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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.4

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.4


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 73, Number 4; July--August, 2000

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V.V. Zakharenko and E.O. Amadi
Efficiency of Recirculation in Mass-Transfer Processes. pp. 667--672

A.V. Golubev, S.V. Mavrin, A.V. Sten'gach
Model of Tritium Dispersion by Ground Water. pp. 673--679

B.Kh. Khuzhaerov
Model of Colmatage-Suffosion Filtration of Disperse Systems in a Porous Medium. pp. 680--685

V.N. Glaznev, Yu.G. Korobeinikov, and N.V. Terpugov
Extraction of Water from a Capillary Specimen in an Acoustic Field. pp. 686--687

H.Y. Kim, H.C. Kim, V.V. Levdanskii, J. Smolic, P. Moravec
Transfer Processes in Porous Catalysts in a Microwave-Radiation Field. pp. 688--694

V.M. Konyukhov, A.V. Kosterin, A.N. Chekalin
Mathematical Modeling of Displacement of Oil by Water under a Cyclic Action on the Cracked-Porous Stratum. pp. 695--703

E.D. Barbashov, B.F. Glikman, A.A. Kazakov
Experimental Study of Friction Stress on the Wall of a Cylindrical Tube in an Oscillating Turbulent Flow of a Liquid. pp. 704--711

V.M. Kulik, S.L. Morozova, S.V. Panov
Response of a Pliable Coating to Turbulent Pressure Pulsations. pp. 712--718

P.A. Baranov, S.A. Isaev, Yu.S. Prigorodov, A.G. Sudakov
Numerical Analysis of the Influence of the Angle of Attack on a Turbulent Flow of an Incompressible Fluid past a Profile of Large Thickness with Vortex Cells. pp. 719--727

N.V. Malai
Flow of a Liquid about a Nonuniformly Heated Droplet with Arbitrary Temperature Differences in Its Vicinity. pp. 728--738

S.V. Puzach
Special Features of Propagation of Hydrogen in a Building. pp. 739--743

V.T. Borukhov, P.N. Vabishchevich, V.I. Korzyuk
Reduction of a Class on Inverse Heat-Conduction Problems to Direct Initial/Boundary-Value Problems. pp. 744--747

B.V. Averin, D.I. Kolotilkin, V.A. Kudinov
Sturm--Liouville Problem for a Differential Equation of Second Order with Discontinuous Coefficients. pp. 748--753

V.A. Kudinov, R.Zh. Gabdushev, V.A. Obukhov, V.V. Nekrylov
Systems of Coordinate Functions in Heat-Conduction Problems for Multilayer Bodies. pp. 754--756

S.V. Osovets, E.V. Toropov, A.V. Prokhorov, V.L. Kirillov
Calculation of the Unsteady Thermal State of a Slab Heated by a Moving Source. pp. 757--760

P.V. Tsoi
Variety of the Representation of the Nonstationary Temperature of Fuel Elements Depending on the Form of the Distribution of the Heat Sources. pp. 761--772

A.S. Kovenya, M.D. Martynenko
Motion of a Curvilinear Net on Normal Localized Impact. pp. 773--777

Yu.B. Zudin
Growth Rate of a Vapor Bubble in an Underheated Liquid. pp. 778--780

S.R. Gorodkin, V.I. Kordonskii, E.V. Medvedeva, Z.A. Novikova
Sedimentation Constant of Magnetorheological Liquids. pp. 781--786

V.M. Shapovalov, I.V. Stepanov
Flow of a Heavy Viscoplastic Fluid in a Gap between Rotating Rollers. pp. 787--791

S.V. Vilanskaya, V.A. Mansurov, N.P. Mit'kovskaya
Rheological Properties of the whole Blood of Rheumatological Patients. pp. 792--796

O.V. Roman, S.K. Andilevko, O.A. Dybov
An Axisymmetric Explosure Accelerator with a Conical Recess Filled with Powder. pp. 797--801

S.K. Andilevko
Skew Plane Shock Wave at the Interface between Two Polytropic Gases. A Heavy-Light Gas System. pp. 802--806

Yu.B. Mukha, B.S. Kolupaev, B.I. Mukha
Effect of Increased Compacting Pressures on the Physicomechanical Characteristics of Metal-Filled Polyvinyl Chloride. pp. 807--812

L.M. Akulovich, L.M. Kozhuro, M.L. Kheifets, E.Z. Zeveleva
Structural Synthesis in Design of Technological Complexes for Highly Efficient Treatment. pp. 813--818

V.V. Davydov
Effect of a Nonuniform Magnetic Field on the Time of Longitudinal Relaxation T1 of a Flowing Liquid. pp. 819--822

Yu.M. Rychkov, A.E. Vasilevich
Kinetics of Formation of Charge Clusters in Flow-Conductivity Liquids. pp. 823--826

Yu.M. Rychkov, S.A. Zaikova, A.E. Vasilevich
Cluster Structure of the Near-Electrode Layer in Liquid Dielectrics. pp. 827--831

I.L. Khabibullin
Nonlinear Effects in Media Heated by Electromagnetic Radiation. pp. 832--838

M.N. Khanmamedov
Mathematical Model of Quasistationary Conditions of Mass Transfer in an Electrodialysis Cell. pp. 839--843

V.V. Smirnov, A.D. Uvarov, A.V. Savchenko, S.N. Zaitsev
Evolution of Aerosols in Large Pressurized Spaces. pp. 844--850

N.I. Nikitenko
Problems of the Radiation Theory of Heat and Mass Transfer in Solid and Liquid Media. pp. 851--859

Daniel L. Alkon
A Quantum Basis for the Relativistic Doppler Effect for Light. pp. 860--870

E.I. Nesis, Yu.N. Skibin
Some Special Features of the Le Chatelier-Braun Principle. pp. 871--874

A.A. Akhkubekov
Analysis of the Process of Onset and Growth of a Liquid Phase in Contact of Dissimilar Crystals. pp. 875--879

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