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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. хим. наук 1999, No.2

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. хим. наук 1999, No.2

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 2, 1999

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Bashkirov L.A., Butko T.A., Dudchik G.P., Klyndyuk A.I., Krisko L.Ya. Nekrashevich E.M., Pankov V.V., Petrov G.S., Shichkova T.A., Emello G.G.
Kinetics of a solid solution formation of ferrichromite of barium, BaCr2Fe10O19, during interaction of Ba2CrO4 and a-Fe2O3 powders. pp. 5--9

Summary: Solid state interaction of Ba2CrO4 and a-Fe2O3 powders taken in a molar ratio of 1:5 has been shown by X-ray and thermomagnetic analyses to result in BaCr2Fe10O>19 solid solution through an intermediate stage of phase formation. BaCrxFe12-xO19, of a variable content (where x < 2).



Snopkov V.B., Litarov V.Ya., Kovaleva L.F., Khmyzov I.A.
Foaming of glue compositions based on carbamide formaldehyde resin. pp. 10--13

Summary: Dispersity and kinetics of syneresis of the foam systems based on carbamide formaldehyde resin have been studied. A mechanism of destruction has been discussed.

Vorob'eva E.V., Basalyga I.I., Krutko N.P.
Water-comsumption polymer complexes based on acrylamide and polyacrylic acid. pp. 14--16

Summary: Chemical interaction of polyacrylamide and polycarboxilic acids (polyacrylic and polymethacrylic) in aqueous solutions has been investigated. A possibility of synthesis of hydrogels based on polymer complexes of polyacrylamide with polycarboxilic acid has been discussed. Water-absorbing properties of the hydrogels formed have been shown to depend on synthesis conditions, swelling and properties of the initial polymer.

Strelchenok E.V., Shevchuk V.V., Mozheiko F.F.
Study of rheological properties of oleosuspensions of kaolin material modified by oil-soluble SAS. pp. 17--19

Summary: An effect of oil soluble surfactants on structure-rheological properties of montmorillonit suspensions has been studied in organic media. Oil soluble surfactants have been shown to change a structure of the suspensions, rheological dependence being of optimal character in the case of cationic SAS modificatior.

Opanasenko O.N., Butko Z.T., Krutko N.P., Zuboreva O.A.
Adsorption of amine oxide on the surfaces of butadiene-nitrile latex. pp. 20--23

Summary: Adsorption of alkyldimethylamine oxide on globules of butadiene-nitrile latex has been studied by adsorption titration method. Adsorption isotherms have been shown to be of S-type characteristic of adsorption process followed by surface micelle formation. A formation of adsorption layer structure on the surface of polar polymer latex and a shape of adsorption isotherms are determined by a relation between interaction energies of asorbent-adsorbate and micelle formation process in a solution.



Aleksandrovich Kh.M., Mozheiko F.F.
Intermolecular interactions in salt solutions. pp. 24--28

Summary: A structure of the saturated solutions of KCl and NaCl has been shown to be determined by ion hydratation process, electro static interaction and association processes in solutions. Correlation between solution structure and a nature of the dissolved salts, their viscosiuos and other physico-chemical properties has been revealed.

Kolnenkov V.P.
Some peculiarities of ion-change distribution in the triion heterogeneous systems of mixed valency at kij = const. pp. 29--35

Summary: Diagram line profile in a triangle of ionite contents has been explained in terms of node method at a constant ratio of concentrations of two ions in a solution and with different relationships between selectivity coefficients in multi-ion exchange.

Yaskevich A.L., Bildyukevich A.V.
Peculiarities of polyamide embrane modification by polyelectrolite complexes. pp. 36--39

Summary: A process of polyelectrolyte complex formation on a polyamide support by immobilization of poly-[N-(2-aminoethyl)acrylamide] into porous membrane structure followed by interaction with polystyrenesulfonic acid has been investigated. The extremal dependence of membrane transport characteristics on a concentration ratio of the complex components has been determined.

Gaponik N.P., Shchukin D.G., Sviridov D.V.
Kinetics of ascorbic acid oxidation on a polyaniline electrode. pp. 40--45

Summary: Kinetics of ascorbic acid oxidation on a polyaniline electrode has been studied in acid media using a rotating disk electrode technique, chronoamperometry and spectroelectrochemistry. An effective catalytic action of polyaniline on ascorbic acid oxidation has been observed, an electrode reaction being not plagued by an irreversible sorption of intermediates and oxidation products on a surface of polyaniline modified electrode. The results obtained show that the reaction of ascorbic acid oxidation takes place predominantly in conducting domains of the polyaniline matrix.

Petrovskaya L.I., Luneva N.K., Lyudchik I.A.
Thermal transformations of carbamido-phosphate systems. pp. 46--51

Summary: Thermal transformation of the carbamide-phosphate systems CO(NH2)2--H3PO4, CO(NH2)--H3PO4--Na4P2O7, CO(NH2)2-- H3PO4--Na5P3O10 have been studied in a temperature range from 20 to 500 °C by the methods of physico-chemical analysis.

Tavgen V.V., Shinkareva E.V.
Formation of conductiong sructures in aluminium containing composite coatings. pp. 52--55

Summary: Structure peculiarities of composite aluminium containing coatings have been studied. Conducting coating based on liquid sodium glass and powdered aluminium have been shown to be formed with low resistance values on a dielectric glass-enamel substrate.

Shevchuk V.V., Fedorov I.V.
Interaction of some first type emulsions with wayer dispersions of montmorillonite. pp. 56--58

Summary: Interaction regularities of oil-water emulsions stabilized by various surfactants with a surface of montmorillonite have been examined by IR-spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis.

Mitskevich E.N., Butylin B.A., Novikov G.I.
Thermal-chemical study of a reaction of hydrogen sulfide oxidation by a water solution of ferric (III) sulfate. pp. 59--62

Summary: A reaction of hydrogen sulfide oxidation by ferric ethylenediaminetetraacetate has been studied with a calorimeter equipped by an isothermal cover at 298.15 K and different pH values.

Azarko V.A., Konysheva T.V., Pshenichnyi G.V., Agabekov V.E.
Derivatives of 9-H-carbazole as light sensitive thermal developed material. pp. 63--66

Summary: Film formation and light sensitive properties of some 9-H-carbazole derivatives have been studied. Vacuum vapour deposited films based on tetrabromcyclohexenyl carbazole have been shown to be used as light sensitive thermal developed materials for optical lithography.

Brovka G.P., Rovdan E.N.
Effect of radionuclide sorption kinetics on the processes of their diffusive and convective transfer in natural media. pp. 67--71

Summary: It has been revealed that kinetics of the equilibrium setting in the process of radionuclide sorption should be taken into account during a simulation of 137Cs diffusive and convective transfer, an elaboration of soil deactivation methods and an optimization of purification technique of the aquatic media from 137Cs using peat filter-sorbent. At the same time, one can adequately describe the processes of 90Sr diffusive and convective transfer by a convective diffusion equation disregarding the above mentioned kinetics.

Komarov V.S., Repina N.S., Karpinchik E.V.
An effect vibration treatment of metal hydroxides on their structure formation. pp. 72--75

Summary: The paper deals for the first time with a vibration effect on a porous structure formation of a hydroxide. The structuring effect has been shown to be the largest at a low vibration energy without a deformation of a hydrate layer of the particles. A shape of hydroxide particles has been established to effect substantially the particle parking as well as structure parameters of the porous solids obtained.



Antonevich I.P., Lakhvich F.A.
A development of w-chain of prostanoids in 2-acyl-l,l-ethylenedioxycyclopent-2-enes. pp. 76--80

Summary: The a development of the second prostanoid chain or its fragment in new prostanoid synthons, 2-acyl-1, 1-ethylenedioxycyclopent-2-enes, by isoxazole method or by a 1,4-addition reaction of malonic ester has been described.

Dadkov I.G., Kuzmitskii B.B., Lyubin G.S., Shafranskaya G.A., Lakhvich F.A., Koroleva E.V., Antonevich I.P., Chernikhova T.V.
Synthetic prostanoids as modificators of radioactive damage of human tumor cells. pp. 81--84

Summary: Seven new analogues of 11-deoxy-PGE with a protected 9-keto function and modified a- and w-chains have been prepared to study their radiomodulating activity. Experiments with HeLa cell cultures have shown that the above mentioned activity of prostanoids with malonic ester fragment in w-chain depends on both structure and length of a-chain and is varying from radioadaptive to radiosensitizing one. Radioadaptive activity decreases when malonic ester radical in w-chain is replaced by isoxazolic fragment. A compound with 7-oxocarboxyalkyl a-chain showed radiosensitizing activity comparable to that of metronidazol.



Martinkevich A.A., Krutko Ye.T., Prokopchuk N.R.
A correlation between intermolecular interaction energy and properties of structurated polyphenyloxypyromellitimide. pp. 85--88

Summary: Correlations between intermolecular interaction energy and mechanical properties of polypyromellitimide films modified by bismaleinimides have been established.

Shunkevich A.A., Makovetskii M.I., Akulich Z.I., Tychinskaya L.Yu., Skakovskii E.D.
Synthesis and properties of water soluble polyfunctional polyelectrolites based on 2-acrylamide-2-methylpropansulfoacid. pp. 89--92

Summary: Water soluble co-oligomers of 2-acrylamide-2-methylpropansulfoacid with itaconic acid and acrylamide have been synthesized by a radical polymerization method and their physical and chemical characteristics have been studied. The co-oligomers synthesized have been shown to have a perfect film-forming ability and an adhesion to glass and polymer materials.

Smoliak L.Yu., Prokopchuk N.R., Prokopovich V.P., Klimovtsova I.A.
Thermal stabilization of polyethyene hindered amines. pp. 93--95

Summary: Compounds of the group of structurally hindered amines (HA) have been investigated as agents of low-density polyethylene thermal stabilization. An efficiency of the stabilizers has been estimated depending on a relative elongation of the films and an activation energy value of thermal-oxidative degradation. A difference has been shown between thermal stabilizing effects of HA in solid and melted polymer as well as upon introduction of a substituent (a triple bond) into HA molecule.

Kaputskii F.N., Mardykin V.P., Kostyuk S.V., Gaponik L.V.
Cationic oligomerization of styrene with signs of "living" chains. pp. 96--99

Summary: Cationic oligomerization of styrene using a catalytic complex of AlCl3 • O(C6H5)2 has been studied in different solvents in a temperature range from 20 to -15 °C. The process has been shown to proceed according to a mechanism of "living" chain while a reduction of toluene quantity, which participate in a chain transfer reaction, facilitates the process.



Bondar Yu.I., Ivashkevich L.S., Shmanai G.S.
Interaction of strontium-90 ions with fulvic acids of soil. pp. 100--103

Summary: A distribution of 90Sr in fractions of soil organic substrate has been investigated. 90Sr has been revealed to be associated with many low molecular compounds of soil which are capable to migrate. Radiostrontium has been shown to form both simple and complex compounds with fulvic acids of soil. A quantity of the complex compounds increases with pH value.



Buldyk E.P., Kasperovich O.M., Revyako M.M., Struk V.A.
Effect of carbon thin-dispersed fillers on properties of polyolefine constructional thermopasts. pp. 104--106

Summary: Effect of thin-dispersed clusters of a synthetic carbon on physical-mechanical and friction properties of polyolefines has been studied. A small additition of a filler has been shown to change properties of the composite by increasing material strength and improving friction properties.

Stefanyuk I.V., Oleinikova E.L., Shkadretsova V.G.
Synthesis of glass-enamel coatings based on granitoid rock of Mikashevichi deposit. pp. 107--110

Summary: A comparative study of technological properties of glass-enamel coatings as a function of a raw material type has been carried out. A recommendation was made to use quartz-diorite of Mikashevichi deposit (Belarus) as a raw material for preparation of corrosive protecting glass enamels.

Udarov B.G., Manukov Ye.N., Chuiko V.A., Izotova L.V., Azizbekyan S.G., Nefedova G.M.
A foamer preparation based on the product of turpentine oxidation. pp. 111--113

Summary: A product of pine oil oxidation by an air oxygen has been tested as a flotation oil in the process of potassium fertilizers extraction.

Vorob'ev N.I., Dormeshkin O.B., Minakovskii A.F.
Solubility investigation in the systems of Na2SO3--NaCl--NH4Cl--(NH4)2SO3 and NH4HSO3--NaHSO3--NaCl--NH4Cl. pp. 114--117

Summary: Kinetics of an equilibrium setting in a system of Na2SO3--NaCl--NH4Cl--(NH4SO3 has been studied. A solubility has been investigated in the systems of Na2SO3--NaCl--NH4Cl--(NH4)2SO3 at 20 and 40 °C and NaHSO3--NaCl--NH4Cl--NH4HSO3 at 40 °C. Solubility isotherms in the specified systems have been built in the temperature range from 20 to 85 °C on the base of the experimental results and literature data. A possibility to carry out a process of sodium sulfite preparation in closed cycle using sodium chloride has been shown.

Bobkova N.M., Kavrus I.V., Popovskaya N.F., Radion E.V.
Phase formation in co-precipitated aluminosilicate charges. pp. 118--121

Summary: Phase formation of aluminosilicate mixtures obtained by coprecipitation technique has been studied by structure analysis methods. A mullite formation has been shown to proceed more actively in the case of precipitates obtained in an acid medium and under conditions of reverse precipitation. A mullite formation has been established to go through intermediate phase, sillimanite, disappearing at 1400 °C.



В.С. Комаров, Н.П. Крутько
Институту общей и неорганической химии НАН Беларуси 40 лет. C. 122--125
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В.С. Комаров, Ф.Н. Капуцкий, В.С. Солдатов и др.
Михаил Михайлович Павлюченко (К 90-летию со дня рождения). C. 126--128
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И.И. Лиштван, В.С. Комаров, Ф.Н. Капуцкий и др.
Борис Васильевич Ерофеев (К 90-летию со дня рождения). С. 129--130
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