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Известия Академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 1997, No.4

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Известия Академии наук Беларуси. Сер. физ.-техн. наук, 1997, No.4

Известия Академии наук Беларуси

Издатель: Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 4, 1997

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Ivashko V.V.
Thermal hardening of titanum alloys with application of fast heating. pp. 3--18

Summary: The paper describes the results obtained when studying a thermal hardening of titanium alloys with the aid of rapid heating methods. It also discusses some specific features characteristic of phase and structure transformations in a+b- and b-regions. In the work the investigation is made of kinetics of metastable phase decay that occurs during furnace and rapid modes of heating. The interrelationship is esatablished between thermal treatment conditions and structure and properties of hardened alloys. A high-frequency heating is shown to have a potential for efficient hardening of alloys in order to improve their performance properties.

Kurilovich N.N., Ogorodov L.I.
Deformation of materials in conditions cyclic creepage. pp. 19--21

Summary: It has been demonstrated that an estimate of accumulated creep strain in separate loading cycles is feasible in conditions of linear and flat stress state.

Konoplyanik A.I.
Investigation of internal powers in reinforced composite materials. pp. 22--25

Summary: A method is proposed to estimate quickly and preciszly strained state in composites. It is especially useful in designing composites, when optimal concentrations of the components must be defined. The method can be used to control variations in the internal strained state when different additives are introduced.



Pochtenny Ye.K., Kadolko L.I., Parfenovich Ye.O.
The analysis of casual multifrequency loading of units of constructions. pp. 26--30

Summary: Analysis of the accidental multi-frequency loading is realized. This analysis includes: picking out of the accidental stresses of all the loading frequenencies, reducing the asymmetrical loading cycles to the symmetrical wich are equal by the damage, constructuring of the decreasing variation stresses rows using Weibull's distribution function. Besides, the possibility of using of the analysis results as the loading blocks for the long-life calculation under the accidental multi-frequency loading is shown.

Mrochek G.A.
Allocation of a train load on cross ties of vibroisolated path of underground. pp. 31--33

Summary: The calculations of train load on the sleepers of vibration-insulated underground rail track are presented.



Prushak V.Ya., Zayats I.M., Shcherba V.Ya., Dvornik A.P.
Influence of dynamic loads on reference cells of the tape pipelines and paths of their lowering. pp. 34--37

Summary: Dynamic load effect has been investigated on mechanisms of belt conveyer KL-600 with a flexible base and damping idles and the calculation scheme is given for the belt conveyer parts.

Skoibeda A.T., Nikonchuk A.N., Bakhanovich A.G.
Fatigue strength of gear belts and it calculation. pp. 38--45

Summary: On the basis of existing prognosys methods for determining fatigue durability of cogged belts, a new, precised technology, was suggested, that is taking into consideration interaction peculiarities of the belt and the pulley. It is considered, that the commonly used calculations, based on empiric results, do not reflect adequately the pfenomenon observed in reality. Preference should be given to the calculation of the fatigue durability on the basis of the analysis of the complicated stressed-deformed condition of cogges of the belt and on the basis of design of the output loss model, that is considering basis fatigue principles of these coggs.

Klubovich V.V., Rubanik V.V., Knyazhishche A.V.
Choice of single deformations at drawing of tin-and-leaden solder on mills with slidting. pp. 46--48

Summary: The process of reiterated drawing allowing to obtain solder in the form of thin wire up to 0.2 mm with stringent tolerances in sizes and the qualities of filling up the channels by colophony is elaborated.

Yashcheritsyn P.I., Makharinskii Ye.I., Makharinskii Yu.Ye.
Simulation of bluntness of a grinding circle. pp. 49--53

Summary: Mathematical models of grinding wheel dulling process (grinding wheel works in different conditions: constant radial force, constant radial feed and stage-changed feed) have been developed. These models permit to analyse complicated dulling process. Special software has been designed.

Yashcheritsyn P.I., Makharinskii Ye.I., Makharinskii Yu.Ye.
Influence of bluntness of a grinding circle on limitations of productivity plane of infeed grinding. pp. 54--57

Summary: Mathematical models of grinding process productivity restriction indicators change, connected with grinding wheel dulling, have been developed. These models permit to analyse the complicated process of productivity restriction change because of dulling. Special software has been designed.



Andreev A.D., Borisovich D.D., Komarov F.F., Kyudchik O.R., Mikhei V.N.
Influence of a level of doping on energy and current of thermoemission of electrons in MOS-PT. pp. 58--61

Summary: Substrate and drain current are measured in MOSFET at avalanche multiplication. Electron mean free path and energy are defined in range dopant level 1022--1024 m-3. Thermoemission electron leakage currents across Si--SiO2 division from neare drain region are calculated. The leakage current is decreases for dopand level > 1023 m-3. These peculiarities may be caused by strengthening of impact ionization and electron scattering neare drain.

Sizyuk V.A.
Simulation of current-transport in silicon n+--n--p+-impact avalanche trasit time diode by a Monte-Carlo method. pp. 62--66

Summary: The Monte Carlo simulation of silicon p+-- n-- n+ diode with asymmetric abrupt p-- n-junction is carried out and the effect of appearence of second domain of a high electric field in a vicinity of anode is established. On the basis of such effect, the new operational regime of avalanche transit time diode is also established by the numerical experiment. In this regime the frequency of generation is defined by the device length.

Sergeev S.S., Pravotorov Yu.V.
Calculation of fibre-optical converters by the numerical methods on the computer. pp. 67--73

Summary: Mathematical model, permitting to estimate sensitivity of fiber-optical transducers with fibers of a complicated structure, is constructed. Algorithm and the program are developed for calculation of axial strains ez of fiber lightguides (FL). The graphs of assotiations of a strain ez of a core FL from a thickness ofcovers(coatings) are constructed. The analysis of sensitivity FL with a various amount of stratums of a fixed thickness is spent.



Podenok L.P., Sadykhov R.Kh.
The modified scheme of binary algorithm of calculation of degrees in rings Zm. pp. 74--79

Summary: The method and the algorithm of computation the exponential function in a ring of integers Zm modulo m on some constant or repeatedly used base b not by being divider of zero in Zm and variable exponent d, based on binary computative scheme is submitted.

Basalaev V.N., Krasnevskii L.G.
Adaptive control by the process of the locking of the hydrotransformer of the supersize automobile. pp. 80--85

Summary: The mathematical model of adaptive control by process of automotive hydromechanical transmission's hydraulic converter lock-up with help of on-board electronic computer is presented. This model can be used mainly in a heavy automobile with hydromechanical transmission. The criteria of the adaption of the control system for changing of the road conditions, mass of the automobile, conditions of the working engine and hydrotransformer, temperature of the work liquid in the control system are determined.

Kuleshov A.Ya.
Automatic classification of objects of gray scale images on geometrical tags of a vector model of allocated boundaries. pp. 86--92

Summary: The method of automatic halftone image object classification by geometrical features of vector model of detected boundaries is proposed. Main distinction is that distance metric from coordinate origin to investigated object centroid and thresholds of similarity measure defined by error integral values are used. This method results in classification of scalable objects and objects with arbitrary orientation which are of the same convex hull, area and perimeter values.



Gladyshev M.T.
Nonlinear wave processes in pressure head streams in undeformable environment. pp. 93--102

Summary: Method of artifical compressibility, numerical technique for calculating one and twodimensional flows of ideal and viscous finids is presented. Special attention is paid to shock waves.

Koralevsky G., Tarkovsky P.
Operational modes of the drive of the car in the urban operation conditions. pp. 103--109

Summary: In the paper presented is a statistical analysis of functioning of the powertrain in a passenger car driven in a city-traffic. The car has been driven by various drivers, through city-roads, along with other vehicles. The routing was so varied as to be representative for all possible contemporary traffic configurations. In that way a real, city-traffic test has been realised, which was then compared to the city-test ECE No 15. The level and mode of the engine load have been evaluated. An analysis, carried out on the use of the particular gear ratios in a mechanical transmission, considered the work time, the length of the route passed, various phases of traffic and the fuel consumption. Registered instants of gear-changes were evaluated for optimality.

Ibragimov V.A., Macknach V.I., Shved O.L.
About a variational principle in the theory of plasticity with final deformations. pp. 110--114

Summary: The Lagrange-type variational principle due to the incremental elastic-plastic theory for finite deformations is suggested. The boundary conditions on contact surface connect the cases of sticking and absence of friction.

Chigarev Yu.V.
On stability of a elastoviscousoplastic plate from a chaotically reinforced material. pp. 115--118

Summary: The rectangula plate research on stability, when don't act the chance loading. In case two components material, the critical loading depend from structure of material.

Bosakov S.V.
The contact problem for an elastic half-bar. pp. 119--121

Summary: Using B. N. Gemochkin's method in paper presents solution of contact problem for elastic half strip.

Chudakov O.P., Bar'yash V.V., Gorokhov V.M., Ustinova G.P.
The stress-deformed state of the system the clamper -- osseous transplant at various sorts of lock connections. pp. 122--126

Summary: There is fulfilled a physical and mathematical statement for the solution using finite element method on loading of mandibular fractures joined with titanium transverse beam after operation. There are made calculations of stress-strain state of the system transverse beam -bone transplantat for various kinds of lock joints under outer loading. There is shown that among a number of schemes simulating a type of mandibular fractures treatment there exist lock joints ensuring tolerant homogeneity in strain distribution and favourable conditions for the reconstruction of fixed bone transplantats.



Klimko O.G., Borisevich V.A., Gudkova L.K., Dorogush V.M., Likholap V.F., Pulyaeva I.V., Safonova I.G., Starchenko T.V.
Study of a sour phase of the anaerobic process of bioconversion of fowl-fam drains. pp. 127--131

Summary: An acid phase in the process of anaerobic formation of hen's dung in the accumulated regime has been studied at a laboratory installation in the dependence on the temperature, humidity and pH of the substrate.

Levdanskii V.V., Moravets P., Smolik I.
Chemical deposition of substance in the system gas -- aerosol particles. pp. 132--136

Summary: The kinetics of the aerosol particle growth in the chemical deposition from the gas phase is studied. The expression for the particle radius with account of processes which take place in the reactor and on the particle surface is obtained.



Shul'man Z.P.
The significant contribution to the modern theory turbulence. pp. 137--138



Нил Николаевич Дорожкин (К 70-летию со дня рождения). С. 139--140
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