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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.1

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.1


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 74, Number 1; January--February, 2001

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A.F. Ginevskii , A.S. Dmitriev , Yu Feng Chen
Vibrations of a Liquid Microspherical Shell Filled with Gas. pp. 3--7

E.V. Vlasov , A.S. Ginevskii , R.K. Karavosov , T.M. Makarenko
Change of the Sign of the Effect with Increase in the Intensity of High-Frequency Acoustic Excitation of a Turbulent Jet. pp. 8--9

V.N. Mamonov, D.I. Ginzburg
Injection of Quickly Prepared "Solutions" of Polyethylene Oxide into a Turbulent Flow in a Tube. pp. 10--15

V.A. Andrushchenko, M.V. Meshcheryakov
Motion of Trains of Vortex Rings. pp. 16--20

L.M. Ul'ev
Laminar Heat Transfer in Diffuser Flow in a Coaxial Conical Channel in the Case of Boundary Conditions of the First Kind. pp. 21--26

A.N. Semko
Effect of the Compressibility of the Fluid on the Parameters of a Hydraulic Gun. pp. 27--31

M.D. Martynenko, S.M. Bosyakov
Discontinuous Solutions in Heated Viscous Incompressible Fluids. pp. 32--34

S.V. Puzach, V.G. Puzach
Some Three-Dimensional Effects of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Fire within a Building. pp. 35--40

L.V. Kim
Heat Transfer in Shaped Channels in Transpiration Cooling. pp. 41--44

A.I. Petruchik , A.D. Solodukhin , S.P. Fisenko
Simulation of Cooling of Water Droplet and Film Flows in Large Natural Wet Cooling Towers. pp. 45--49

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 1. Concurrent Motion of the Phases. pp. 50--56

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 2. Countercurrent Motion of the Phases. pp. 57--61

Yu.S. Teplitskii, V.I. Kovenskii
Resistance of a Circulating Fluidized Bed. pp. 62--66

E.I. Smolyar
Local Forecast of the Heat-Moisture State of the Soil Surface as a Problem of Energy and Mass Transfer in the System of Soil-Atmosphere. pp. 67--73

M.A. Brich, V.P. Kozhin
Modeling of Impregnation of Wood with Protective Solutions and Emulsion. pp. 74--79

V.A. Lashkov, E.I. Levashko, R.G. Safin
Heating of Production Wood Chips in a Saturated-Steam Medium. pp. 80--83

V.A. Kalitko, A.L. Mosse
Thermal Processing of Wastes in a Shaft Incinerator with a Plasma Blast and a Combustible Filtering Material: Analysis of the Energy Consumption and Variants. pp. 84--91

M.A. Aramyan, G.K. Karapetyan
Calculation of Averaged Parameters of Inhomogeneous Media with Inclusions of Variable Properties. pp. 92--98

M.A. Aramyan, G.K. Karapetyan
Calculation of the Dielectric Permeability of Inhomogeneous Materials with Periodic Structures by Averaging Potential-Field Equations. pp. 99--102

R.Sh. Gainutdinov
Conjugate Problem of a Thermal Explosion with Boundary Conditions of the Second Kind. pp. 103--105

S.K. Andilevko
Detonation of an Explosive Layer. pp. 106--110

V.A. Andrushchenko, V.A. Goloveshkin, N.N. Kholin
Momentum Defect in Impact of a Short Rod against a Smooth Obstacle. pp. 111--117

A. Evtushenko, S. Koneczny, R. Czapowska
Integration of the Solution of the Ling Heat Problem Using Finite Functions. pp. 118--122

A. Evtushenko, S. Koneczny, R. Czapowska
Integration of the Solution of a Mixed Ling Heat Problem. pp. 123--127

P.V. Tsoi
Problem of Heat Transfer with Allowance for Axial Heat Conduction for the Flow of a Liquid in Tubes and Channels. pp. 128--133

Yu.A. Samoilovich, V.I. Timoshpol'skii, I.A. Trusova
Possibility of Forming an Ingot with a Convex Crystallization Front. pp. 134--138

Yu.A. Samoilovich, V.I. Timoshpol'skii, I.A. Trusova
Analysis of Crystallization of a Supercooled Melt by the Integral-Balance Method. pp. 139--144

A.A. Akhkubekov, B.S. Karamurzov
Investigation of Mass Transfer in the Complex System Te-Tl by the Contact-Melting Method. pp. 145--148

E.E. Fel'dshtein, V.L. Kaminski
Modeling of the Thermal Field of a Workpiece in Milling of Austenitic Steel by a Finger-Type Cutter. pp. 149--152

A.G. Andreeva, I.N. Sachkov, A.A. Povzner
Conditions for Formation of a Zero Temperature Coefficient of Resistance in Matrix Systems of Metal-Semiconductor. pp. 153--155

A.I. Novikov
Improvement of the Efficiency of a Solar Thermoelectric Battery. pp. 156--159

L.R. Aibatov
Selection of Modeling Criteria in the Development of Systems for Excitation of the Active Medium for Gas-Discharge Lasers. pp. 160--165

G.V. Kuznetsov, L.V. Zotova
Heat and Mass Transfer in Condensation of Harmful Air-Polluting Substances on the Phytocenosis Surface. pp. 166--169

P.P. Olodovskii
Theory of the Effect of Inhibition of the Transfer of Radionuclides and Heavy Metals from Soil to Plants by an Ameliorant. V. Calculation of the Binding Energy of Exchange Ions in Disperse Systems with a Low pH. pp. 170--174

G.N. Reizina
Investigation of the Vibrations of an Automobile Suspension Using the Theory of Experiment Design. pp. 175

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