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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 2002, Том 75, No.5

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 2002, Том 75, No.5


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 75, Number 5; September--October, 2002

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L. L. Vasil'ev, L. E. Kanonchik
Investigation of the Sorption and Heat-Exchange Processes in a Heat Pump with the Use of a Thermosiphon. pp. 5--11

L. A. Akulov, S. A. Bessonov
Hydraulic Resistance of a Random Spiral Packing for Regenerators. pp. 12--16

N. V. Amirkhanyan, S. G. Cherkasov
Influence of the Configuration of a Nonuniformly Cooled Plate on the Intensity of the Process of Film Condensation from a Moist-Air Flow. pp. 17--20

A. V. Korolev, A. N. Litvin
Investigation of Noises in Boiling on an Electrically Heated Wire. pp. 21--24

R. F. Kelbaliev
Experimental Investigation of Changes in the Wall Temperature in Different Regimes of Motion of Supercritical-Pressure Liquids. pp. 25--29

V. N. Didenko, D. N. Popov
Two Variants of Calculation of the Parameters of Bubbling Processes in Axisymmetric Channels with a Variable Flow Area. pp. 30--33

V. A. Lashkov, A. V. Petrova, R. G. Safin
Application of the Luikov Approximate Solutions to Mathematical Description of the Process of Self-Freezing of Materials by Decreasing Pressure. pp. 34--37

F. I. Babenko, A. A. Sukhov, A. K. Rodionov
Comparative Evaluation of the Resistance of Polyethylene and Steel Pipelines to a Frost Crack. pp. 38--41

O. V. Roman, S. K. Andilevko, S. S. Karpenko, G. S. Romanov
Dependence of the Superdeep-Penetration Efficiency on the Energy Parameters of an Explosive Accelerator of Powder Particles. pp. 42--46

S. K. Andilevko
A contribution to the Problem of the Superdeep-Penetration Model. pp. 47--50

S. V. Bulovich, R. L. Petrov
Wave Expander. pp. 51--55

G. N. Den, A. A. Malyshev
Modeling of the Flow Parts of Stationary Centrifugal Compressor Machines for Compression of real Gases. Gasdynamic Tests and Processing of Their Results. I. Theoretical Calculations. pp. 56--63

A. V. Vlasov, G. V. Dashkov, A. D. Solodukhin, S. P. Fisenko
Investigation of the Internal Aerodynamics of the Chimney-Type Evaporative Cooling Tower. pp. 64--68

V. A. Babkin
Turbulent Flow in the Near-Wall Region as Anisotropic-Fluid Flow. pp. 69--73

A. P. Vasil'ev
Calculation of a Two-Phase Dynamic Laminar Boundary Layer and a Thermal Laminar Boundary Layer on a Plate. pp. 74--80

V. M. Ushakov, O. V. Matvienko
Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Heat Exchange in Ignition for Reactive Channel Walls by the Flow of a High-Temperature Viscous Gas. pp. 81--85

I. N. Aliev, A. R. Mil'divskii, I. A. Naumov
Capillary Waves on the Surface of a Thin Layer of a Charged Conducting Liquid. pp. 86--87

A. N. Vislovich, A. B. Sukhotskii
Transformation of the Magnetostatic-Field Spatial Harmonic in a Magnetic Fluid Layer. pp. 88--95

I. A. Ermolaev, A. I. Zhbanov
Investigation of the Electroconvective Flow of a Weakly Conducting Liquid with Unipolar Injection Conductivity by the Finite-Element Method. pp. 96--99

V. G. Gorobets
Heat Transfer for Vertical Surfaces with Discrete Fins in the Case of Free Convection. pp. 100--107

M. D. Noskov, A. D. Istomin, A. G. Kesler
Stochastic-Deterministic Modeling of the Development of Hydrodynamic Instability in Nonisothermal Filtration. pp. 108--114

S. A. Isaev, A. G. Sudakov, A. E. Usachov, V. B. Kharchenko
Calculation of Nonstationary Flow Around a Circular Cylinder Within the Framework of Multiblock Computational Technologies. pp. 115--121

S. A. Isaev, I. A. Pyshnyi, A. E. Usachov, V. B. Kharchenko
Verification of the Multiblock Computational Technology in Calculating Laminar and Turbulent Flow Around a Spherical Hole on a Channel Wall. pp. 122--124

N. P. Starostin, A. S. Kondakov
Thermal Diagnostics of Friction in Cylindrical Couplings. II. Computational Experiments and Generalization. pp. 125--129

S. V. Puzach, V. M. Kazennov
Some Regularities of Heat and Mass Transfer in the Case of Fire Within a Building. pp. 130--137

V. A. Balakirev, G. V. Sotnikov, Yu. V. Tkach, T. Yu. Yatsenko
High-Frequency Method of Removal of Paraffin Plugs in the Equipment of Oil Wells and Oil Pipelines. pp. 138--145

A. N. Khutornoi, N. A. Tsvetkov, S. I. Skachkov
Heat Transfer in a Plane Three-Layer System with a Heat-Conducting Not-Through Enclosure. pp. 146--148

S. A. Savkov, A. A. Yushkanov
Accounting for Energy Accommodation in Calculating the Heat Flux from a Spherical Particle in a Diatomic Gas. pp. 149--154

M. M. Mamedov, N. M. Mamedov
Solution of Certain Problems in the Thermal Diffusion of Binary Gases. pp. 155--157

V. V. Skurat, N. M. Shiryaeva, N. K. Myshkina, A. A. Gvozdev, G. Z. Serebryanyi, N. B. Golikova
Analysis of the Safety of the Burial Grounds of Decontamination Waste of Chernobyl Origin in the Territory of Belarus. pp. 158--164

L. F. Zhukov, A. V. Bogdan
Investigation and Elaboration of Methods of Multicolor Optical Thermometry. pp. 165--169

R. T. Galyautdinov, N. F. Kasparov, G. S. Luchkin
Technology of Sputtering High-Reflection Coatings on Abs-Plastic Articles. pp. 170--173

G. V. Markov
Coefficient of Ion Erosion of the Vacuum Arc of Metals and Alloys. pp. 174--176

V. P. Alekseev, G. V. Kuznetsov, S. V. Shloma
Calculation of the Temperature Field of a Printed-Circuit Board with Account for Convective and Radiative Heat Exchange on the Board Surface. pp. 177--179

M. K. Karabaev, K. E. Onarkulov, M. M. Akhmedov, D. A. Yusupova
Semiconductor Fatigue-Damage Indicator. pp. 180--181

S. R. Syrtsov, V. N. Shut, D. A. Il'yushchenko, E. L. Gavrilenko
Electrophysical Characteristics of a Posistor Block. pp. 182--185



N. F. Bondarenko, E. Z. Gak, M. Z. Gak
Application of MHD Effects in Electrolytes for Modeling Vortex Processes in Natural Phenomena and in Solving Engineering-Physical Problems. pp. 186--

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