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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.3

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.3


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 73, Number 3; May--June, 2000

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V. L. Ganzha, S.C. Saxena
Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Magnetically Fluidized Beds Consisting of a Mixture of Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Materials. pp. 471--475

S.R. Gorodkin, V.N. Makatun, S.V. Matveichuk, Z.A. Novikova
Modification of the Adsorption Properties of the Dispersed Phase of Magnetorheological Liquids. pp. 476--481

V.M. Polyaev, V.M. Zhdanov, B.V. Kichatov
Study of the Operation of a Gas-Liquid Atomizer with a Porous Mixing Element. pp.482--486

P.V. Akulich, P.S. Kuts, E.F. Nogotov
Unsteady Wave Flows of a Gas Suspension with Account for Phase Changes. pp. 487--492

P.V. Akulich, P.S. Kuts, V.K. Samsonyuk †, V.S. Severyanin, V.D. Slizhuk
Investigation of a Pulsating-Combustion Chamber. pp. 493--496

D.P. Nikan'shin, A.I. Nikiforov
Modeling of Transfer of Particles of Different Size by a Two-Phase Filtration Flow. pp. 497--500

A.V. Lagerev
Mathematical Modeling of Mass Transfer and Removal of Droplet-Film Moisture in Inertia-Gravity Separators of Moist Vapor. pp. 501--509

Yu.B. Zudin
Wall-Thickness Effect on the Thermohydraulic Stability of a Homogeneous Two-Phase Flow. pp. 510--513

V.N. Pavlechko
Comparison of the Efficiencies of Rectification Trays in Countercurrent Motion of Phases with Allowance for Liquid Mixing. pp. 514--519

V.Sh. Shagapov, G.Ya. Khusainova
Problem Concerning the Injection of a Solvent into a Porous Medium Subjected to "Sclerosis". pp. 520--528

V.A. Babenko, L.E. Kanonchik
Mathematical Modeling of a Cylinder with a Sorbent and Natural Gas. pp. 529--541

A.V. Latyshev, A.A. Yushkanov
Weak Evaporation (Condensation) with an Arbitrary Evaporation Coefficient in Gases with a Constant Frequency of Molecular Collisions. pp. 542--549

V.A. Lashkov, R.G. Safin, V.P. Andrianov, S.G. Kondrasheva
Heat and Mass Transfer under the Conditions of the External Problem for Processes Occurring with a Decrease in the Pressure of the Medium. pp. 550--556

V.V. Skurat, N.M. Shiryaeva, A.V. Basharin, A.A. Vishnevskaya, I.I. Ivanovskii
Evaluation of the Potential Hazard of Secondary Radioactive Contamination of Underground Water by Sewage Works. pp. 557--560

V.G. Anisimovich, N.N. Grinchik, V.A. Zhuk, S.I. Sakovets, A.A. Khmyl', V.A. Tsurko
Nonstationary Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Electrochemical Systems. pp. 561--566

A.A. Khrushchinskii, D.Yu. Churmakov
Passage of an Electromagnetic Pulse through a Layer of Homogeneous Plasma (Exact Solution). pp. 567--574

R.S. Galeev, A.A. Fedosov
Numerical Modeling of a Gas-Discharge CO2 Laser with Diffusion Cooling. pp. 575--579

V.A. Lyubochko, V.V. Malikov, O.G. Parfenov, N.V. Belousova
Reduction of Aluminum Oxide in a Nonequilibrium Hydrogen Plasma. pp. 580--584

V.A. Sosinovich, V.A. Babenko, Yu.V. Zhukova
Derivation and Numerical Solution of a Closed Equation for the Specific Ioscalar-Surface Area in a Turbulent Reactive Flow. pp. 585--599

S.A. Isaev
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Viscosity on Separated Flow Past an Automobile Profile in the Presence of a Mobile Screen. pp. 600--605

P.A. Baranov, S.A. Isaev, A.E. Usachev
Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Rotary Rear Cylinders on a Nonstationary Wake behind an Elongated Body. pp. 606--613

V.N. Korovkin, A.P. Andrievskii
Turbulent Free-Convective Jets: Numerical Solution of Model Equations of Transfer. pp. 614--620

S.V. Puzach
Three-Dimensional Mathematical Modeling of the Initial Stage of a Fire within a Building. pp. 621--626

M.B. Gitman, P.V. Trusov, S.A. Fedoseev
Optimization of the Processes of Treatment of Materials with Supplementation of the Definition of Unknown Random Initial Characteristics. pp. 627--636

V.P. Kozlov, P.A. Mandrik
Nonstationary Temperature Fields in an Isotropic Half-Space under Mixed Boundary Conditions Characteristic of Technologies of Laser Therapy in Medicine. pp. 637--644

A.G. Ionov †, V.A. Naumov, V.N. Erlikhman
Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Cooling and Freezing of Bodies with Variable Thermophysical Characteristics. pp. 645--649

V.G. Okhrem, E.A. Okhrem
Steady Cooling Effect of an Anisotropic Thermoelectric Refrigerator. pp. 650--653

Yu.B. Zudin
Averaging of the Heat-Transfer Coefficient in the Processes of Heat Exchange with Periodic Intensity. pp. 654--658

M.S. Zheludkevich
Use of Controlled Heat Transfer in Thermal Hardening of Wedge-Shaped Workpieces. pp. 659--661

S.M. Bosyakov, O.N. Sklyar
Surfaces of Weak Discontinuity for Cubically Anisotropic Solid Bodies. pp. 662--664

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