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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.6

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2001, Том 74, No.6


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 74, Number 6; November--December, 2001

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N. V. Pavlyukevich, S. V. Reznik, and G. A. Frolov
Materials and Coatings under Extreme Conditions: Investigations, Application, and Environmentally Safe Technologies for Their Production and Utilization. pp. 3--4

N. V. Ershov
Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin - Designer and Scientist. pp. 5--7

Yu. V. Polezhaev
Modern Problems of Thermal Protection. pp. 8--16

D. Yu. Kalinin and S. V. Reznik
Modeling of the Temperature State of Large-Size Space Structures. pp. 17--26

I. A. Sobolev and B. G. Popov
Modeling of Thermal Strains of Multilayer Shell-Type Space Structures. pp. 27--31

V. V. Pasichnyi, V. Ya. Berezhetskaya, A. A. Goryachev, M. Ya. Gofin, and G. A. Frolov
Investigation of the Serviceability of the Heat Shield of the Orbital Aircraft "Buran" under the Conditions of Radiant Heating on Solar Plants. pp. 32--33

E. B. Vasilevskii, A. N. Osiptsov, A.V. Chirikhin, and L. V. Yakovleva
Heat Exchange on the Front Surface of a Blunt Body in a High-Speed Flow Containing Low-Inertia Particles. pp. 34--42

A. P. Kuryachii
Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Systems of Radiation-Evaporation Thermal Protection. pp. 43--52

V. N. Bakulin, E. L. Gusev, and V. G. Markov
Methods of Optimal Designing of Constructions of Conventional and Composite Materials Subjected to Wave and Static Actions. pp. 53--56

G. V. Kuznetsov and S. F. Sandu
Special Features of the Thermophysical Modeling of Instrument Cubicles of Spacecraft. pp. 57--60

K. O. Sabdenov and L. L. Min'kov
Distinctive Features of Combustion of a Propellant at a Lewis Number Other than Unity in the Gas Phase. pp. 61--72

V. V. Korovin and A. N. Sdobnikov
Longitudinal Oscillations of an Orbital Cable System under the Thermal Action on the Cable. pp. 73--77

S. M. Arinkin
Method of Protection and Diagnostics of the Combustion Chamber Wall on Exposure to a High-Intensity Heat Flux. pp. 78--81

A. V. Attetkov, I. K. Volkov, and E. S. Tverskaya
The Optimum Thickness of a Cooled Coated Wall Exposed to Local Pulse-Periodic Heating. pp. 82--87

E. Broverman, N. V. Pavlyukevich, S. Rozin, and Y. Ronen
Escape of a Rarefied Gas into Vacuum through a Nonhomogeneous Porous Layer. pp. 88--93

K. Masuda-Jundo, R. Kikuchi, and M. Menon
Study of Bulk and Nanoscale Materials by Tight-Binding and Path Probability Methods. pp. 94--105

M. E. Shpilevskii, E. M. Shpilevskii, and V. F. Stel'makh
Fullerenes and Fullerene-Like Structures: the Basis for Promising Materials. pp. 106--112

S. V. Reznik, D. Yu. Kalinin, and A. V. Shulaykovskii
Modeling of the Thermophysical Processes in Sintering Glassware. pp. 113--120

E. I. Suzdal'tsev
A New Direction in the Field of Synthesis of High-Thermostability, Radiotransparent Glass-Ceramics. pp. 121--130

E. I. Suzdal'tsev
Investigation of the Thermostability of Glass-Ceramics of a Lithium Alumosilicate Composition. pp. 131--135

A. I. Meleshko and V. I. Demichev
Use of Superhard Carbon Fibers for Creation of Structures with Thermal Adaptation. pp. 136--142

V. V. Pasichnyi and V. Ya. Berezhetskaya
Surface Heat Treatment of Facing and Other Materials with Concentrated Solar Energy. pp. 143--145

D. V. Aristarkhov and G. I. Zhuravskii
Modeling of the Vapor Thermolysis of Rubber Waste. pp. 146--151

D. V. Aristarkhov, G. I. Zhuravskii, E. P. Polesskii, and B. A. Permyakov
Technologies of Vegetable Biomass, Technical Rubber, and Plastic Waste Processing. pp. 152--155

V. I. Timoshenko, I. S. Belotserkovets, V. P. Galinskii, V. Kh. Kadyrov, V. M. Kisel', and Yu. I. Evdokimenko
Investigation of the Processes in Torches for High-Speed Gas-Plasma Spraying of Powder Materials with the Use of the Flow-Rate Method of Action on the Flow. pp. 156--161

A. M. Dubasov
Thermal Fields in Crystallization of a Particle of a Sprayed Coating. pp. 162--166

N. M. Chigrinova
Use of Ceramic Coatings as Thermal Barriers in Heat Cycling. pp. 167--

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