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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2002, Том 75, No.1

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2002, Том 75, No.1


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 75, Number 1; January--February, 2002

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F. A. Akopov, A. S. Vlasov, L. A. Dombrovskii, L. I. Zaichik, Yu. A. Zeigarnik, V. N. Mineev, O. M. Traktuev
Some Problems on the Thermal State of the External Corium Catcher and on Selecting Its Optimum Structure. pp. 3--8

V. I. Timoshpol'skii, I. A. Trusova, S. M. Kozlov, V. E. Rotenberg, P. E. Ratnikov
Calculations of Temperatures, Stresses, and Strains in Heating of Thermally Massive Steel Products. pp. 9--14

A. G. Anisovich and R. L. Tofpenets
Synergetic Approach to the Description of Structural Effects in Metals under Cyclic Thermal Actions. pp. 15--20

A. I. Shnip
Theory of Generalized Thermodynamic Systems with Memory. pp. 21--31

M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov
Investigation of Wave Processes in a Thermoelastic Micropolar Solid Body by the Method of the Theory of Characteristics. pp. 32--36

M. D. Martynenko and S. M. Bosyakov
Method of Characteristics for Anisotropic Bodies with a Finite Velocity of Propagation of Heat. pp. 37--40

V. V. Kondrashov
Improvement of the Accuracy of the Large-Particle Method in Calculation of Motions of Energy-Saturated Media on Superposed Grids. pp. 41--48

S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, N. N. Luchko, T. V. Sidorovich,V. B. Kharchenko
Numerical Modeling of Laminar Circulation Flow in a Cubic Cavity with a Moving Face. pp. 49--53

S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, N. N. Luchko, T. V. Sidorovich
Numerical Modeling of Laminar Circulation Flow in a Square Cavity with a Moving Boundary at High Reynolds Numbers. pp. 54--60

V. S. Surov
Calculation of the Outflow of a One-Velocity Heterogeneous Mixture into Vacuum. pp. 61--65

V. G. Puzach and S. V. Puzach
Distinctive Features of Gasdynamics in Interaction of a Shock Wave with a Nonisothermal Gas Lock inside a Channel. pp. 66--70

V. G. Zasetskii, R. K. Karavosov, A. G. Prozorov, L. I. Sokolinskii
Excitation of Narrow-Band Pulsations in a Short Portion of Transition from the Smaller Diameter of a Pipe to a Larger Diameter and Possibilities of Preventing Them. pp. 71--75

V. A. Fafurin
Modeling of Rotating and Recirculation Flows on the Basis of a Hybrid Two-Parameter k - epsilon Model. pp. 76--81

L. Kh. Ingel'
Turbulent Convection in a Stratified Binary Mixture at a Vertical Surface. pp. 82--85

R. Muthukumaraswamy and P. Ganesan
Natural Convection on a Moving Isothermal Vertical Plate with Chemical Reaction. pp. 86--90

A. Sh. Gazizov, A. I. Nikiforov, A. A. Gazizov
Mathematical Model of Oil Displacement by Water with the Use of Polymer-Disperse Systems. pp. 91--94

F. L. Sayakhov, L. A. Kovaleva, N. M. Nasyrov
Heat and Mass Transfer in the Well-Stratum System under the Electromagnetic Action on Massive Oil Deposits. pp. 95--99

M. N. Novikov
Optimization of the Parameters of a Porous Coating under Conditions of Pool Boiling of Propane. pp. 100--104

S. G. Obukhov
Influence of a Long Stay of the Heat-Release Surface in Kerosene on the Critical Heat Flux in Boiling in It under Steady-State and Step Conditions of Heat Release. pp. 105--108

P. T. Petrik, E. Yu. Starikova, I. V. Dvorovenko, A. R. Bogomolov
Boiling of Refrigerants on Differently Oriented Tubes Placed in Granular Beds. pp. 109--111

V. N. Pavlechko
Complex Model of the Efficiency of Rectification Plates. 7. Interrelationship of Individual Parameters. pp. 112--116

Yu. S. Teplitskii
Phase Diagram of a Disperse System with Ascending Gas Flow. pp. 117--121

A. P. Ivanov and E. I. Vitkin
Cooling of a Plane-Parallel Disperse Layer. pp. 122--127

M. L. German, D. Lempert, V. P. Nekrasov, E. F. Nogotov
Procedure of Calculation of the Optical Characteristics of Selectively Radiating Gases. pp. 128--132

V. A. Sizyuk, G. V. Miloshevskii, I. Yu. Smurov
Calculation of the Influence of the Injection Rate of Carriers on the Volt-Ampere Characteristics of the nc-Si/CaF2 Multilayer Structure by the Method of Parallel Calculations. pp. 133--141

G. A. Tarnavskii, S. I. Shpak, M. S. Obrecht
Features of Segregation of Doping Impurities of V(a) Subgroup Elements on Angular Configurations of the Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Oxidation Boundary. pp. 142--147

E. M. Makushok and V. V. Kharchenko
Some Features of a Metallic Structure and Mechanisms of Its Destruction and Joining under Thermal and Mechanical Actions. pp. 148--155

P. P. Olodovskii
Energy of Binding of Water and Ethyl Alcohol with Active Molecular Oxygen Formed as a Result of Contact of a Liquid with Coarsely Dispersed Natural Mineral Flint. pp. 156--162

O. O. Yas'ko, A. L. Mosse, A. F. Bublievskii, A. V. Gorbunov, E. I. Yurinok, E. M. Ermolaeva
Experimental-Statistical Investigation of Heat Exchange in a Cylindrical Mixing Chamber of a Three-Jet Plasma Reactor. pp. 163--170

G. V. Markov
Cathode Drop of the Potential of a Vacuum Arc of Metals. pp. 171--173

K. N. Korostik and A. S. Buiko
Temperature Error Component of the Recirculation Optical Range Finder Based on the Injection Laser. pp. 174--180

V. P. Kozlov, P. A. Mandrik, N. I. Yurchuk
One Approach to the Analytical Solution of a Two-Dimensional Nonstationary Problem of Heat Conduction in Regions with Moving Boundaries on the Model of a Half-Space. pp. 181--185

P. A. Mandrik
Analytical Solution of Two-Dimensional Contact Problems of Unsteady Heat Conduction in the Presence of Mixed Boundary Conditions in the Contact Plane. pp. 186--190

O. M. Zhukova, N. M. Shiryaeva, N. K. Myshkina, V. V. Denisova, V. V. Skurat
Prediction of Migration of Radionuclides in the Iput River Basin. pp. 191--

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