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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. гуманит. наук, 2005, No.1

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Известия Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. гуманит. наук, 2005, No.1

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларусu

Издательство Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 1, 2005

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Buikevich N. V.
Social policy and existence systems of social protection population in world practice. pp. 5--10

Summary: The main aim of this article is to analyse the existing of population social protection systems in world practice for choosing the suitable model, which will meet the requirements the governmental social policy of the Republic of Belarus. The experience of the foreign countries in creating the common programme on the address social policy in the Republic of Belarus plays the major role for the development of the social policy. The social policy of the Republic of Belarus should be based on address principle, on the development of private social insurance and flexible system of programmes on social protection of the population.

Malenchenko A. F., Suchko S. N., Malenchenko S. A.
Influence of technogenic risk on the for mind of ecologic world outlook. pp. 11--16

Summary:In article the stages of analytical process on study of technogenic risk and influence of this process on formation of ecological outlook are submitted.



Makh I. I.
Classification of administrative law subjects. pp. 17--20

Summary: The article is devoted to the most important and complicated problem of administrative law subjects. On the basis of law theory and legislation the author suggests his point of view on administrative law subjects. The author's proposals are made after having conducted scientific research and they have theoretical and practical significance.

Lizgaro V. Ya.
Legal protection of rare species of animals and plants. pp. pp. 21--28

Summary: The main trends of legal protection of rare and disappearing species of animals and plants such as legal determination of status of the Red Book of Belarus, establishment of specific rules and exploitation conditions, regulation of specially protected areas and international cooperation are examined in the article.

Yantikova K. V.
The stage within the scope of the objects of intellectual property right. pp. 29--36

Summary: Legislation of the Republic of Belarus doesn't regulate properly the question about the place of the stage within the scope of the objects of the intellectual property right. The basic characteristics of this object are analyzed by the example of the theatrical stage, the essence of the stage director's activity is investigated in the article. It is shown that the stage belongs to the copyright objects, the corresponding measures on the improvement of existing are proposed.



Solodovnikov S. U.
Main variants of the social-class structure evolution of the modern belarusian society. pp. 37--42

Summary: The tendencies of socioclass structure evolution of the Belarusian Society are discovered on the basis of socioeconomic processes and changes research, that shows the reducing number of working class and peasantry, the increasing role of officers and pensioners, the continuous process of state administration and intellectual elite class formation and new class of owners and managers development.

Pyko V. T.
Production efficiency in the market conditions. pp. 43--46

Summary: This article is about conceptual bases of formation of the production program and ways of increasing economic efficiency of enterprises in the conditions of market economy becoming.



Novickaw S. Ya.
Belarus in the Years of Nazi Occupation in National and International Historiography. pp. 47--51

Summary: Scientific results in understanding the history of Nazi occupation of Belarus (1941 -- 1944) in Belarussian and German historiography are interpreted. The general and specific in the positions of historians concerning the future research on the war problem are pointed out and described.

Sakovich V. S.
Agricultural policy of the German-fascists occupants on the territory of Belarus in the years of Great Patriotic War. pp. 52--58

Summary: Agricultural policy of the German-fascists occupants on the territory of Belarus in the years of Great Patriotic War in 1941 -- 1944 is examined. The author has determined its chronological stages, showed activity of the German occupation administration in the sphere of agricultural production development. Reasons of crisis of agricultural policy of occupants in Belarus in the ye ars of the war are analysed. The author has showed material losses caused by German-fascists invaders to the agricukture of the Republic and to the Belarussian village in general.

Nesterovich N. B.
Reformation of the economy of Belarus in the post-Soviet period. pp. 59--64

Summary: The process of transition of Belarusian economy to the market economy is examined. Liberalisation, stabilisation of the economy, formation of the private sector as the main directions of the market transformations are analyzed. The results of the reformation are shown.

Kuzmich V. M.
The system of border guard on the Belarusian part of the polish-soviet frontier in 1921 -- 1939. pp. 65--72

Summary: The article describes the formation of border guard on the polish-belarusian frontier in 1921 -- 1939. Using the archive documents and the polish historians studies the author researches the complicated process of the border institutes statement in the conditions of the political antagonism of the States.



Valodzina T. V.
Mythological-ritual aspect of the Belarusian folk medicine: nachnica. pp. 73--78

Summary: The article considers Belarusian popular notions associated with the children's sickly insomnia -- nachnica. The ritual-folklore complex affords ground for consideration of nachnica as a sickness with a certain initiational implication. The sickness reflects a marginal status of a child and overcoming of the sickness equalizes him with adults.

Batyaev V. F.
Exploring the origin and development of Belarusian voluntary scientific organizations in the second half of the XIX th -- early XX th century. pp. 79--82

Summary: The article examinies the origin and development process of Belarusian voluntary scientific organizations in the second half of the XIX -- early XX century, looks at their composition, structure, functions of officials and governing bodies, scientific and educational activity, their role and place in developing social progress and enhancing national culture.

Shved I. A.
The tree in the structure of the traditional Slavonic world model. pp. 83--86

Summary: The paper considers the tree as the mental image, as the concept in the structure of the traditional Slavonic world model. The author emphasizes, that the perceptive and relative characteristics of the trees, when evaluated in a specific way. are closely connected with the place the image of the tree takes in the world model.

Stezhko N. G.
Variety of styles in the Belarusian documentaries of the late XXth century. pp. 87--92

Summary: The documentaries of the late 80s--90s and millenium are characterized by genre forms deviation from the canonical schemes. Eventually, the Belarusian TV cinema was becoming more and more author-specific, poetic and metaphoric; the documentaries are demonstrating individual stylistics more clearly.



Skomorokhova S. A.
V. Rich's translations of Belarusian poetry into English. pp. 93--100

Summary: The article centers on the work of one of the most known translators of Belarusian literature (in particular, poetry) in English. The comparative analysis of the translator's work is carried out for the first time. The translations are analysed both from a point of of the formal features of the verse and from the issue of its "spirit": author's intentions, ethnic and cultural features, its compliance with the literary tradition in which it was written.

Baranouskaya L. G.
On the question of the definition of the term "artistic animalistics". pp. 101--105

Summary: The article deals with three aspects of the functioning of the terms "animalism", "animalistica". The author suggests an original explanation of the term "artistic animalistics" and presents it as a whole peculiar system of motives and images of fauna which is based on certain laws and principles of the functioning of these motives and images in function.



Tokar V. U., Pyatrova L. I., Zilbergleit M. A.
Value judgment of legibility of fonts. pp. 106--113

Summary: In article the technique of studying legibility fonts from a position of value judgment on an example of some modern set is described, results of two series of the experiments which have been carried out among senior pupils and students are resulted and analyzed.


Васючэнка П.В.
Іван Якаўлевіч Навуменка (Да 80-годдзя з дня нараджэння). С. 114--115
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Бусько В.М., Пацеева З.Р.
Генадзій Міхайлавіч Лыч (Да 70-годдзя з дня нараджэння). С. 116--117
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Паляшчук Н.В.
Аляксандр Мікалаевіч Булыка (Да 70-годдзя з дня нараджэння). С. 118--120
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Навіцкі У.І., Лыч Л.М., Васілеўская Н.У., Мазец В.Г.
Міхаіл Паўлавіч Касцюк (Да 65-годдзя з дня нараджэння). С. 121--123
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Піліпенка М.Ф.
Аляксандр Іванавіч Лакотка (Да 50-годдзя з дня нараджэння). С. 124--125
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