.V. Nemchinov, O.P. Popova, A.V. Teterev
Penetration of Large Meteoroids into the Atmosphere: Theory and Observations. pp. 1233--1265

N.A. Kudryashov
Nonlinear Waves on Water and Theory of Solitons. pp. 1266--1278

Author Index, Volume 72, 1999 pp. 1279--1285
Tables of Contents, Volume 72, 1999 pp. 1286--1287

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