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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2005, No.3

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 2005, No.3

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 3, 2005

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Timoshpolskii V. I., Samoilovich Yu. A., Goryainov V. A.
Thermal and thermomechanical effects in support rollers of steel continuous casting machines. Part 1. Mathematical modelling. pp. 5--12

Summary: Adjoint problem of thermal and thermomechanical effects in support rollers of steel continuous casting machines (in nonlinear statement) was developed and solved by the use of finite elements method. Analysis of temperature, thermal stresses and strain fields in representative points of rollers depending on roller cross-section size, thermophysical properties of steel grades, billet casting speed and roller rotation time was carried out.

Komarov O. S., Provorova I. B., Volosatikov V. I., Komarov D. O.
The hydro-metallurgical method of molibdenum extraction from spent catalysts. pp. 13--15

Summary: It is studied the problem of molybdenum recycling from spent catalysts of petroleum and chemical industry. The aim of investigation is the process design for molybdenum extraction from spent aluminum-cobalt-molybdenum catalyst (ACM). It is depicted the processing method of spent catalyst with the purpose of molybdenum acid and powdered fine dispersive molybdenum production.

Samuseva L. V.
Research of anti-corrosive properties of polyethylene coverings, filled with carbamide. pp. 16--20

Summary: Some aspects of creation of polymeric anticorrosive composites on the basis of polythene and organic substances containing nitrogen by the method of the thermal analysis are considered. Formation of phases such as "a firm solution" and "chemical compound" for system polythene -- carbamide is shown. It is offered to use isotherms of cooling for the control of correctness of construction of the diagram. Protective properties of films on the basis of polythene containing carbamide are investigated. Structures of coatings and films are offered, which have optimum anticorrosive properties.

Volochko A. T.
Investigation of friction of aluminum composite materials against aluminum counterbody. pp. 21--24

Summary: The investigation has been made of the principal mechanisms that ensure a high antifriction ability of aluminum composite material-aluminum friction couple. The comparative tribotechnical tests have been conducted as applied to combustion engines and other compressive arrangements. This makes it possible to develop new machine mechanisms with higher operating characteristics as well as to decrease metal consumption of friction units.

Kuzey A. M.
Interphase interaction in aluminum--ferrum systems during super-rapid melt cooling. pp. 25--29

Summary: The effect of thermal treatment on the structure of rapidly quenched Al - 15 mas.% Ni alloy has been investigated using the methods of electron scanning microscopy and complex thermal and magnetic analyses. It has been established that the rapidly quenched alloy is a ferromagnetic. Ferromagnetic properties of the alloy are associated by its structure characteristics such as structure-inhomogeneous solid solution and metastable phases that are conglomerates in which there are particles with the concentration of nickel exceeding 80 mas.%. The mechanism responsible for formation of metastable phases during super-rapid melt cooling is described.



Vysotskii M. S., Doubovik D. A., Kharytonchyk S. V.
Control of interaxle and interwheel drives in heavy-duty automobiles. pp. 30--35

Summary: Electronic systems open wide opportunities in efficiency increasing for automobiles and tractors. A set of research, that was carried out within the framework of the AT-01.10 Task of the State Scientific and Technical Program "Belavtotraktorostroenie", has specified, that it is expedient to use electronic systems automating drives for axle and wheels in heavy-duty automobiles. On the example of the MAZ-5309 automobile a structural scheme of the electronic control system for blocking mechanisms in interaxle and interwheel differentials was developed, its optimum parameters were selected and operating algorithms were developed. Using this system brings the best results in high-speed properties and possibility of all-wheel drive automobiles while they are driving in unfavorable road conditions.

Yascheritsyn P. I., Rakomsin A. P., Sergeev L. E., Sidorenko M. I.
Use of ferro-abrasive powder on the base of TiBa for magnetic-abrasive treatment. pp. 36--38

Summary: The range of use of ferro-abrasive powders is increased with the use of a new kind. The possibility to produce ferro-abrasive powder on a base of SHS-method is established. The TiB2 acts as abrasive component. The indices of productivity and magnetic-abrasive treatment process quality with the use of the presented powder are investigated. The results obtained are explained.

Pleskashevsky Yu. M., Starovoytov E. I., Yarovaya A. V., Leonenko D. V.
Metal-polymeric plate on elastic foundation. Part 1. Uniform loading. pp. 39--43

Summary: Bending of sandwich plate with light polymeric filler lying on elastic foundation is considered. For the description of kinematics of package with asymmetrical thickness the broken normal hypothesis was accepted. Reaction of foundation was described on the base of Winkler's model. The loading was uniform. Combined equations of equilibrium and analytical solutions via displacement were obtained. Numerical solutions for sandwich metal-polymeric plate were adduced.

Berestov E. I., Smolyar A. P.
Modem problems and methods of calculation of ground resistance to cutting (review). pp. 44--49

Summary: Ground resistance to cutting, is considered the results of the calculations are presented.

Pashkevich V. M.
The estimation of the mechanical condition on entropy of diagnostic parameters. pp. 50--55

Summary: The new approach to description of the machine-building objects, connected with the analysis of entropy characteristics of their output parameters is presented. The results of the research of kinematic error entropy of the mechanical gears are given.

Antonyuk V. E.
Increase of manufacturing quality of details by dynamic stabilization. pp. 56--62

Summary: The opportunities of application of dynamic stabilization of details for increase of manufacturing quality are considered. The results of research of modes of dynamic stabilization -- level of loading, quantity of cycles of loading, types of loading cycles are resulted. As a result of the carried out research the basic parameters of process of dynamic stabilization are formulated. The results of the carried out research are applied for achievement of required accuracy of manufacturing of frictional disks. The description of the circuit of dynamic stabilization with reference to frictional disks and basic recommendations for purpose of a mode of their dynamic stabilization is given. The items of information on the achieved increase of accuracy of manufacturing of frictional disks with application of dynamic stabilization on various standard sizes of frictional disks are resulted.

Moiseenko V. L, Pochtenny E. K. †, Sidorenko A. G.
Macro-localization of plastic deformation and fatigue resistance of plates of large sleeve type chains. pp. 63--68

Summary: On example of plates of large sleeve type chains the relation between the characteristics of fatigue resistance and inclination of plate material to macrolocalization of plastic deformation is shown. The indicated phenomenon is reviewed as a development of non-uniformity and non-equal strength in steels and machine parts.



Dragun V. L., Danilova-Tretiak S. M.
Thermal-physical properties of biological tissues (review). pp. 69--77

Summary: The thermal-physical properties of human biotissues and organs and methods of their investigation are reviewed. It is noted that the value of the same parameter of the tissue can vary as a function of investigation method and subject, temperature, water ratio and so on. Analytical approximations of thermal properties from scientific literature are presented.

Levchenko S. A., Yakushau A. P., Nikitsin S. N.
The analysis of measures on implementation of energy efficient technologies in housing-and-municipal sector on the basis of system approach. pp. 78--83

Summary: The brief description of the method of integrated resource planning (IRP) and LEAP software package based on this method is given. Using LEAP the consumption reduction scenario of electricity due to implementation of energy efficient lighting devices has been simulated. Importance of consideration the results of such implementation for whole system has been shown because if taking into account only one sector of a power energy system it is possible to get inaccurate results, that had been illustrated in the given paper.



Samoshkin M. A.
The automation of processing of objects parameters while reading with variable step and aperture of scanning beam. pp. 84--88

Summary: The designed technique of computer simulation can be applied to realization of power calculations of an optical system and for the analysis of geometrical tags of the maps working in a broad band of a spectrum of optical radiation. At the fixed sizes of the aperture under the schedules it is possible to define optimum signal-to-noise ratio at known value of contrast.

Lipnitsky S. F.
The modelling of semantical relations within an information-analytical system. pp. 89--94

Summary: The mathematical model of semantic relationships in the informational analytical system is offered. The algorithms of the grammar, semantic and intelligent analysis of the text information can be realized on a basis of the given model.

Pet'ko V. L, Kukonin V. E., Konchak V. C., Vystavnaya E. I., Khitrikov S. V.
Accuracy improvement of the algorithm of nonlinear dynamic objects identification with the use of multidimensional Hermit polynomials. pp. 95--99

Summary: The method of the registration of nonorthogonality of multidimentional polynomials of the Hermite is offered to lower by three times inaccuracy of known algorithm of identification of non-linear dynamic objects. Thus as input action on object it is not necessary to use "white noise", and it is possible to use substantial operational effects.



Aksenchyk A. V., Kurayev A. A.
The modelling of coupled-cavity TWT and experiment. pp. 100--104

Summary: The analysis of the various equivalent circuits with use of quadripoles and six-poles, simulating coupled-cavities is given. The comparison of results of modeling both experimental frequency and amplitude characteristics for the tube M4040 is given. The equivalent circuits adequately describing experimental characteristics are indicated.

Dzisiak A. B.
The investigation of measurement uncertainty of amplitude fluctuations of signal of millimetre range of wavelength. pp. 105--108

Summary: The analysis of uncertainty of measurement results of amplitude fluctuations of signal of millimetre range of wavelength is carried out. The ways of metrological characteristics improvement are proposed. It is shown that if fulfilling these recommendations it is possible to estimate the value of total uncertainty of measurement not more than ۪,8 dB.

Branovitsky I. I., Matskevich P. D.
Investigation of short circuit magnetic field influence on magnetic characteristics of magnetic conductor. pp. 109--112

Summary: On experimental procedure and investigation results of an influence of a short circuit magnetic field on magnetization processes in wound cores from amorphous soft ferromagnetic material are presented.



Sokolik G. A., Ivanova T. G., Leinova S. L., Zakharenkov V. V., Zakharenkova N. V.
The prognosis of 241Am accumulation by agricultural production and human organism. pp. 113--120

Summary: The regularities of time-dependent transformation of physico-chemical state of the initial fallouts of 241Am (destruction of "hot" particles) and the dynamics of change with time of content of little-mobile and mobile forms of 241Am have been investigated. The vertical migration of 241lAm in soil profile and radionuclide removal from root-inhabited soil layer and 241Am accumulation by vegetation of natural and agricultural ecosystems have been studied. The 241Am accumulation by meadow grasses, cattle-breeding production (meat and milk) and intake by human organism has been forecasted for different time periods after the CNPP accident.



Олег Владиславович Роман (К 80-летию со дня рождения). С. 121--122.
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Станислав Александрович Астапчик (К 70-летию со дня рождения). С. 123--124.
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