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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.3

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.3


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 74, Number 3; May--June, 2001

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O.G. Martynenko, P.P. Khramtsov
Relaxation Phenomena in Nonstationary Evaporation of Liquid. pp. 3--9

S.G. Obukhov
Burnout Heat Transfer in Boiling under Conditions of Stepwise Heat Generation. pp. 10--12

I.L. Mostinskii, V.D. Geshele, D.A. Goryainov, I.P. Raskatov
Heat Transfer from a Surface with Spherical Hollows in Boiling of Water and a Steam-Water Mixture in the Supercritical Region. pp. 13--19

O.R. Dornyak, S.P. Levitskii, Z.A. Shabunina, Z.P. Shul'man
Interaction Effects in Film Boiling on Spherical Particles. pp. 20--24

G.P. Brovka
Calculation of Convective Transfer of Water-Soluble Compounds with Account for Sorption Kinetics. pp. 25--29

G.P. Brovka, E.N. Rovdan
Calculation of the Diffusional Transfer of Water-Soluble Compounds with Account for Sorption Kinetics. pp. 30--33

K.V. Dobrego, A.D. Chornyi
Parallels between the Regimes of Turbulent and Filtration Combustion of Gases in Inert Porous Media. pp. 34--40

M.G. Khramchenkov
Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Dispersion of Clays in Filtration of Solutions through Slightly Permeable Clay Rocks. pp. 41--43

P.S. Grinchuk
System of Differential Equations for the Lattice Problems of Percolation Theory. pp. 44--55

A.V. Kondratenko, V.B. Nemtsov
Statistical Calculation of the Viscous Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystals by Means of the Kinetic Equation for the Tensor Order Parameter. pp. 56--62

A.V. Latyshev, A.A. Yushkanov
Accommodation Two-Moment Boundary Conditions in Problems of Thermal and Isothermal Slip. pp. 63--69

V.P. Kozlov, P.A. Mandrik
Solution of Mixed Contact Problems in the Theory of Nonstationary Heat Conduction by the Method of Summation-Integral Equations. pp. 70--74

L.D. Zagrebin, A.I. Baimetov
Measurement of the Thermal Diffusivity of Solids with an Axisymmetrically Positioned Source of Heat Pulse. pp. 75--80

A.V. Attetkov, P.A. Vlasov, I.K. Volkov
Temperature Field of a Half-Space with a Thermally Thin Coating in Pulsed Modes of Heat Exchange with the Environment. pp. 81--86

V.N. Bidnenko, V.L. Sigal
Thermophysical Intraoperational Estimates for the Destruction Zone of Tumor Tissue in Interstitial Thermotherapy. pp. 87--91

A.N. Vul'fson
Numerical-Analytical Investigation of Self-Similar Regimes of Propagation of Nonstationary Convective Jets and Thermals in a Homogeneous Medium over a Point Heat Source. pp. 92--99

Yu.S. Postol'nik, V.I. Timoshpol'skii, I.A. Trusova, S.M. Kozlov, O.V. Dubina
Graphoanalytical Method for Calculating the Process of Solidification of Steel Ingots. pp. 100--105

A.V. Borodin, A.V. Zhdanov, I.P. Nikolaeva, I.S. Pet'kov, L.P. Chupyatova
Temperature Stresses in a Packet of Strips Produced from a Melt by the Stepanov Method. pp. 106--112

A.D. Chornyi
Numerical Solution of the Equation for the Single-Point Probability Density Function of Turbulent Fluctuations of a Scalar Field. pp. 113--116

I.L. Artemov, A.V. Shvab
Numerical Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of a Twisted Flow in a Vortex Chamber Based on the Two-Parameter Model of Turbulence. pp. 117--120

R.G. Galiullin, L.A. Timokhina, E.R. Galiullina, E.I. Permyakov
Model of Turbulent Oscillating Flows in Smooth Tubes. pp. 121--124

G.A. Tarnavskii, S.I. Shpak
Certain Aspects of Computer Simulation of Hypersonic Flows: Stability, Nonuniqueness, and Bifurcation of Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations. pp. 125--132

M.K. Zhekamukhov, L.Z. Shukhova
Dispersion of Substances and Calculations of the Crater Depth in High-Velocity Impacts. pp. 133--140

I.S. Zaguzov, K.A. Polyakov
Modification of a One-Dimensional Lagrangian Grid for Modeling of Dynamic Processes in Pipelines of Variable Cross Section. pp. 141--144

Yu.V. Naumenko
Numerical Calculation of the Flow Regimes of a Fluid Partially Filling a Horizontal Rotating Heat-Exchange Cylinder. pp. 145--150

S.V. Dolgushev, S.V. Khaidarov
Simplified Description of the Flow in a Diametral Disk Friction Pump. pp. 151--154

S.I. Martynov
Hydrodynamic Interaction and Deformation of Drops. pp. 155--160

A.Zh. Turmukhambetov
Heat Transfer of a Sphere in a Constrained Flow of a Viscous Fluid. pp. 161--163

V.P. Dobrodeev, N.A. Mochalova, A.V. Dobrodeev
Similarity Criteria of Flows that Characterize the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquids and Real Gases. pp. 164--168

O.Yu. Dinariev
Plane Hydrodynamic Problem for Viscoelastic Lubrication. pp. 169--172

I.A. Makarov
Simulation of the Phase of Establishment of the Rheometric Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid. pp. 173--176

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 5. Cross Motion of the Phases in Mixing of a Liquid. pp. 177--180

V.N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 6. Some Features of Applicability of Calculational Dependences. pp. 181--183

E.V. Chernyavskaya, G.N. Abaev
Regularities of Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Jet Apparatuses. pp. 184--188

A.R. Dorokhov, O.Yu. Kileeva
Heat Exchange with Horizontal Cylinders in a Centrifugal-Bubbling Bed. pp. 189--192

G.Ya. Gerasimov, T.M. Bogacheva
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Process of Formation of Sulfur Compounds in Oxygen Gasification of Coal. pp. 193--197

A.M. Esipchuk, A. Marotta, L.I. Sharakhovskii
Experimental Investigation of the Current Density and the Heat-Flux Density in the Cathode Arc Spot. pp. 198--206

S.V. Kalyukov, S.I. Yares'ko, P.A. Mikheev
Widening the Scope of Working of Solid-State Nd-Glass Lasers. pp. 207--211

K.N. Korostik
Temperatures Stabilization of Avalanche Photodetectors in Recirculation-Type Information Systems. pp. 212--215

A. Valitskaya, A.A. Makhanek, S.A. Gubarev
Effect of Liquid Inertia and Wall Porosity on the Process of Momentum Transfer in a Biobearing with Injection of a Lubricant. pp. 216

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