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Известия Академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 1996, No.4

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Известия Академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 1996, No.4

Известия Академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 4, 1996

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Akhverdov I.N., Pototsky I.V., Pronevich I.I., Zubko V.I., Melnichenko I.M., Poddenezhnyi E.N.
Влияние дисперсности и концентрации токопроводящей фазы на электрофизические свойства спеченных композиций кремний-стекло. pp. 3--7

Summary: The effect of dispersion of the current-conducting phase on electrophysical properties of composite materials on the base of silicon have been studied. The influence dispersion of silicon on resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance is determined by sintering temperature. A dispersion range of the current-conducting phase is connected with reproductivity of the composite material's properties.

Yashcheritsyn P.I., Sergeyev L.E., Sidorenko M.I., Galkina I.B.
Повышение эффективности смазочно-охлаждающих технологических средств при магнитно-абразивной обработке. pp. 7--10

Summary: This article is about the investigation of intensification of the process of magneticabrasive processing of different materials. It was established that the increase of efficiency of the process determines by the modification of lubricating-cooling technological means (LCTM). Worked out compositions of LCTM with the content of lignosulphonate 10--20% provide the raising of productivity of processing in 1.5--2 times and lowering of roughness of the parts surface in 1.5--1.8 times.The principle of wastless technology is realized.

Tolstoi A.V.
Релаксация полей упругих межфазовых напряжений в сплаве медь -бериллий. pp. 11--15

Summary: The relaxation of elastic fields in cooper-beryllium alloys was investigation. It has been shown, that relaxation of elastic fields in this alloys are controlled by diffusion mechanism.

Belyi A.V., Taran I.I., Gerasimov N.V.
Структура и свойства ионно-ассистированных сверхпроводящих пленок состава Y-Ba-Cu-O. pp. 16--19

Summary: Y-Ba-Cu-O films were deposited by ion beam sputtering of Y-Ba-Cu-O target with simultaneous oxygen ion bombardment. X-ray analysis has demonstrated, that orthorhombic phase, responsible for superconductive properties, presented only in the films, subjected to high temperature annealing.

Rodnenkov V.G.
Исследование реологических свойств масел, модифицированных жидкими кристаллами. pp. 19--26

Summary: The study of the effect of liquid crystal additives on oils rheological properties showed that oil viscosity increases with liquid crystals introduction. Oil viscosity rises greater in case of liquid crystals insolubility in the oil than at their full solubility. Viscous flow activation energy of mineral oils doped with liquid crystals is independent on shear rate, content of liquid crystal and its molecular structure but is defined by the oil nature. For synthetic oil modified with liquid crystals, viscous flow activation energy does not depend on shear rate however rises with liquid crystal concentration growth. It is shown that liquid crystals introduction into oils changes no rheological nature of both mineral and synthetic lubricants.

Prushak V.Ya., Revyako M.M., Shcherba V.Ya., Zayats I.M., Markina A.Ya.
Торфопласты на основе полиэтилена низкого давления, содержащие в качестве наполнителя отходы торфобрикетного производства. pp. 26--29

Summary: Conditions were consedered relevant to fabrication of composite materials, namely, HDPE-based peat plastics, such as filler concentration, effect of the cross-linking component. Mechanical properties were tested. The results obtained are described.

Prushak V.Ya., Revyako M.M., Shcherba V.Ya., Zayats I.M., Gorshcharik N.D.
Некоторые прочностные характеристики фенопластов, содержащих в качестве наполнителя отходы торфобрикетного производства. pp. 29--31

Summary: The idea of utilization of rejects of peat-brick production has been considered. Such wastes are an organic material containing high-molecular weight compounds of high dispersion and porosity. They are suggested to be used as fillers in polymer-based composites. The results obtained are demonstrated by diagrams.



Boiko L.I., Bogdashich E.E., Goman A.M.
Динамическая нагруженность приводов колеблющихся рабочих органов машин. pp. 32--35

Summary: The dynamic models of rigid drive with ideal source of energy (the engine of unlimited power) are considered. It is shown, that minimum loads at parts of drive take place at coincidention of frequencies of crank rotation and natural oscillation of local system: moving knife-spring unloader.



Liopo V.A., Ovchinnikov E.V., Kolodinsky A.M., Woina V.V.
Влияние дозы и частоты рентгеновского излучения на процессы электрокристаллизации меди. pp. 36--39

Summary: The influence of X-rays from different antecathodes to the electrocrystallisation process of cupper from CuSO4 water solution was investigated. The relation between pH, X-ray wave long and time of radiation was founded.

Kozhuro L.M., Akulovich L.M., Mrochek Zh.A., Ivanov A.A.
Механизм переноса расплава материала порошка при электромагнитной наплавке. pp. 39--42

Summary: The process powder's melted drop's transfer are shown. That process lead to forming conversion layer with change physical properties.

Zdor G.N., Vagin V.A., Mamutov V.S., Nagovitsyn Yu.N.
Анализ процесса тонколистовой вытяжки под действием ударной нагрузки. pp. 42--47

Summary: The analysis of drawing the thin-sheet materials given in the paper is based on a mathematical simulation using a model of a high-speed deformation of axisymmetric shell under an effect of a preset pressure. The examples presented include calculations of blank deflection, deformation rate and stressed-strained state at any time instant at a known relationship of varying the pressure with time and considering friction and dynamic hardening.

Dudetskaya L.R., Tkacheva V.A., Orlov Yu.G., Kozhuro L.M.
Поверхностное упрочнение стали 45 с использованием электромагнитной наплавки. pp. 48--51

Summary: The study was made of some distinctive structure formation features revealed during electromagnetic cladding of eutectic powder and Fe-10V system alloys on Steel 45 with determination of the nature of powder component diffusion, hardness distribution and a specific character of creating separate zones in a surface layer.



Samoshkin M.A.
Автоматизация считывания графических объектов с выбором критического шага сегментации. pp. 52--58

Summary: Methodics was proposed and analytical expressions were obtained for modelling of automatic graphic information input with reading step and scanning ray size choice. Means and tools of graphic information decomposition automation with preliminary processing of video data arrays were developed.

Makhanek M.M., Valchevskaya G.Yu.
Перепрограммируемая система для моделирования параллельных логических операций. pp. 58--63

Summary: A test system is described to simulate distinct logical operations like searching, comparison, sorting, synchronization and parallel data exchange. The system is used to verify the theoretically predicated speed-up. Its implementation in programmable logic (XILINX 3042), due to high flexibility, allows fast tests of a wide range of distributed logical operations.



Trusov N.K., Kulagin V.N.
Расчет напряженности размагничивающего поля ферромагнитного полого цилиндра в продольном постоянном магнитном поле. pp. 64--67

Summary: The calculation of demagnetizing field intensity of hollow ferromagnetic cylinder is given. the longitudinal axis of what coincide with the direction of the action of external homogeneous constant magnetic field.



Martynenko M.D., Voinich V.P.
Полумоментная теория микрополярной вязкой несжимаемой жидкой среды. pp. 68--70

Summary: It has been worked out the system of differential equations concerning to the velocity vector and pressure for the incompressed liquid viscous medium with asymmetric strain tensor. It is supposed that the local trihedron rotation is equal to the average rotation of transposition field.

Martynenko M.D., Karetko N.P., Medvedev D.G.
Решение некоторых квазистатических задач термоупругости ортотропного тела путем использования квазигармонических функций. pp. 70--75

Summary: The solution of equations of thermoelasticity balance of orthotropic body in transpositions through the quasiharmonic functions has been obtained. The first and the second problems of the thermoelasticity for the semispase have been solved.

Koralevski G.
Принципы оптимального управления автоматическими трансмиссиями легковых автомобилей. pp. 75--83

Summary: An analysis of controlling automatic gearboxes in various phases of motion of vehicles is presented in this paper. Optimal instants for gear changes in hydromechanical gearboxes were determined, using two qualitative criteria of vehicle motion: maximum car acceleration and minimum fuel consumption. A dependence between basic operational features and optimum gear change instants has been studied. From mathematical planning of experiment, a synthesis of algorithms of optimum controlling the automatic gearbox was derived. The algorithms were adopted to varying conditions of motion of vehicles.

Sklyar O.N.
О разделении переменных в задачах теории упругости. pp. 83--85

Summary: The explicit conditions of separations of variables for harmonic boundary value problems of elasticity theory are obtained.



Baev A.R., Chichkan D.N.
О формировании пленки магнитной жидкости движущейся подложкой. pp. 86--91

Summary: This article deals with investigation of mass losses of magnetic fluids when contact surface of solid is moving and roughness. The data on mass losses of magnetic fluids as result of evaporation are presented. Formulae for mass calculating are derived. Influence of magnetic fluid action on evaporation of dispersive medium is discovered.

Drugachenok M.A., Kudryashov V.P., Mironov V.P.
Оценка интенсивности ветрового подъема при имитации сельскохозяйственных работ. pp. 92--97

Summary: The characteristics of radionuclides contamination of soil surface, fall-out densities radionuclides concentration and their distributions as to height of near-surface layer have been measured during a special experiment on stimulation of agricultural work. The values of resuspehsion rate have been obtained.

Kapustina I.B., Starchenko T.V.
Радиационно-химическое модифицирование перлитсодержащих материалов. pp. 97--100

Summary: The feasibility of the modification of perlit materials by the impregnation with unsaturated oligoethers and their radiation polymerization has been investigated. It is shown that the composition of matrix and a kind of oligoether essentially affect on the polymerization kinetic and the properties.

Molodykh V.G., Panitkov Yu.S., Sharovarov G.A.
Структура безопасности атомной энергетики. pp. 101--106

Summary: The infrastructure of safe development of nuclear energetics, based on the world experience and current trends in increasing the safety of NPPs is given. It is recommended to develop the nuclear energetics on the basis of safe reactors of the new generation.

Levdansky V.V., Moravets P., Smolik I.
Захват примесных молекул аэрозольными частицами при лазерном осаждении из газовой фазы. pp. 107--111

Summary: The kinetics of the impurity molecule trapping by the growing aerosol particles in the laser chemical deposition from a gas phase is studied. The factors affecting the impurity concentration in growing aerosol particles are considered.

Starchenko T.V., Borisevich V.A., Gudkova L.K., Dorogush V.M., Klimko O.G., Likholap V.F., Pulyaeva I.V., Safonova I.G.
Исследование процесса анаэробного сбраживания стоков птицефабрики в вытеснительном режиме. pp. 111--116

Summary: The process of anaerobic fermentation of hen's drop-pings in the regime of displacement depending on temperature, humidity of the substrate and loading dose of the bioreactor has been studied at a large-scale test plant.



Иосиф Николаевич Ахвердов (К 80-летию со дня рождения). С. 117--118
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List of papers published in the journal "Vestsi Akademii navuk Belarusi", Ser. fizika-tekhnichnych navuk, 1996. pp. 119-122

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