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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2001, No.1

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2001, No.1

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 1, 2001

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Astapchik S.A.
The main stages of the growth of PTI of NAS of Belarus. pp. 5--10

Alifanov A.V.
The theory and technology development of the metals plastic working in the PTI of NAS of Belarus. pp. 11--15

Lebedev V.Ya.
The materials machining theory and technology in the PTI of NAS of Belarus. pp. 16--20

Gordienko A.I., Ivashko V.V.
The rapid heat treatment of metals and alloys. pp. 21--27

Zelenin V.A.
The microelectronics investigations in the PTI of NAS of Belarus. pp. 28--32

Zdor G.N.
The impulse materials processing. pp. 33--37

Byeli A.V.
The surfaces engineering with the highest density beams. pp. 38--42



Ostrikov O.M.
The zirconium ions radiation influence on the twinning dislocations sources action of the bismuth monocrystals. pp. 43--45

Summary: Ihe implanted dopant influence on the twinning dislocations sources action is dealed with. It is found that the ion onplantation decreases the twinning dislocations cources number and inoreases the strains, required for the generation start of the deslocation loops.

Ivanov I.A.
The thermal effects of low temperature plasma action on the solid surface. pp. 46--49

Summary: The influence of Ti--Si--N-coating condensation condisions and size of harding detail on the substrate heating rate and nominal surface condensation temperature are investigated. Steel 45 is taken as substrate material. There is shown that the TiSi-plasma ion bombing gives a smaller substrate heating rate then Ti-plasma one. It's found that the nominal surface condensation temperature from 270 °C to 420 °C doesn't influence on the phase structure and hardness of Ti--Si--N coatings.

Usacheva E.Yu., Revyako M.M., Poluyanovich V.Ya.
The influence of components content on the structure and properties of the compounded materials based on frothed ethylene and vinilacetate copolymer. pp. 50--52

Summary: In order to make a prognosis for the structure and properties of polyfoam, compositions on the basis of frothed ethylene and vinilacetate copolymer, containing nitrogenscarbonamidoes and oxides of various metals have been investigated.

Vityas P.A., Lovshenko F.G., Lovshenko G.F.
The new high-resistant composite mechanically alloyed materials for the contact welding electrodes. pp. 53--59

Summary: The dispersion-strengthened copper possesses a number of physic-mechanical properties which fully meet the requirements claimed for the alloys of contact welding electrodes. The prospective method of their obtaining is a reaction mechanical alloying. The methodics of original compounds choosing and phase structure forecasting has been created in this work. Mechanically alloyed dispersion-strengthened copper manufacturing technology has been optimized. Its phase compound, structure and properties have been investigated. The optimal conditions of the contact welding by means of electrodes of the material developed have been stated. It has been shown that dispersion-strengthened copper application provides 2-3 times increasing of resistance.

Komarov F.F., Petrov S.A.
The behavior of the buried insulating Si3N4 layers in single-crystalline silicon under the high-current ion implantation. pp. 60--65

Summary: Processes of silicon-on-insulator structure formation have been investigated by means of RBS method with ion channehng, IRS, TEM, HEED, using layer-by-layer anodic oxidation. The N2+ ion beams with energy of 140 keV at ion beam densities of 100 and 250 µ A/cm2 and fluencies of 1• 1017 to 1.7• 1018 atom/cm2 have been used. The technology methods of defect complexes suppression in the device layer as well as structural quality of the SOI-structures have been developed. The possible actions of structural and phase transformations in silicon under ion irradiation in self-annealing regime are discussed.



Rukteshel O.S., Kusyak V.A.
On the rationality of the preselected gearshift control in urban busses. pp. 66--68

Summary: The article deals with the matters of nonformed motion dynamics during preselected and nonpreselected gearshift in urban bus transmission. A computer model serves the base for the transient process analysis and allows to imitate a working of the separate nodes of its power unit, control them with the different rate and in the different sequence, realize a switching as with undermost on the high issue, so and in the inverse order. Private criterions, allowing to value in complex a quality of gearshift process from standpoints of transmission elements loading and bus motion smoothness, are offered in activity. The simulation modeling results of the switching-over process under preselected and nonpreselected gearbox control are brought in the article. On their base the expediency of the perspective gear box installation in the bus power unit is affirmed.



Skoibeda A.T., Gromyko P.N., Khatetovski S.N.
On the problem of planetary precessional transmission ring gears teeth profile formation. pp. 69--72

Summary: The geometrical parameters optimisation of planetary precessional transmission ring gears has been carried out according to the criterion of non-cutting off the satellite teeth under machining conditions. Checking out of analitic conditions has been fulfilled by means of analysis of the equations describing satellite tooth profile. The observation of these very conditions warrants non-cutting off the satellite teeth.

Retyukhin G.E., Koscheev A.G., Fine I.V., Shershnev E.B.
The dimensional processing of the gem diamonds with the YAG:Nd laser radiation with the modulated Q-switch. pp. 73--77

Summary: The techonogical model of laser dimentional processing of gem diamonds with the YAG:Nd-laser radiation with the continuous pumping and modulated Q-switched is designed. The processing is fulfilled by the layer by layer material removal under the focused radiation in combination with the piece movemint in relation to laser beam. The operator can choose the optimal shape and size of the future brilliant by the selection of the different shape types.



Abramov I.I., Danilyuk A.L., Korolyov A.V.
The universal electrical model of two-barrier resonant tunneling structures. pp. 78--81

Summary: The universal electrical model of two-barrier resonant tunneling structure is proposed. This model describes a two-barrier resonant tunneling structure which functioning on resonant tunneling effect and self-organizing principles.

Lyakhov S.V.
The support of trials of brakes antiblocking systems on an electromagnetic compatibility. pp. 82--85

Summary: The bench trials of antiblocking systems of brakes of automobiles have significant advantages over the trials in actual conditions in a part of an electromagnetic compatibility. The support criteria of a functional check of brakes antiblocking systems were considered at bench trials. The method and device for holding the trials of antiblocking systems of brakes in a part of an electromagnetic compatibility in bench conditions were carried out. The method is based on cloning of operation of the brakes antiblocking system of the automobile in a part of electrical parameters and usage of computer simulation of processes of braking of the automobile at improvement of the control algorithms of brakes antiblocking systems.

Chernobay I.A.
The accuracy and enhancement perspectives analysis of the multichannel ultrasonic gas flowmeters. pp. 86--91

Summary: The results of an analysis of the operation of the one-, two- and multichannel ultrasonic gas flowmeters are represented. It is shown that increasing of the number of channels contributes to increasing of its accuracy. However, in this case it is necessary to take account of the effect both statical and hydrodynamical asymmetry upon flowmeter accuracy.

Delendick M.N., Gorbash V.G.
The computation of transverse excitation ferroprobes characteristics taking into account the core demagnetization factor. pp. 92--97

Summary: On a base of a curve of body magnetization the formulae for computation of output e.m.f. and sensitivity of ferroprobe are obtained. The results of numerical computation taking into account the demagnetization factor of the core allowed to determine the influence of geometric sizes of the core (the length and the diameter) and magnetic parameters of its material on sensitivity of the ferroprobe and the amplitude of harmonic components of output e.m.f.



Bibilo P.N.
On the complexity of realization of Boolean function systems by circuits in the basis of Programmable Array Logic. pp. 98--103

Summary: Upper bounds for the complexity of realizations of matrix forms of completely defined Boolean functions in the basis of Programmable Array Logic (PAL) are derived.

Buloychik V.M., Guseva A.V.
The differential equations solving in the Hopfield neural network basis. pp. 104--108

Summary: The opportunity of use of Hopfields neural network for the solution of the ordinary differential equations of the first order is considered. The technique of definition of parameters of Hopfields neural network is resulted.



Abu-Khalava M.I., Gladyshev M.T.
The flash wave movement along the river-bed with the smooth changing parameters. pp. 109--114

Summary: The paper presents the results of analytical numerical inverstigation of movement of waves gap in the inclined river-bed arbitrary transverse cross-section with calculation of friction, then lower dam originaly be missing and contains stream liquid. For the hind parts of wave gap simplified equation and method for there solution are offered. In the narrow zone, adjoining to the front, stationary solution are used. Clear formulae solution for such slope with constant uses of parameter are deduced.

Gorokhov V.M., Doroshkevich E.A., Ustinova G.P., Shtefan E.V.
The elastic-viscoplastic deformation of powder materials by compaction. Report 2. The mathematical simulation methods and software development for the deformation processes analysis. pp. 115--119.

Summary: There have been worked out finite 'element method for making the analyses of PM deformation processes. The system of computer modeling for deformation processes and CAD system for powder billets forging has been represented.

Shved O.L.
The variant of the constitutive relationships for the ideal-plastic media at finite deformations. pp. 120--125

Summary: The variant for the constitutive relationships of the geometrically non-linear theory of ideal plasticity as the generalized Signorini elastic law is obtained. The restrictions for constants are specified.

Chernysh N.K.
Ideal hydrocyclone. pp. 126--132.

Summary: The theory, giving the possibility to design such hydraulic characteristics of hydrocyclone as coefficients of living section and coefficients of flow for discharge and slam channels is described. It is shown that the receiving results are in accordance with the experimental data.



Kulikov I.S., Lapshov A.V., Falushin P.L.
The analysis of different types of solid fuel gasification units and the wastes burning technology reasoning. pp. 133--137

Summary: The first part of this article describes different methods of biomass gasification and samples of operated gasification units, second one offers investigations results of gasification technology for hydrolytic lignin.

Klubovich V.V., Koguhovsky V.I., Pivovarchik A.A.
The definition of a thermal flow to inclusion from an infinite plate at stationary heating in axially symmetric case. pp. 138--140

Summary: Weber--Orr's integral representation of arbitrary function is used for determination of heat flux. The problem solution is obtained as definite integral with the limits of 0 and ¥.

Samoilovich Yu.A., Timoshpolsky V.I., Anisovich G.A., Trusova I.A.
The influence of electromagnetic stirring on a temperature field of a steel ingot at continuous casting. pp. 141--143

Summary: Experimental researches of temperature condition of concast billets in vertical CCM equipped with electromagnetic stirring device of conducted type (CEMS) were carried out, Comparison results of thermal analysis data with CEMS and without it certify temperature leveling within two-phase zone and liquid core of a concast billet in the result of CEMS. Concast ingot surface temperature increase due to stirring helps to decrease the level of temperature stress in a solid crust and reduces the danger of metal denseness failure within the two-phase zone.



Drozdovich V.V., Savushkin I.A.
The modeling and results of estimations of thyroid doses from 131I to population of Belarus on the early stage of the Chernobyl accident. pp. 144--151

Summary: The model for estimation of thyroid doses from 131I to population of Belarus following the Chernobyl accident is presented. Values of parameters of adapted to local radioecological conditions model is given. Verification of model and evaluation of the reliability of results obtained is performed. Average and collective thyroid doses of the inhabitants of Belarus, including those living on the territories without direct thyroid measurements performed in 1986, are reconstructed. The developed model can be used for an evaluation of radiological consequences of 131I releases following the hypothetical accident on nuclear power plant.

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