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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.4

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.4


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 74, Number 4; July--August, 2001

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IVth Minsk International Forum on Heat and Mass Transfer. pp. 3--4

L.P. Kholpanov
Self-Organization and Chaos in Chemical-Technology and Heat-Exchange Devices: Problems and Tasks. pp. 5--13

S. Han, B. Han, P. Jin, R.J. Goldstein
Numerical Production of the Flow Field near the Tip of a Rotating Turbine Blade. pp. 14--22

J.V. Vilemas
Investigations in the Field of Heat Exchange and Hydrodynamics in Lithuania. pp. 23--32

G.A. Dreitser
Modern Problems of Intensification of Heat Exchange in Channels. pp. 33--40

A.M. Grishin
Heat and Mass Transfer and Modeling and Prediction of Environmental Catastrophes. pp. 41--47

A.M. Grishin
Conjugated Problems of Heat and Mass Exchange and the Physico-mathematical Theory of Forest Fires. pp. 48--52

A.M. Grishin, A.N. Golovanov
Determination of the Characteristics of Mass Transfer in Certain Combustible Forest Materials. pp. 53--57

A.M. Grishin, A.N. Golovanov, L.Yu. Kataeva, E.L. Loboda
Problem of Drying of a Layer of Combustible Forest Materials. pp. 58--64

A.M. Grishin, A.N. Golovanov
Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Vibrations of the Elements of Combustible Forest Materials. pp. 65--69

O.M. Zhukova, N.M. Shiryaeva, N.K. Myshkina, E.D. Shagalova, V.V. Denisova, V.V. Skurat
Model of Migration of Radionuclides in a River System. pp. 70--76

A.A. Andrizhievskii, A.G. Lukashevich, A.G. Trifonov
Modeling of Heat and Aerosol Discharges of Power Complexes into the Surrounding Medium. pp. 77--80

E.M. Malaya andM. E. Yakovlev
Complex Optimization of Processes of Heat Exchange in Gas-Firing Installations with Utilization of Heat. pp. 81--83

B.S. Soroka, V.I. Timoshpol'skii, A.P. Nesenchuk, I.A. Trusova, T.V. Ryzhova, M.G. Pshonik
Energy-Environmental Analysis of Combustion of Fuel. Gases in Heating Furnaces of Metallurgical and Engineering Plants. pp. 84--88

V.D. Shimanovich, A.L. Mosse, V.V. Azharonok, E.M. Ermolaeva, A.N. Knak
Heat-Transfer Processes in a Plasma Reactor in Destruction of Pesticides. pp. 89--94

D. Antonijevic, D. Voronjee
Temperature and Moisture Distributions inside the Layer of Moist Material Placed on Hot Isothermal Surface. pp. 95--101

P.S. Kuts, V.K. Samsonyuk, P.V. Akulich
Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of Vortex Pneumatic Sprayers. pp. 102--104

E.Ya. Epik
Bypass Laminar-Turbulent Transition in a Thermal Boundary Layer. pp. 105--110

V.S. Berdnikov, V.P. Zakharov, V.A. Markov
Thermal Gravitational-Centrifugal Convection in a Layer Of Liquid Heated From Below. pp. 111--115

V.S. Berdnikov, V.A. Gaponov, L.S. Kovrizhnykh
Thermal Gravitational-Capillary Convection in a Cavity with a Longitudinal Temperature Gradient. pp. 116--121

V.S. Berdnikov, V.V. Vinokurov, V.I. Panchenko, S.V. Solov'ev
Heat Exchange in The Classical Czochralski Method. pp. 122--127

V.F. Prisnyakov, K.V. Prisnyakov
Action of Vibrations on Heat and Mass Transfer in Boiling. pp. 128--133

A.P. Ivanov, E.I. Vitkin
Kinetics of the Temperature Fields in a Light-scattering Layer Heated by a Radiant Flux. pp. 134--137

V.V. Levdanskii, J. Smolik , V. Zdimal, P. Moravec
INfluence of Surface Phenomena On The Growth of Aerosol Particles in a Buffer (Admixture) Gas. pp. 138--140

P.V. Tsoi, V.P. Tsoi
Heat Transfer in Straight Channels with Two-dimensional Cross-Sectional Profiles under Conditions of Nonisothermal Stabilized Flow of a Fluid. pp. 141--

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