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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.2

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.2


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 73, Number 2; March--April, 2000

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O.G. Martynenko, N.I. Lemesh, L.N. Novichenok, L.A. Senchuk
Experimental Investigation of the Special Features of Heat Transfer through Glass Packets. pp. 209--213

Yu.I. Shanin, O.I. Shanin, V.A. Afanas'ev
Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in Cooling Systems with Intersecting Channels.3. Effect of the Angle of Flow and the Number of Stages. pp. 214--223

Yu.I. Shanin, O.I. Shanin, V.A. Afanas'ev
Heat Transfer and Hydraylic Resistance in Channel Cooling Systems with a Discontinuous Wall. pp. 224--231

S.G. Obukhov
Effect of Prolonged Stay of the Heat-Transfer Surface in Water on the Critical Heat Flux under Steady and Stepwise Heat-Release Conditions. pp. 232--236

B.N. Okunev, M.S. Safonov
Analytical Theory of Regenerative Heat Transfer and Study of Its Thermodynamic Efficiency. pp. 237--243

A.S. Zhuravlev
Heat Transfer in Pool Boiling of Propane under the Conditions of Different Saturation Pressures. pp. 244--249

Yu.B. Zudin
Analysis of the Processes of Heat Transfer with Periodic Intensity with Allowance for Temperature Fluctuations in the Heat Carrier. pp. 250--254

Yu.B. Zudin
Determination of the Characteristics of Droplets Generated in a Jet Printer. pp. 255--259

V.M. Polyaev, B.V. Kichatov
Boiling of a Liquid on Surfaces with Porous Coatings. pp. 260--266

M.D. Noskov, A.V. Rylin
Stochastic Modeling of the Development of the Taylor Instability in Liquid Filtration in a Porous Medium. pp. 267--273

A.O. Bogopol'skii, A.N. Ivanov, A.A. Fatkullin †
Regularities and Special Features of Filtration of Microbubble Gas-Liquid Solutions in Porous Media. pp. 274--282

V.V. Beloborodov
Energy Characteristics of Mass Transfer in Porous Solids. pp. 283--287

V.I. Malarev
An Approximate Method of Evaluating the Temperature Field of a Sample in Thermal Vacuum Measurement of the Moisture Content of Loose Materials. pp. 288--292

V.I. Malarev, R.M. Proskuryakov, O.M. Bol'shunova
Stabilization of the Speed of Pumping-out the Chamber in the Dynamic Thermovacuum Method of Hydrometry of Loose Materials. pp. 293--295

P.V. Akulich
Hydrodynamics of a Spouting Bed with an Active Near-Wall Zone. pp. 296--301

O.V. Achasov, T. Kageyama, S.A. Labuda, T. Taillefet, F. Fisson
Gasdynamic Stimulation of Combustion of Lean Fuel Mixtures. 1. Experimental Study. pp. 302--308

O.V. Achasov, T. Kageyama, S.A. Labuda, T. Taillefet, F. Fisson
Gasdynamic Stimulation of Combustion of Lean Fuel Mixtures. 2. Evaluation of Thermodynamic Parameters and the Magnitude of Heat Losses. pp. 309--312

V.N. Kosov, V.D. Seleznev, Yu.I. Zhavrin
Oscillatory and Monotonic Instability at the Boundary of the Transition "Molecular Diffusion-Concentration Convection" in Ternary Gas Mixtures. pp. 313--320

S.A. Gutsev
Theory of the Near-Probe Layer in Electronegative Gases. pp. 321--327

E.P. Sukhovich
Comparative Analysis of Turbulence Models. pp. 328--339

I.B. Krasnyuk
"Optical Turbulence" in Laser Radiation Problems. pp. 340--345

S.A. Isaev, S.V. Guvernyuk, M.A. Zubin, Yu.S. Prigorodov
Numerical and Physical Modeling of a Low-Velocity Air Flow in a Channel with a Circular Vortex Cell. pp. 346--353

G.A. Tarnavskii, S.I. Shpak
Special Features of Hypersonic Flow over Blunt Bodies with Excitation of Internal Degrees of Freedom in the Gas. pp. 354--357

L.G. Kaplan
Motion and Force Equilibrium of a Local Process (a Soliton) in a Continuous Fluid Medium. pp. 358--369

R.G. Galiullin, R.G. Zaripov, E.R. Galiullina, R.I. Davydov
Resonance Oscillations of a Gas in a Shut-End Tube in the Region of Transition to Shock Waves. pp. 370--375

N.A. Kostin
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of the Gasdynamics of the Discharge Chamber on the Power Characteristics of Vortex Plasmatrons with an Interelectrode Insert. pp. 376--380

V.N. Korovkin, A.P. Andrievskii
Free Convection with a Nonlinear Dependence of Density on Temperature: Plane Problems. pp. 381--386

M.D. Martynenko, S.M. Bosyakov
Thermal Processes in Semimoment Asymmetric Hydrodynamics and the Method of Characteristics. pp. 387--389

N.A. Dokukova, M.D. Martynenko
Velocity of Motion of Bodies with Tossing on a Vibrating Surface. pp. 390--395

I.A. Solov'ev
Equation for Stochastic Thermal Fields. pp. 396--400

G.G. Spirin, E.A. Strekalova, D.V. Vasilevskii
Evaluation of the Radiation Contribution in Short-Duration Measurements of Thermal Conductivity by a Nonstationary Method of Hot Filament. pp. 401--406

V.B. Rogankov, E.D. Terzi
Critical Curves in Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide with Ethane and Ethylene Based on a Generalized Fluctuation Form of the van der Waals Equation of State. pp. 407--413

V.P. Dobrodeev, N.A. Mochalova, A.V. Dobrodeev
Elasticity Moduli and Polytropic Indices in Processes of Change of States of Real Gases and Liquids. pp. 414--417

M.S. Zheludkevich
Technology of Controlled Hardening of Dies. pp. 418--422

P.S. Gurchenko, M.L. German
Mathematical Simulation of the Temperature Field in Hardening Gears by Induction Heating under a Layer of Water. pp. 423--429

V.D. Efremov, M.S. Zheludkevich, M.L. German
Computer Thermal Model for Hardening Grinding. pp. 430--438

G.V. Kozlov, V.V. Afaunov, Yu.S. Lipatov
Dimension of the Local-Plasticity Zone as a Correlation Length of the Structure of Polymers under Inelastic Deformation. pp. 439--442

V.V. Komar
Dosimetric Properties of Tungsten-Containing Complexes of Carboxymethyl Cellulose. pp. 443--446

I.M. Pilat, B.G. Shabashkevich, S.I. Pirozhenko, A.D. Shevchenko, A.M. Galich
Thermal Regimes of Anisotropic-Thermoelement Thermal Converters. pp. 447--453

L.O. Meleshko
A New Possibility of Building up Thin Diamond Films in Precipitation of Carbon from the Gaseous Phase. pp. 454--457

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