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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2001, No.4

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2001, No.4

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 4, 2001

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Jemchujny M.I., Dubinsky N.A.
The investigation of particles distribution in ironbased composite materials produced by the electrochemical method. pp. 5--7

Summary: Regularities in distribution of particles are investigated in iron composite coatings. Parameters of the structure of composite coatings are found. It is shown that the distribution of particles in iron composite coatings is uniform.

Kravtsov A.G., Pinchuk L.S., Goldade V.A.
Filtering properties of fibrous polymer melt-blown materials for protecting of respiratory organs. pp. 8--11

Summary: Filtering properties of fibrous polymer materials obtained by melt-blowing method have been investigated using criteria of penetration factor for oil aerosol and aerodynamic resistance. The dependence of filtration parameters on the diameter of aerosol particles and filtration velocity has been studied. It was established that electrization of fibers improved filtering effectiveness. Possible cleaning mechanisms realized by electret melt-blown materials have been analyzed. It was shown that electret fibrous melt-blown materials are capable to replace successfully Petryanov' filters in devices for protecting of respiratory organs.

Tolstoi A.V.
The copper-beryllium alloy resistance to the microplastical deformation. pp. 12--17

Summary: The laws of hardening of a Cu -- Be alloy in the field of microplastic deformations were investigated. It was established, that the values of hardening are determined by a degree of development of two competing processes -- precipitation bringing in hardening, and relaxation of elastic interphase deformations causing decrease of hardening of an alloy. The estimations of the contributions in hardening which are brought in by elastic interphase deformations and dispersed particles are given.

Gordienko A.I., Krylov-Olefirenko V.V., Isakov S.A., Filippov V.V.
The two- and three-component brass coating creation at layer-by-layer components deposition. pp. 18--22

Summary: The selfdiffusion development of layer-by-layer deposited copper, zinc and nickel atoms has been analyzed under the conditions of a high-speed short-time thermodiffusion annealing. It is shown that the most effective way of nickel incorporation into the composition of a brass coating is deposition of a copper-nickel alloy instead of a pure copper layer part. The distribution of copper, zinc and nickel atoms in two- and three- component coatings has been experimentally determined using the method of a layer-by-layer chemical analysis upon carrying out a thermodiffusion annealing.



Sholomitsky V.I.
The estimation of resistance of machines bearers to fatigue at design stage. pp. 23--28

Summary: The technique of an estimation of resistance of bearers of machines to fatigue on a design stage (definition of the characteristics of a fatigue strength of dangerous zones and definition of gentle places of a design is esteemed, the estimation loading and durability of dangerous zones on a design stage), which one includes methods: representations of random loading with allocation as variation series of stresses of load units of the operational frequencies of loading; approximation of variation series with usage of a cumulative distribution function of Weibull; estimations of a cycle longevity, transition from a cycle life to longevity in kilometers of run.

Biryukov P.M.
The vibroacoustical model of the pin interlock of the planetarycogged reduction gearbox. Part 1. pp. 29--32

Summary: In paper the dynamics of the satellite of the planetary-cogged reduction gear box with cycloidal gearing is presented. Calculation of the forces of inertia and moments is proposed. The axial oscillation have been found by both the theory and experiment.

Boiko L.I., Pershukevich N.P., Komarova V.I., Rakova N.L.
The reliability increase of the plate steel springs for suspension of share potato-digger. pp. 33--35

Summary: The experience of reliability increase for steel plate spring of active suspension share plow of pilot two-row potato digger is described. Recommendations on reliability increase of springs based on experimental and literature date are drawn taking into account the specific of full-scale production.

Berestnev O.V., Goman A.M., Soliterman Yu.L., Berestnev Ya.O.
The dynamics of robot drives, working in resonant regime. pp. 36--40

Summary: The methods of specifying of dynamic loads in robot resonant drives are considered and the dynamic models of such drives are suggested. It is recommended to determine the resistance force to manipulator's movement on experimental data of drive free fading oscillations. The integral method of energy supply into resonant drive is suggested. This method gives the possibility to organize the effective control of manipulator movement. The methods of the dynamic loads calculations and also of the main drive's parameters determining are described.



Shaturov G.F., Mrochek Zh.A.
The wear and steadfastness of cutters with continuously renovated cutting edge. pp. 41--43

Summary: Research results on the wear and steadfastness of cutters with continuously renovated cutting edge are presented. It is shown that renovation of the edge allous to increase its specific steadfastness from 2 till 18 times, and general steadfastness of the disk cutter from 40 till 120 times.

Gerashchenko V.V., Serkov A.V.
The grounding of the generalized test parameter for the technical state inspection of induction motors. pp. 44--48

Summary: The correlation between the alternating component amplitudes of electric motor rotation frequency and pulsing load torque is obtained. The possibility of the technical state inspection of induction motors based on this correlation is shown.

Gromyko P.N., Statsenko A.A., Pashkevich V.M.
The research of planetary processional transmissions power losses. pp. 49--54

Summary: The questions of planetary precessional transmission main parts power losses research have been considered in the paper. Particularly, one of the important transmission parameters influence on its effiency has been determined theoretically and experimentally in this work. This very research has been carryied out for the purpose of diagnostics of transmission condition. It has been done by means of determinating a compensation element size according to the diagnostic parameter values. The compensation element is brought into the transmission design in order to re-establish the both original geometrical parameters of the planetary precessional transmission and, consequently, its working capacity.

Frolov I.S., Ivashchenko S.A., Mrochek Zh.A., Makarevich E.V.
The research of coating on non-magnetic materials deposited by vacuum-plasma method. pp. 55--60

Summary: Findings of analyses of technological parameters of surfaces preparation and formation of vacuum-plasma coatings on non-magnetic materials are resulted. An optimum complex of functional surface characteristics in case of lubricant absence and vacuum is stated. Technology of formation of the wear resistant coating, which provides considerable rise of work capacity for double-friction details made of non-magnetic materials, is worked out.

Zachepilo P.S.
The features of electroerozive formation of a screw structure on a concave surface. pp. 61--63

Summary: The problem solution of reception of a copper electrode-tool for forming of an inclined screw structure on a concave cylindrical surface rouling tool by electroerosive treatment is submitted. The relation of the height of preparation to the size of a step reaches 3:100. Two variants of manufacturing copper plate of an electrode-tool are offered. The direct cutting of a necessary structure in a copper plate fixed in one case on a flat basic surface, in the second case - on cylindrical is supposed. With refixed plate electrode from a plate support on cylindrical there is an error with its deformation, which does not exceed the tolerance. At manufacturing an electrode-tool under the circuit of the second variant the deformations though occur, but their size are less.

Retyukhin G.E., Karaev A.L.
Some particularities of the laser type choose for the alumooxided ceramics cutting. pp. 64--67

Summary: Some comparisons of the technologial models of the laser precision size treatment of the alumooxided ceramics are adduced. The laser cutting of the alumooxided ceramics by the CO2, YAG : Nd lasers both with pulse exitation and quasi-continuous YAG: Nd lasers with modulated Q-factor (YAG: Nd, Q-switch) is concerned. The advantage of the use of the quasi-continuous YAG : Nd lasers with modulated Q-factor compared with the power pulse CO2-YAG: Nd lasers ionsists in the high quality of the cutting at the acceptable performance at the concrete tasks and the lower cost of the processing equipment on their base.



Kurayev A.A., Popkova T.L.
Discreting and rational calculuse for electrodynamic problems. pp. 68--74

Summary: Necessity and advantages for application of rational calculuses for problems of modelling of physical subjects are substantiated. The adequate method of quantizing for planar electrodynamic structures is proposed. High effectiveness of this method is demonstrated for problems of difraction of E-waves at strip's grid. The effective method of even digitization for calculation of differential equations is proposed.

Mushovets I.I., Dostanko A.P., Khmyl A.A.
Simulation of diffusive-electrical processes at electrodeposition of silver. pp. 75--81

Summary: The mathematical modelling of the mass transport processes at electrodeposition of silver from ferrocyanide electrolyte are reviewed. The distribution of ionic forms in the bulk solution and in the pre-cathode layer has been calculated. The current-potential relationship and limiting currents have been estimated.

Bordusov S.V.
The temperature regimes of the non-stationary microwave discharge in the plasmatron of resonant type. pp. 82--85

Summary: The article presents the results of experimental temperature measures of a microwave discharge in molecular gases (O2, N2, CF4, CF6) in a pressure range 6--500 Pa. They specify that the thermal plasma action on a surface of a handled material exceeds stability of photoresist masks used in photolithography processes. It should impede realization of a local microwave plasma-chemical etching processes. On the other hand, it promotes intensification of plasma-chemical masks removal processes and plasma clearing of a handled structures surface.

Chernobai I.A.
The higher precision ultrasonic domestic gas counter. pp. 86--92

Summary: The precision ultrasonic domestic gas flowmeter-counter has been developed, distinctive feature of which is the reduction of the volume gas flow rate in an operating condition to it in a reference condition. This feature allows to link the results of the measurements of the volume flow rate for different gases and reduce this results to the same identical conditions of a temperature, pressure and density, as a result, the opportunity of a verification, certification and calibration of the flowmeter are accessible in the process of its mass manufacture and the opportunity of spreading this results on the measurements of the volume flow rate for other gases is accessible also. All functional assemblies and blocks of the ultrasonic flowmeter have been constructed in a microprocessor device which ensures its the high reliability with the high accuracy of measurements.



Artemiev V.M., Naumov A.O., Stepanov V.L.
The optimum fitering of the Markovian process of the stochastic structure at the observation channel control. Part 1. pp. 93--96

Summary: The problem of optimal estimation of Markovian process with random structure is considered, when the observation channel has free parameter, controlled by input data of the filter. The problem is solved with use of optimal estimation technique. In the first part of the article general estimation algorithms and observation channel control algorithms are resulted.

Artemiev V.M., Naumov A.O., Stepanov V.L.
The optimum filtering of the Markovian process of the stochastic structure at the observation channel control. Part 2. pp. 97--102

Summary: The research results of estimation algorithms of Markovian processes with random structure with controlled observation channel, offered in the first part are considered. Sub-optimal estimation algorithms, based on a posterior statistical linearisation of the nonlinear observation channel, are discussed.

Polyakov A.S.
The synchronization of sequential programs parallel fragments under their distributed performance. pp. 103--107

Summary: One of the main tasks of distributed performance of sequential programs is considered. The two methods of synchronization of parallel fragments of sequential programs under their distributed realization is suggested.

Vasilevich L.N., Kolyada A.A., Selyaninov M.Yu., Chernyavskii A.F.
Modular principles of processors building-up for discrete Fourier transform. pp. 108--117

Summary: The mathematical formalization of the new so-called decompositional of the technology of synthesis of fast DFT procedures is given, the classes of hybrid algorithms of modular-positional and positional-modular types are researched, the architecture of the high-speed processor basing on minimum redundant modular arithmetics and implementing a modular principle of addressing of datas is offered.



Bernatsky A.K. †, Gorbatsevich M.I., Kisel'kov A.L.
The rubber-metal joints computation. pp. 118--123

Summary: Hinge joints in vehicles spring systems are to carry out the functions of bearing elements. They provide required kinematics and absorb vibrations and noise. In the end hinges influence on the comfort while moving and on the reliability of designs elements. Software using on computers allows to optimize the hard properties of rubber-metal hinges.

Biryukov P.M.
The dynamics of the satellite of the planetary-cogged reduction gear box. pp. 124--127

Summary: The dynamics of the satellite of the planetary-cogged reduction gear box with cycloidal gearing is presented. Calculation of the forces of inertia and moments is proposed. Theoretically and experimentally the axial oscillation have been found.



Borisevich V.A., Romanova L.V., Gudkova L.K., Klimko O.G., Safonova I.G., Starchenko T.V., Ustinova G.A.
The changes in the biogas composition at the anaerobic fermentation of the cattle farm drain in the accumulation mode. pp. 128--131

Summary: The change in biogas composition under long-term anaerobic fermentation of manure of the cattle-breeding farm at the accumulation regime has been investigated.

Anisovich G.A., Samoilovich Yu.A., Timoshpolsky V.I., Khopova O.G.
Distinctive featured of a contact heat exchange in the clearance between an ingot and a casting mold with a slag skull available. pp. 132--137

Summary: Process of an ingot formation with a slag skull available in the clearance is viewed. A specific feature of this method of calculation is a detailed investigation of a contact heat exchange in the system an ingot -- a slag skull --a casting mold (three mechanisms of a heat transfer method). An example of calculation of a carbon steel ingot solidification is given.



Konoplya E.F., Mironov V.P., Drugachenok M.A., Kudryashov V.P., Grushevich L.E., Kryuk A.I., Zhmura N.V., Adamovich A.A.
The major regularities of the air radioactive contamination at Belarus territory after Chernobyl accident. pp. 138--142

Summary: The data of atmospheric contamination of different regions of Belarus by radionuclides of Plutonium, 90Sr and 137Cs from April 1986 is presented. It is shown that the resuspension process is the main mechanism of radioactive contamination of atmosphere at present. The time dependence of resuspension factor is expressed by the equation K = 5.40 • 10-4 • t-1.76.

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