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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. гуманит. наук, 2004, No.2

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. гуманит. наук, 2004, No.2

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларусu

Издательство Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 2, 2004

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Klimkovich L. Yu. P.
Shtompka on social progress. pp. 5--11

Summary: : A short history of formation of the idea of progress is considered, its contemporary crisis is shown. The ideas of the famous Polish sociologist P.Shtompka, who suggest a way out of the crisis are analyzed. A characteristics of a most general criterium of social progress is given. The author's ideas concerning some other problems of the theory of progress are suggested.

Mohamed All Hezam AI-Muntasir
Role of international community in settlement of state conflicts. pp. 12--18

Summary: On the example of the Persian Gulf different possibilities and limits of the intermediary activity of the world community, particularly of the great powers, in settlement of interstate conflicts are revealed in the article. It is shown that the intermediary actirity of such a super state as the USA in settlement of the Persian Gulf conflicts is ineffective because interference is based on geopolitical interests. It is asserted in the article that the most convenient mechanism for the world community in settlement of interstate conflicts is diplomatic regulation of the pre-war and post-war situations.



Zvanarova V. S.
Legal state as a model of interaction between state power and law. pp. 19--24

Summary: The article presents the author's attempt to analyze the law-based state using civilizational approach. Social and cultural determinants of the law-based state formation in Western Europe are concerned in historical perspective. In order to explain difficulties and failure of realization of the law-based state as the certain model of interaction between state authority and law in Belarus, civilizational aspects of the national politics and law spheres are investigated.

Kenik A. A.
Interaction between public prosecution and other bodies supervising enforcement of labor legislation. pp. 25--30

Summary: Article deals with the issues on interaction of the Prosecutor office and specialized bodies in supervision and control of the labour legislation enforcement. Author gives comparative analysis of the powers of the Prosecutor and Department of state labour inspection in the field of supervision and control of the labour legislation. Article contains proposals on improvement of the legislation concerning legal regulation of the activities of the Prosecutor office.

Lado I. V.
Health care as constitutional human right. pp. 31--36

Summary: The article is devoted to the problem healt care constitutional human right. The analysis of objective and subjective right of citizens is conducted. The author examines a rather complex problem on the field affiliation of the considered right. Conclusions on independence of medical law as a field of law are worthy of notice.



Awchinnikava V. E.
Economic methods of management in the Sphere of Product Renovation. pp. 37--40

Summary: Financing, crediting, price formation, taxation and stimulation of employees in the sphere of production renovation are analyzed. Application of these methods in the Republic of Belarus is considered.

Palyatayeva N. I.
Role of merchants in financial institutions of Belarus (the 60s of XIX century -- early XX century). pp. 41--47

Summary: The role of Belarusian merchants in foundation and activities of local financial institutions in the 60s of XIX century --early XX century is analyzed. It is shown that the merchants were main clients of local branches of State Bank and were members of loans committees. Contacts of local businessmen with commercial and municipal banks are considered. Partipation of Belarusian merchants in mutual credit societies, bank boards is discussed.



Grybowski Yu. V.
Participation of ethnic Belarusians in Polish troops as allies of Soviet Army in 1943--1945. pp. 48--55

Summary: Based on analysis of Soviet archives, modern Russian and Polish sources, the author traces chronologically the role of ethnic Belarusians in anti-Nazi struggle as soldiers of Polish military units. The reasons urging our compatriots to recruit into Polish troops during WW II, relations with Soviet and Polish political and military authorities are debated.

Kuzmenka V. I.
In the Soviet rear (life of Belarusian intellectuals evacuated from homeland during WWII). pp. 56--62

Summary: Evacuation period (1941 -- 1945) in Belarusian intelligentsia history is disclosed. The contribution of Belarusian intelligentsia, evacuated in the rear areas of USSR, to the defeat of fascism, is reviewed.

Avechkina V. M.
Shaping of approach to the system of education and personnel training in the twenties of XX century in Belarus. pp. 63--66

Summary: The article is devoted to the search of the methods shaping the new system of education and personnel training in the 20-s of the XX century. Educationists, scientists and politicians were choosing the most expedient forms of the education in accordance with new economic system. The author points to similar problems at present reforme period.



Zakharenka A. G.
Symbolic significance of wedding wreath. pp. 67--70

Summary: This article describes a symbolic meaning of a head-wreath as one of the basic appanages of wedding ceremony.

Shved I. A.
Dendrosphere and anthroposphere in the folklore outlook of Belarusians. pp. 71--77

Summary: The problems of man's portrayal, of devision and categorization of his life space with the help of dendrological code are discussed in retrospective of Belarusian folklore tradition. Special attention is paid to the problems of genesis of poetic devices while interpreting different aspects of macrofield "Human being" in the system of dendrological symbols.

Mdivani T. G.
New aspects of avantgarde musical ideas in the second half XX century. pp. 78--86

Summary: The article is devoted to new principles of musical avantgarde that came to the fore in the second half of XX century: principle of form infinity (form et cetera), random principle, will and indefinite principles.

Klimovich L. G.
Theatre criticism in Belarus during 40s--60s of XX century. pp. 87--94

Summary: This article is devoted to evolution of theatrical critical idea in Belarus in the 40s -- 60s of XX century.



Valchuk A. V.
Yanka Kupala and Christianity in Belarus. pp. 95--97

Summary: The article analyzes reasons for activation of Christian trends in national-cultural renaissance. The figure of Belarusian literary classic Yanka Kupala is discussed in this context. His relations with Catholic priests and his attitude to Greek Catholic church are highlighted.

Zayats N. V.
Interaction of lyric, epic and dramatic genres. pp. 98--101

Summary: Today when genre boundaries are becoming more conditional, relative, the problem of mutual conversions of lyric, epic and dramatic elements in a text of belles-lettres comes to the fore and it demands deep study. The main aspects of interaction of genre features are pointed out in the article. The author examines different approaches of classical and modern literary criticism to this problem.

Garadnitsky Ya. A.
Chronotope concept of Ya. Kupala as reflection of his artistic outlook. pp. 102--106

Summary: Structural peculiarities of Janka Kupala's poetic world are investigated, in particular, relationship of space and time notions with philosophical, moral and social ideas of the Belarusian literary classic. Connections between substantial and formal components of artistic structure are analyzed at the level of poetics. An attention is paid to mastership of rhythmic construction of the poet's poems. Significance of Janka Kupala's concept of space and time for modern Belarusian poetry is regarded.



Lapkowskaya A. M.
Motivation of botanical terms. pp. 107--112

Summary: In this article consideres various term aspects, whether it is motivated/not motivated, the advantages and the shortages of motivated term, the contents of the factor of motivation. The definitions of motivation, the inner form of word are given in the article. As an example Belarussian botanical terms were grouped into motivated, not motivated and semi-motivated.

Kuzmina A. U.
Category of aspect in Belarussian verbs. pp. 113--118

Summary: The article is devoted to one of the most disputable problems of aspectology, the problem of determining the status of the aspect category. Three conceptions of the nature of the aspectual pair as well as the criteria, assumed as a basis of these conceptions are presented. On the grounds of Belarusian verbs it is argued that the category of aspect is a classifying category. Besides, in the article the new treatment of one-aspect verbs is proposed and in accordance with it the classification of Belarusian verbs is given.



Shmit Ya. A.
Fundamental study on Iron Age and Early Middle Ages in Belarus. pp. 119--120

Anishchanka Ya. K.
In chains of apology. pp. 121--121.



Нікіценка П.Г., Майхровіч А.С., Лазарэвіч А.А.
Дзмітрый Іванавіч Шыраканаў (Да 75-годдзя з дня нараджэння). C. 122--123
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Яскевіч А.А.
Сцяпан Сцяпанавіч Лаўшук (Да 60-годдзя з дня нараджэння). C. 123--124
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Івашын В.У.
Васіль Васільевіч Барысенка (Да 100-годдзя з дня нараджэння). pp. 124--125
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