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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.5

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.5


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 73, Number 5; September--Ocotber, 2000

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O.G. Martynenko
A.V. Luikov's Scientific Legacy (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth). pp. 883--892
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Yu.Yu. Tanashev, Yu.I. Aristov
Thermal Conductivity of a Silica Gel + Calcium Chloride System: the Effect of Adsorbed Water. pp. 893--901

P.A. Mandrik
Method of Paired Integral Equations with L-Parameter in Problems on Nonstationary Heat Conduction with Mixed Boundary Conditions for an Infinite Plate. pp. 902--906

I.B. Sorogovets, E.I. Goncharov, V.B. Artem'ev
Polynomial Solutions in Problems of Controlling the Heating of Solids. pp. 907--910

A.D. Chernyshov, O.P. Reztsov
Solution of the First and Second Boundary-Value Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction for a Triangular Region. pp. 911--917

P.A. Baranov, A.D. Golikov, S.A. Isaev, A.Yu. Snegirev
Numerical and Physical Modeling of the Thermal Regime in a Metro Track Tunnel with Fire in a Moving Train Carriage. pp. 918--921

S.V. Puzach
Calculation of the Dimensions and Dynamics of the Formation of Local Explosion-Hazardous Zones in Propagation and Combustion of Hydrogen within a Building. pp. 922--926

I.A. Makarov
Simulation of Rheometric Flow of a Newtonian Fluid by the Method of Finite Elements. pp. 927--931

O.V. Achasov, O.G. Penyaz'kov
Investigation of the Dynamic Properties of the Cellular Structure of a Gas-Detonation Wave. pp. 932--938

I.L. Khabibullin, F.F. Nazmutdinov
Special Features of the Dynamics of Heating of Moving Media by Electromagnetic Radiation. pp. 939--944

S.S. Katsnel'son
Calculation of the Integral Optical Characteristics of a Sodium Plasma. pp. 945--952

B.A. Barikhin, Yu.I. Kryshalovich
Energy Balance in the Discharge Circuit of an Electric-Discharge Laser. pp. 953--960

I.N. Aliev, O.V. Gur'yanova, G.V. Podguzov
Energy-Dynamic Modification of the Inhomogeneous Surface of Loose Bodies under the Effect of Seismics. pp. 961--963

V.A. Kalitko, A.L. Mosse
Plasma-Thermal Processing and Incineration of Wastes in a Shaft Incinerator with a Combustible Filtering Material. pp. 964--972

V.G. Karolinskii, M.I. Sazonov, E.I. Yurinok, O.I. Yas'ko
Electric-Field Strength in a Cascade Argon Arc. pp. 973--978

A.I. Nikiforov
Modeling of Suffosion of Water-Bearing Strata. pp. 979--985

G.P. Brovka, V.A. Sychevskii
Numerical Modeling of Mechanical, Rheological, and Strength Properties of Disperse Systems. pp. 986--998

G.P. Brovka, I.V. Dedyulya, V.A. Sychevskii
Simulation of Thermal and Moisture-Content Conditions on the Upper Layer of Peat Soils. pp. 999--1005

Yu.S. Teplitskii
Condition of Dynamic Similarity in Fluidized Beds. pp. 1006--1011

V.A. Lashkov, R.G. Safin, S.G. Kondrasheva
Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemically Reacting Media with Decrease in Partial Pressures of Vapor. pp. 1012--1020

S.M. Bosyakov
Characteristics for Generalized Thermomechanical Fields in Viscous Fluid Media. pp. 1021--1026

M.D. Martynenko, S.M. Bosyakov
Surfaces of Discontinuity for a Cubically Anisotropic Body in the Micropolar Thermoelasticity Theory. pp. 1027--1032

V.T. Borukhov, D.M. Zelenyak
Description of a Set of Solutions of a Dissipation Inequality for Third-Order Relaxation Systems. pp. 1033--1041

S.M. Shlyakhov, A.V. Minov
Stressed-Strained State of a Hollow Cylinder in Thermal Diffusion of Carbon into Its Wall. pp. 1042--1049

S.K. Andilevko, O.V. Roman, S.S. Karpenko
Motion of Particles through the Interface of Different-Density Metal Specimens under the Conditions of Superdeep Penetration. pp. 1050--1055

O.V. Roman, S.K. Andilevko, S.S. Karpenko, G.P. Okatova
Parameters of Superdeep Penetration of a Copper Powder into Steel. pp. 1056--1063

M.K. Zhekamukhov, Kh.B. Shokarov
Mechanism of Initiation of Acoustic Emission in Crystallization and Melting of a Substance. I. . pp. 1064--1072

M.K. Zhekamukhov, Kh.B. Shokarov
Mechanism of Initiation of Acoustic Emission in Crystallization and Melting of a Substance. II. . pp. 1073--1079

L.M. Akulovich, L.M. Kozhuro, M.L. Kheifets, E.Z. Zeveleva
Designing of Technological Complexes of Highly Efficient Electromagnetic and Thermomechanical Treatment. pp. 1080--1087

V.M. Kulik
Aging of Pliable Coatings. pp. 1088--1092

G.A. Fateev, M.A. Silenkov, Kyu-jong Kim
Experimental Investigation of the Propagation of Heat Waves of Energy Conversion in Blown-through Porous Media. pp. 1093--1108

M.F. Dimian, A.H. Essawy
Magnetic Field Effects on Mixed Convection between Rotating Coaxial Disks. pp. 1109

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