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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. хим. наук 1999, No.1

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. хим. наук 1999, No.1

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 1, 1999

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Ulyanova T.M., Titova L.V., Bondarenko L.M., Sysova O.V.
Chemical resistance of implantation materials based on fibrous aluminium oxide. pp. 5--9

Summary: Chemical stability of the ceramic materials used for surgeon purposes and based on Al2O3 fibres with MgO, ZrO2, SiO2 additives has been investigated. Kinetics of Al, Mg, Zr and Si migration has been studied in model liquids. An optimal ceramic material for implantants has been selected consisted of Al2O3 (99.5%) and MgO (0.5%).

Eliseev S.Yu., Grozhik V.A., Rodtsevich S.P.
Phase formation in triple systems PbO--В2O3--МеОx. pp. 10--14

Summary: A study of thermodynamic possibility of a phase formation in lead-borate systems doping with metal oxides of II--VI groups has shown that thermodynamic parameters of the system are the main ones in crystallization process. A method of step-by-step cooling has been established to result in a crystalline phase formation.

Lesnikovich L.A., Trofimova I.V., Ilyushchenko A.F., Okovityi V.A., Kovaleva O.A., Kochubinskaya A.A.
Synthesis and properties of basic calcium phosphate. pp. 15--19

Summary: Peculiarities of HA synthesis using water-absorbing liquids have been investigated. As a result a highly dispersed product of a high purity has been obtained.



Zhebentyaev A.I., Alekseev N.A.
Gas chromatographic analysis of proserine in biological liquids. pp. 20--24

Summary: Gas chromatographic properties of N-desmethyl-neostigmine (retention indices, thermodynamic parameters) have been studied on stationary liquid phases. A technique has been worked out for neostigmine quantitative determination in biological liquids by GLC with thermal ionic detector.



Snopkov V.В., Litarov V.Ya., Kovaleva L F., Khmyzov I.A.
Effect of composition of a foam forming solution on foam properties. pp. 25--27

Summary: Technological foam formation based on carbamide-formaldehyde resin using sulphanol NP-1 and technical soap has been shown, a foam ration value being up to 3.5 cm3/cm3 while a stability (a time of a half-decay) is 80 min. A surfactant dose and a resin concentration have been shown to be most important factors determining air-liquid ration values and stability of the foam obtained.

Domovskaya T.G., Mozheiko F.F.
Flocculate effect of hydiolyzed polyacrylonitrile on clay-salt dispersions. pp. 28--32

Summary: Flocculation property of hygrolyzic polyacrylnitrile has been studied. Hygrolysic polyacrylnitrile is structure-formative agent of dispersion system with high concentration of salt.



Matys V.G., Zharskii I.M., Matveiko N.P., Poplavskii V.V.
Dependence of reaction rate of hydrogen evolution on composition electrodes on hydrogen atom concentration and temperature. pp. 33--36

Summary: An effect of temperature and hydrogen ion concentration on a hydrogen evolution rate has been studied. Two-layer titanium based electrodes were used consisting of an electrolytically active platinum-containing working layer and a transient corrosion preventing layer or that preventing electrode passivation during anodic polarization. Conclusions were made on a mechanism of electrode reactions on the electrodes studied.

Novikov G.I.
Chemical bond strengthening during sublimation of crystalline compounds. pp. 37--42

Summary: Strengthening of chemical bonds in NaCl, CuCl, CuCl2, WO3, H2O in a sublimation process has been established based on the comparative analysis of thermodynamic and structural characteristics of these substances both in vapour (monomer and dimer) and crystal states.

Bashkirov L.A., Shishkin N.Ya., Chebotar O.A., Kurbachev O.I., Zharskii I.M.
Sensor properties of semiconductor Ba titanate with i posistor effect. pp. 43--47

Summary: Synthesis of Y-doped Ba titanate semiconductor possessing a posistor effect (Ba0.998Y0.002TiO3) has been carried out using a ceramic technology. An effect of reducing gases CO and H2S containing in air on a conductivity of bulk ceramic samples has been studied in a temperature region of posistor transition. A unique sensitivity of the material studied to CO in concentration of 0.25--2.5 vol.% at a rather low temperature (108 °C) has been revealed, while a sensitivity to H2S was very low. The phenomena is based on the extreme reactivity of ternary grain oxygen atoms at the temperature of phase (posistor) transition and may be regarded as a new way in a development of chemical sensors. Ba0.998Y0.002TiO3 is supposed to be a perspective material for a preparation of low temperature chemical sensors.

Kasperchik V.P., Yaskevich A.L., Movchanskii A.A., Bildyukevich A.V.
Ultrafiltration of polypeptide solutions mixture. pp. 48--50

Summary: Ultrafiltration of polypeptide mixture has been investigated on membranes made of polystilfone, aromatic polyamide and polyamide with additionally hydrofilized surface. Transport characteristics of the membranes has been shown are be determined by a morphology of a gel layer formed properties of which depend on a membrane hydrofilicity degree.

Belotserkovskaya T.N., Savitskaya E.N., Ugolev I.I., Shunkevich A.A
Preparation and sorption properties investigation of metal-ferrocianide fibrous sorbents FIBAN. pp. 51--55

Summary: Sorption of radiocesium and radiostrontium cations by FIBAN ion exchangers has been studied. Fibrous strong acidic cation-exhanger FIBAN K-1 as it has been shown can be used to concentrate radiostrontium from natural water, while cation-exhangers FIBAN K-1, K-3, K-4 impregnated by copper, iron or cobalt ferro-cianides are used for radiocesium sorption from different water solutions.

Petkevich T.S., Berezovik G.К., Senko T.L., Egiazarov Yu.G.
Dehydration of isopropyl alcohol on fibrous sulfo-cationite. pp. 56--61

Summary: Micro pulse technique has been used to study 2-propanol dehydration over fibre sulfo-cation exchanger of different exchange capacity. A linear dependence of 2-propanol transformation degree on a contact duration has been observed. Effective rate constants and reaction activation energy have been calculated. The fibre sulfo-cation exchangers have been shown to have higher catalytic activity as compared to granular sulfo-cation exchange resin, a retarding effect of inner diffusion hindering on a reaction rate being decreased in the case of fibre samples.

Naumova G.V., Strigutskii V.P., Zhmakova N.A., Ovchinnikova T.F., Makarova N.L.
Growth-stimulating activity of humic acids of peat and brown coal. pp. 62--65

Summary: A biological activity of humic preparates based on peat and brown coal has been experimentally shown to be determined by a synergetic effect of interconnection of aromatic polyconjugated structure and functional.

Kolnenkov V.P.
Some peculiarities of ion distribution in the systems of mixed valency kij = const. pp. 66--72

Summary: Peculiarities of multi-ion distribution of ions in the system solution-ionite have been considered in terms of node technique. A change of coefficients of distribution and separation depending on an initial range of selectivity and a direction of equilibrium composition variation has been studied.

Oparin D.A.
Effect of ionic strength on hydrolysis kinetics of phthalylium salts. pp. 73--76

Summary: An effect of ionic strength on kinetic behaviour of phthalylium ions with hydroxide ion has been described by Bronsted equation.

Yaremchenko A.A., Kharton V.V., Naumovich E.N., Klavsut G.N., Samokhval V.V.
Electroconductivity and oxygen ionic permeability of provskites LaxCo1-yWyO3±d. pp. 77--81

Summary: Substitution of cobalt by tungsten has been found to result in cubic perovskite-like phase (LaCoO3-d) stabilization. Incorporation of tungsten into crystal lattice leads to a decrease of electric conductivity and coefficients of thermal expansion of LaxCo1-yWyO3±d lattice. Oxygen-ion permeability decreases drastically with tungsten doping due to a decrease of concentration of oxygen vacancies and as a consequence, decrease of ion conductivity. An oxygen permeation process has been shown to be limited by both oxygen-ion conductivity of oxides and rates of oxygen interphase exchange.

Komarov V.S., Milvit N.V, Ratko A.I.
Activation methods of carbonate-containing tripoly. pp. 82--85

Summary: An alkaline-acidic method of carbonate-containing tripoly activation has been elaborated consisting in sample thermal treatment (CaCO3 decomposition temperature), alkaline activation, alkaline solution treatment by H2SO4 followed by neutralization with NH4OH. As a result, pore samples were formed of a complex composition with a high sorption capacity. A product of calcite decomposition, CaO, has been used as an alkali.

Komarov V.S., Repina N.S., Luneva N.K., Oputina A.G.
Structural and ion-exchanging properties of co-precipitated inorganic substances containing Zr+4-- Ti+3, Zr+4--Al+3, Zr+4--Sn+4. pp. 86--90

Summary: Structural and ion-exchanging properties of the synthesized co-precipitated phosphates of 4- and 3-valent metals have been studied. Experimental curves of sorption capacity vs. composition go through maximum. Curves of specific surface and ion-exchanging capacity have analogous pattern for these samples. An explanation of the dependencies observed has been given.



Burd V.N., Vasilyeva O.V., Voskoboev A.I., Toltser S., Van Pe K.-Ch.
Catalytic action mechanism of chloroperoxidase from Serratia marcescens. pp. 91--94

Summary: Chloroperoxidase from bacterial strain Serratia marcescens has been shown to catalyze organic compounds halogenation, arylamines oxidation and phenyl esters hydrolysis. A reaction mechanism of chloroperoxidase has been discussed.



Tutaeva N.L., Markina A.Ya., Krutko N.P., Opanasenko O.N., Mozheiko F.F., Revyako M.M., Gorshcharik N.D.
Composites based on polyethylene and modified salt-clay powder. pp. 95--99

Summary: An effect of salt-containing clay powder modification by bituminous and bituminous-latex emulsions on properties of the filled polyethylene has been studied.

Zhdanovich I.B., Markin A.D., Mozheiko F.F., Shlomina L.F.
Effect of polyethylene glycols on potassium chloride flotation by aliphatic amine emulsion with foam reagents. pp. 100--103

Summary: An effect of polyethylene glycol emulsions with amine salts and foam reagents on a process of basic flotation, flotation treatment of the first concentrate and on some other stages of potassium ores enrichment has been studied. Addition of polyethylene glycol to amine salt emulsions with pine oil, alcohol fraction and caprol increases a collector effect of these emulsions and potassium chloride extraction, while amine specific consumption is decreased.

Polikarpov A.P., Martinovich V.I., Prokopchuk N.R., Vecher E.I.
Investigation of thermo-mechanical properties of polyvinylchloride and possibility of its recycling. pp. 104--107

Summary: A comparison of thermo-mechanical properties and a thermal stability of an initial plastisized PVC and waste PVC permits for a conclusion to be made on a possibility and conditions of PVC secondary processing.

Dyatlova E. M., Minenkova G.Ya., Kolontaeva T.V., Kabanova E.V.
On some technological aspects of sintering process activation for fire-resisting alumosilicate ceramics. pp. 108--113

Summary: An effect of initial components parameters (preparation conditions, a degree of structure defect) on sintering and packing processes, phase composition and properties of ceramic materials of Al2O3--SiO2 system (high alumina range) has been studied. The most complete mullitization has been shown to proceed in the case of soots, while sample minimal porosity has been achieved due to a high packing degree during formation.

Hapugalle G., Prokopchuk N.R., Prokopovich V.P., Klimovtsova I.A.
New thermal stabilizers of Polyamide 6. pp.114--119

Summary: Effective and cheap thermal stabilizers of Polyamide 6 have been prepared, which are competitive with the best stabilizing systems of European and Russian firms.

Kenigsberg T.P., Monakhova O.B., Agabekov V.E.
Complexation of polyvinylbutyrals with subphase anion in subphase monomolecular layers. pp. 120--124

Summary: Monolayers of amphiphilic polymers, polyvinyl butyrals (PVB), with a different content of butyral groups have been stydied. An effect of organic anion dissolved in a subphase on properties of PVB monomolecular films has been investigated. A conclusion on a complex formation between the polymer in a monolayer and the benzoate-ion in a subphase is made based on analysis of PVB -- benzoate-ion interaction nature.

Ivanova N.A., Daineko V.V., Agabekov V.E., Ariko N.G., Verbitskii V.V.
Light-reflective coverings for film polarizers. pp. 125--128

Summary: Light-reflective coverings for reflective polarizers from the enamel based on aluminium powder dispersed in suspension of vanishes A-50T and XC-720 as well as from mattic aluminium foil laminated with polyethylene therephthalate film have been developed. Reflective polarizers formed using these reflectors have optical and operational properties comparable to foreign analogues.



Belenkov V.V., Korzun G.M., Rakhmanov S.K., Shishko G.V.
New highly effective auto-radiographic method of radiation registration of "hot" particles containing radioactive isotopes in environmental objects. pp. 129--134

Summary: Highly effective auto-radiographic method has been developed to registrate an ionizing radiation of "hot" particles. The method provides a sharp increase of photomaterial sensitivity to ionizing radiation of various types and gives a possibility to accelerate "hot" particles indication procedure.



Лахвич Ф.А., Лиштван И.И., Комаров В.С. и др.
Михаил Алексеевич Безбородов (К 100-летию со дня рождения). C. 135--136
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Ивашкевич О.Ф., Капуцкий Ф.Р., Лесникович А.И. и др.
Геннадий Алексеевич Браницкий (К 60-летию со дня рождения). C.137--138
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