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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.6

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2000, Том 73, No.6


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 73, Number 6; November--December, 2000

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Yu.A. Zeigarnik and V.M. Polyaev
Heat Exchange and Hydrodynamics of Two-Phase Media under Conditions of Forced Motion in Porous Structures. pp. 1125--1134

V.N. Lazutin and V.G. Onishchenko
Electrostatic Method of Determining the Exterior Specific Surface of Soils. pp. 1135--1141

V.V. Beloborodov
Evaluation of the Rate of Change of Transfer Potentials in Porous Solid Bodies. pp. 1142--1144

N.G. Kokodii and V.I. Kholodov
Thermal Processes in Capillary-Porous Bodies with Internal and External Heat Sources. pp. 1145--1151

S.K. Andilevko
Some Aspects of Treatment of Plastic Powders by Skew Shock Waves. pp. 1152--1166

S.K. Andilevko
Angle of Total Refraction in the Interaction of a Plane Skew Shock Wave with the Interface of Two Media. pp. 1167--1169

A.V. Starchenko, A.M. Bubenchikov, and E.S. Burlutskii
Numerical Calculation of the Turbulent Flow of a Gas Suspension in a Tube. pp. 1170--1180

V.A. Babkin
Heat Transfer in Plug Flow of a Fibrous Suspension in a Tube. pp. 1181--1186

V.I. Volkov and M.A. Utemesov
Process of Cooling of a High-Temperature Two-Phase Flow. pp. 1187--1190

M.L. German, V.A. Borodulya, and E.F. Nogotov
Thermal Calculation of the Furnace Chamber of a Fire-Tube Boiler with a Dead-End Furnace. pp. 1191--1201

V.I. Bol'shakov, Ya.G. Zhivilo, L.G. Kudrova, and S.V. Novikov
Radiative Properties of Light-Transparent Metallized Coatings. pp. 1202--1206

K.B. Panfilovich and V.V. Sagadeev
Thermal Radiation on Liquid Metals. pp. 1207--1212

K.N. Korostik
Temperature Dependence of the Delay in Pulse Radiation of an Injection Laser. pp. 1213--1219

B.A. Barikhin and Yu.I. Kryshalovich
Conduction and Radiation of a Xenon Plasma in Electric-Discharge Pumping Sources. pp. 1220--1228

V.B. Avramenko
Operating Efficiency of an Electric-Discharge Source of Erosion Plasma from a Dielectric Material. pp. 1229--1233

B.A. Barikhin and Yu.I. Kryshalovich
Homogeneity of the Electric-Discharge Plasma in a Coaxial Flash Lamp. pp. 1234--1244

A.M. Esipchuk, A. Marotta, and L.I. Sharakhovskii
Magnetic-Field Effect on Heat Transfer within a Cathode Arc Spot. pp. 1245--1254

A.M. Esipchuk, L.I. Sharakhovskii, and A. Marotta
Velocity of Electric-Arc Motion between Coaxial Electrodes in a Magnetic Field. pp. 1255--1260

E.M. Kudryavtsev, V.I. Emel'yanov, and M. Autric
Unsteady Energy Transfer by Soliton-Like Waves in a Solid Body after Exposure to a Laser Pulse. pp. 1261--1267

S.V. Fedorov, A.V. Babkin, and S.V. Demidkov
Enhancement of a Magnetic Field in a Perfectly Conducting Medium on Penetration of a High-Velocity Jet into It. pp. 1268--1277

P.K. Galenko and D.A. Danilov
Quasistationary Forms of Crystal Growth in Locally Nonequilibrium Diffusion of Impurity. pp. 1278--1288

Kh.B. Shokarov
Problem of the Appearance of Acoustic Waves in Dissolution of Substances. pp. 1289--1294

Yu.I. Yalamov, O.N. Zenkina, and M.F. Barinova
Theory of Thermophoresis of Moderately Large Drops of Concentrated Solutions in Binary Gaseous Mixtures. pp. 1295--1305

Yu.I. Yalamov and A.L. Lebedeva
Thermophoresis of Large Volatile One-Component Drops. pp. 1306--1312

I.I. Narkevich and A.V. Zharkevich
Molecular-Statistical Description of Nonuniformly Deformed Specimens. 1. Formulation of the Problem and Method for Solving It. pp. 1313--1319

V.I. Timoshpol'skii, V.B. Kovalevskii, V.M. Ol'shanskii, S.M. Kozlov, and I.A. Trusova
Selection of the Temperature Regime of Metal Heating by an Oxidation Minimum Based on the Method of Main Optimization. pp. 1320--1323

V.I. Timoshpol'skii, I.A. Trusova, and S.M. Kozlov
Thermal Processes in Nonsymmetric Heating of Ingots and Billets before Rolling. pp. 1324--1328

S.V. Solov'ev and V.K. Bulgakov
Continuous Subduction of a Lithospheric Platform near an Oceanic Trench. pp. 1329--1339

A.I. Filippov, O.I. Korkeshko, and P.A. Chiganov
Study of the Temperature Fields in Oil and Gas Strata with Water Injection Based on the Perturbation Method. pp. 1340--1351

Yu.A. Kirsanov
Improvement of the Convergence of Fourier-Hankel Series in Solving Two-Dimensional Heat-Conduction Problem. pp. 1352--1357

T.V. Vasil'eva, Yu.I. Dudarev, A.P. Kashin, and M.Z. Maksimov
Approximate Methods for Solving Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction in Inhomogeneous Media. pp. 1358--1363

M.L. Cancillo, J.J. Morales, M.C. Gallego, J.M. Vaquero, J.A. Garcia, A. Serrano, and V.L. Mateos
An Approximate Method of Calculating the Heat Transfer Coefficient in Metal Bars. pp. 1364

Author Index, Volume 73, 2000
Tables of Contents, Volume 73, 2000

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