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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.2

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.2


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 74, Number 2; March--April, 2001

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O.V. Nagornov , Yu.V. Konovalov , V.S. Zagorodnov , L.G. Thompson
Reconstruction of the Surface Temperature of Arctic Glaciers from the Data of Temperature Measurements in Wells. pp. 3--12

N.P. Starostin, A.S. Kondakov
Thermal Diagnostics of Friction in Cylindrical Connections. 1. Algorithm of the Iteration Solution of an Inverse Boundary-Value Problem. pp. 13--17

V.I. Baikov, P.K. Znovets
Ultrafiltration in Tubular Membrane Elements with One Permeable Surface. pp. 18--24

A.P. Kryukov , V.Yu. Levashov, I.N. Shishkova
Analysis of the Flow of Rarefied Gas through a Layer of a Porous Body on the Basis of Direct Numerical Solution on the Kinetic Boltzmann Equation. pp. 25--28

M.M. Razin
Similarity of Heat- and Mass-Transfer Processes in Drying. pp. 29--33

R.P. Meilanov
Generalized Equations of One-Dimensional Filtration with Fractional-Power Differentiations. pp. 34--37

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 3. Countercurrent Motion of Phases in Partial Mixing of a Liquid. pp. 38--42

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 4. Cross Motion of Phases. pp. 43--47

A.V. Larin and K.E. Polunin
Linear Dynamics of Desorption on Adsorbent Layers of Arbitrary Length. pp. 48--50

V.V. Kalinchak
Influence of Stefan Flow and Convection on the Kinetics of Chemical Reactions and Heat and Mass Exchange of Carbon Particles with Gases. pp. 51--55

V.I. Terekhov , M.A. Pakhomov, A.V. Chichindaev
Heat and Mass Transfer in a Two-Component Developed Tubbulent Gas-Vapor-Droplet Flow. pp. 56--61

S.A. Isaev , A.I. Leont'ev , P.A. Baranov , Kh.T. Metov, A.E. Usachov
Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Viscosity on the Vortex Dynamics in Laminar Separated Flow past a Dimple on a Plane with Allowance for Its Asymmetry. pp. 62--67

V.N. Korovkin, A.P. Andrievskii
Calculation of Free-Convective Heat Transfer on a Vertical Semiinfinite Plate. pp. 68--72

O.V. Roman , S.K. Andilevko, S.S. Karpenko
Parameters of a Gas-Powder Flow Formed by a Cumulative Accelerator and Realizing the Effect of Superdeep Penetration. pp. 73--78

S.V. Fedorov , A.V. Babkin, S.V. Ladov
Salient Features of Inertial Stretching of a High-Gradient Conducting Rod in a Longitudinal Low-Frequency Magnetic Field. pp. 79--86

V.N. Makarov
Construction of a Mechanism of Physicochemical Processes behind a Shock Wave Propagating in the Atmospheres of Planets. pp. 87--92

K.N. Korostik , K.G. Kuz'min, A.V. Polyakov
Effect of Pulsed Heating of the Active Region of an Injection Laser on the Dynamics of Storage of a Pulse Information Sequence in an Electrooptical Recirculation Circuit. pp. 93--97

K.N. Korostik
The Limiting Capabilities of Injection-Laser-Based Recirculating Optical Range Finders under Actual Temperature Conditions. pp. 98--101

V.G. Konyukhov
Study of the Characteristics of Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Complex-Shaped Bodies by the Method of Auxiliary Sources. pp. 102--105

Yu.M. Rychkov, A.E. Vasilevich
Intensification of the Electric Convection of Weakly Conducting Liquids by a Pulsed Electric Field. pp. 106--108

S.O. Filin, B. Zakshevskii, E. Grushchin'ska
Experimental Investigation of the Method of Layer-by-Layer Lifting Buildup of Ice in a Bath and in Cellular Cans. pp. 109--114

R.F. Kelbaliev
Deterioration of Heat Transfer at Supercritical Pressures of a Substance. pp. 115--118

I.S. Lisker
Variational Methods for Experimental Investigation of Thermophysical Properties and Thermal Analysis of Various Objects. pp. 119--126

S.P. Zhvavyi, G.D. Ivlev, V.A. Pilipenko, V.N. Ponomar'
Influence of Temperature-Time Parameters of Heat Treatment on the Process of Planarization of the Surface Relief of Microelectron Structures. pp. 127--132

Yu.I. Zhavrin , V.N. Kosov , D.U. Kul'zhanov , K.K. Karataeva , A.Z. Aitkozhaev
Diffusion in Gas Mixtures Containing the Components of the Synthesis of Ammonia. pp. 133--136

M.V. Vigdorovich, O.L. Pupkova
Two-Dimensional Diffusion of a Binary Mixture of Neutral Gases. pp. 137--140

P.P. Olodovskii, O.V. Karpel'
Changes in the Molecular Structure of Water Filtered through Coarsely Dispersed Natural Mineral Flint. pp. 141--147

V.Yu. Samonin, V.V. Shidlovskii
Monitoring of Local Perturbations of the Multiplication Factor on Overloads in the Core of a Shut-Down Reactor. pp. 148--156

V.P. Kozlov, P.A. Mandrik
Solution of Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Differential Equations of Transfer with Discontinuity Boundary Conditions on the Surface of an Isotropic Semiinfinite Body in Its Heating through a Circle of Known Radius. pp. 153--156

V.P. Kozlov, P.A. Mandrik
Method of Summation-Integral Equations for Solving the Mixed Problem of Nonstationary Heat Conduction. pp. 157--163

K.M. Aref'ev , Yu.G. Belostotskii, A.M. Koshelev
Theory and Calculation of the Condensation Growth of a Droplet in Pure Vapor and in a Vapor-Gas Mixture. pp. 164--170



E. M. Kartashov
Analytical Methods of Solution of Boundary-Value Problems of Nonstationary Heat Conduction in Regions with Moving Boundaries. pp. 171

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