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Изв. Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. мед. наук, 2005, No.2

Главная страница / Издания академии / Научные журналы

Изв. Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. мед. наук, 2005, No.2

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 2, 2005

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Sidorenko G. L, Tochitskiy E. I., Zalesskaya G. A., Zolotukhina S. F., Nedorezov V. L., Milashevskaya I. G., Stankevich E. V.
On the possibility of identifying blood plasma cholesterol by sorbtion of nanoporous silicon. pp. 5--9

Summary: The aim of the present study is a method development for identifying blood plasma cholesterol which is an important risk factor. For this study, porous silicon is used as a sensitive active element of sensor. Lipoprotein and cholesterol sorption studies are carried out. Sorption was studied by infrared spectroscopy. In order to create new generation sensors for cholesterol molecules (nanotechnologies), element having high sorption capacity was obtained with the help of microelectronics technology.

Lobanova E. M., Tahanovich A. D., Kholad G. A., Luchits M. S.
Study of influence of fever on nitric oxide generation by alveolar macrophages affected by hypoxia. pp. 10--15

Summary: High NO level can cause the lung injury. Therefore our study focuses on the evaluation of NO generation by the alveolar macrophages (AM) -- cells, which provide the first line defense of the lung tissue, in the response to low O2 level and high temperature in combination (in vitro). We estimate NO level by the NO2- concentration, the total amount NO2- produced by the cultured cells was determined in the Griess reaction. We established, that exposure to low level O2 and high temperature increased NO2- level in AM and their environment, but hypoxia in contrast to high temperature lead to such effect. Treatment AM with substances, that activated protein kinase C, affords a protective effect, helps to reduce hypoxia-mediated lung disorders, as NO2- generation by AM is attenuated. Contrastly, administration of the substances, which increase endogenously cAMP level, augmented NO2- concentration and therefore can be the cause of further complication.

Vinitskaya A. G., Abazid H., Lelevich S. V., Lelevich V. V.
GABA shunt and tricarboxylic acid cycle functional activity in brain of morphine-dependent rats. pp. 16--19

Summary: Influence of chronic morphine intoxication (ChMI) on activity of GABA shunt (GABA transaminase and succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase) and TCA cycle (succinate dehydrogenase, NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase) enzymes in the rat brain regions has been studied. In the brain stem and thalamus, an increase in the NAD+-IDH and GABA-T activities was observed, which might express a simultaneous acceleration in the TCA cycle and GABA shunt reactions evoked by prolonged morphine administration. In the cerebellum, an inhibition of the TCA cycle and GABA turnover was detected, which was the most significant after the 21 days of ChMI. We propose that the shifts in the indices of the energy and GABA metabolisms are likely to be composed of a number of metabolic changes either in GABAergic neurons or surrounding astrocytes and occur due to morphine modulation of the µ-opioid receptors in the brain regions containing them.

Lobko N. F., Konev S. V.
Identifying severity of condition of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis by level of ty-rosine containing peptides. pp. 20--22

Summary: The tyrosine-containing peptides (TCP) concentration in blood plasma as a new marker for diagnostics of endogenous intoxication at pulmonary tuberculosis is used. It is established that the new indicator TCP is as more than in 2 times sensitive as known parameter of toxemia measured on UV-absorption of deproteinization plasma (absorption at 280 nm).

Tarasov Yu. A., Yinitskaya A. G., Chumachenko S. S., Kanunnikova N. P., Lelevich V. V.
Glucocorticoid status and activity of GABA-catabolizing enzymes in rat brain structures during development of ethanol tolerance. pp. 23--26

Summary: In this paper the action of acute and prolonged ethanol administration (3.5 g/kg, daily, intraperitoneally, during 1, 4, 7 and 10 days) has been shown on the functional activity of adrenal axis and the activities of the GABA-catabolizing enzymes in the rat brain regions.

Sidorenko Y. N., Bulanova K. Ya., Lobanok L. M., Tararuk T. A., Shulyakovskaya S. M., Piskunova I. P.
Role of thrombocyte cyclic nucleotide in gestosis pathogenesis. pp. 27--31

Summary: Researches of system states of secondary messengers (cAMP H cGMP) thrombocytes showed that it is normal for delivery to be accompanied by mechanisms activation, that can lower aggregative ability of thrombocyte. With preeclampsia the support of cAMP, cGMP, as well as activation of AC and GC in thrombocytes exceed physiological levels, that indicates violation of adaptive mechanisms of the system of hemostasis. Molecular mechanisms of violation in the system of hemostasis at preeclampsia of pregnant women, contains in modifying of mechanisms of affinity regulation or a number of one or two supposed subtypes of purine receptors of thrombocytes.

Valuyevich V. V.
The influence of antithyroid drugs on the results of radioiodine therapy of thyroid functional autonomy. pp. 32--37

Summary: The purpose of the given research was the estimation of the influence of antithyroid medication on efficiency of radioiodine therapy (RIT) of nonimmune hyperthyroidism in patients with thyroid functional autonomy (FA). 100 patients with various clinical variants of thyroid FA were included in research and received treatment with radioactive iodine. From surveyed 2 groups of patients were formed. The first group consisted from 50 person initially accepting during 4 months (2.5; 6) antithyroid drugs (ATD) which cancellation had been made, as a rule, 2 day prior to RIT, and the second included 50 person not accepting ATD neither up to nor after RIT. 9 elderly and multimorbid patients from the first group continued to accept ATD within several months after RIT. Carbimazole (n = 45) or methimazole (n = 5) in a doze of 10 mg (5; 10) were used as antithyroid drugs. In 4 months (4; 5) after RIT the successful result (euthyrosis or hypothyroidism) was achieved in 48 (96%) patients accepting ATD, and in 47 (94%) patients who were not accepting last. The conclusion that antithyroid medication does not influence on efficiency of RIT of thyroid FA is made. It is revealed that frequency of hypothyroidism after RIT in patients of the first group was higher (36%), than in patients of the second group (20%).

Kozlov I. D., Grakovich A. A., Apanasevich V. V., Zborovsky E. L, Plaschinskaya L. I.
Constitutional and soma-totypical characteristics and risk factors in development of cardiovascular diseases. pp. 38--43

Summary: The aim of the investigation was to study the role of the body constitution in the realizatiqn of the influence of ischemic heart disease risk factors upon the frequency of the myocardial infarction and stroke development. It was revealed that if a reliable direct relationship between the levels of blood pressure, total cholesterol and the frequency of the myocardial infarction and stroke development in individuals of the various body constitution remained, different levels of the risk increase were observed as the blood pressure and total cholesterol level increased. A total of 3832 males at the age of 40--59 years from the city of Minsk were selected at random and underwent the initial examination at the Republican Research and Practical Center «Cardiology» within the period 1978--1985. Standard methods of epidemiological investigations and expanded anthropometry with further somatotyping were used. The 20-year prospective survey included the registration of all cases of myocardial infarction and stroke. The relative risk for the development of myocardial infarction at mild blood pressure made up 1.2 for individuals of the asthenic and hypersthenic constitution, but it was 2.2 for individuals of the normosthenic constitution. When the cholesterol level ranged within 5.2--6.7 mmol/l, the relative risk for individuals of the asthenic constitution amounted to 3.2, whereas it was 1.3 for individuals of the normosthenic constitution. Thus, the relative stability of individuals of the asthenic and hypersthenic constitution and high sensitivity of individuals of the normosthenic constitution to the mild rise in blood pressure up to the level of arterial hypertension, I degree as well as high sensitivity of individuals of the asthenic constitution to the mild elevation of total cholesterol level was revealed.

Abazid H., Lelevich V. V.
State of g-aminobutyric acid metabolism in rat brain during experimental morphine withdrawal. pp. 44--48

Summary: The activities of the GABA-catabolising enzymes (GABA-transaminase and succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (SSA-DH)) and of succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) were assayed in cortex and brain stem of rats in chronic morphine intoxication and during morphine withdrawal (MW). In cortex the SDH activity decreased in all terms of MW, and SSA-DH was activated on the 1st and the 3rd days of MW. In brain stem an increase in the SDH activity was followed by an inhibition of both the GABA-catabolising enzymes and was more pronounced in the latter terms of MW. We propose that the direction of the shifts observed in the indices of the energy metabolism and GABA shunt might be related to the differential role of the GABAergic neurons in the brain regions tested in the development of morphine dependency syndrome and the signs of MW.

Grigorieva E. E., Rogov Yu. I., Rubchenya I. N.
Cerebral cortex tissue dysplasia as a consequence of intrauterine low-dose irradiation. pp. 49--52

Summary: The peculiarities of the 20-days-old rat fetuses cerebral cortex development after the external acute g-irradiation in the dose of 0.5 Gy on the 9th and 15th day of the prenatal ontogenesis were studied. The elements of tissue dysplasia such as growth, migration and differentiation disorders of neuroectodermal cells were revealed. The effect of the irradiation in the end of the organogenesis period was more unfavourable than in the beginning of it.

Koulchitsky S. V., Netukova N. I., Pesotskaya Y. A., Navratil L., Pashkevich S. G., Tchitchkan D. N., Kuna P., Kulchitsky V. A.
Destruction of neurons of the solitary tract nucleus or subdiaphragmatic vagotomy prevents hyperalgesia during endotoxemia in rats. pp. 53--57

Summary: Four weeks after subdiaphragmatic vagotomy or microinjection of neurotoxin (kainic acid, 0.5 µg, 100 nl) to the caudal part of the commissural nucleus of the solitary tract (NST) of rats, one-type changes in the nociceptive responses to intravenous injection of endotoxin (Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide, 3 µ/kg) were observed. An electron microscopic analysis of the caudal NST after both subdiaphragmatic truncal vagotomy and intrabulbar microinjection of neurotoxin revealed structural alterations in neuronal cell bodies and processes. It is suggested that disturbances of the nociception in vagotomized rats after systemic application of endotoxin are underlaid by structural changes in the NST rather than by impaired conditions for vagally transmitted signals after vagotomy.

Sokolnik V. P., Khmel R. D.
SMN and NAIP genes in newboms and in families with spinal muscular atrophy. pp. 58--62

Summary: In this report we present the molecular analysis of the SMN gene exons 7, 8 and the NAIP gene exons 5, 13 in 37 Belarus SMA families and in control newborns. Our SSCP-based studies have demonstrated that SMNt gene was deletion changed in about 82% of Belarus SMA patients and in 1.6% of parents, while the SMNc gene was deleted in 2.6% of SMA patients and in 4.8% of parents. The SSCP patterns obtained by amplification of SMN exons 7 and 8 from dried blood spots were deleted in about 9.4% of control newborns. We believe that these changes occurred in SMNc gene. The NAIP gene exon 5 was deleted in severe affected patients (9 of 23 SMA type I cases). In

Summary: , this study confirms previous findings about high instability of the SMA-associated region.

Adamenko E. I., Silivonchik N. N., Popova O. P., Poleshko G. D., Kuvaeva Z. I.
Characteristics of blood serum free amino acid spectrum in cirrhotic patients. pp. 63--68

Summary: Concentration of 21 amino acids of serum was studied in 74 cirrhotic patients and 30 donors by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Comparison of amino acid spectrum (Mann--Whitney test) donors and cirrhotic patients was shown a significant loss of the level of valine and isoleucine, and the rise of level of tyrosine, phenylalanine in cirrhotic patients. The Fisher's ratio in cirrhotic patients was significantly decreased. It was found also significant increased of a level of methionine, glutamic acid and decreased of a level of alanine, histidine in cirrhotic patients. There are difference in a structure of amino acids for cirrhotic patients with hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and without it: it was shown in patients with HE significant decreased of a level of an aspar-tic acid, ornithine and argmine, that can relate to a pathogenesis of HE. Is not established correlations of concentration of amino acids with a level of HE, that demonstrates a possible role of other factors in development of this complication.

Nasibyants N. V.
Determination of dental pulp electroexcitability using devices EOM-3 and «Pulptesrer PT-1». pp. 69--71

Summary: Introduction in practice of modern highly active anesthetizing preparations allows to raise(increase) efficiency and safety of local anesthesia and also to provide an opportunity of a choice of anesthesia on the stomatologic diagnosis, a group accessory (belonging) of a tooth, age, weight of the patient and accompanying diseases. The purpose of research: studying of time of approach of depth of anesthesia and duration with application of the device «Pulptester PT-1». Materials and methods: at 25 volunteers: 8 men (32%) and 17 women (68%) it was carried out(spent) 50 anesthesias 33 (66%) at women and 17 (34%) at men. The age of patients varied (from 16 till 46 years), middle age has made 32.24 years. All patients had no risk factors. A teeth were distributed(allocated) as follows: (the Data are reflected in the table). The diagnosis pulpitis was put in 7 cases (14%), and the diagnosis caries was put 43 cases (86%). It was carried out(spent) 16 mandibular anesthesias (32%) and 34 infiltration anesthesias (68%).

Maksimorich N. E., Zinchuk V. V., Maslakov D. A.
Prooxidative and antioxidative status parameters during rat brain ishemia and introduction of nitric oxide synthesis modulators. pp. 72--77

Summary: We aimed to estimate the cerebral prooxidant-antioxidant status during the ealy and later periods brain ischemia in conditions of introduction modulators of NO-synthasa in rats. In 128 rats the changes in lipid peroxidation products (conjugated dienes, malondialdehyde, Schiff bases) and antioxidant defense factors (retinol, a-tocopherol, SH-groups) were studied under the conditions of such experiment. The inhibitor analysis (administration of NO synthase substrate L-arginine, non-selective inhibitor N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester, selective inhibitor of neuronal NO synthase 7--nitroindasole, or selective inhibitor of inducible NO synthase S-methyl-isothiourea) had shown the NO-dependent nature of oxidative stress in rats with brain ischemia. The data allow us to suppose that NO generated by different NO synthase isoenzymes had the different roles in oxidative stress in brain ischemia in rats.

Slyshenkov V. S., Shevalye A. A., Kirko S. N., Moiseenok A. G.
Modification of synaptosome glutathione system and synaptosmal membranes under organic hydroperoxide treatment. pp. 78--81

Summary: The influence of organic hydroperoxide (TBH, tert-butylhydroperoxide) at a range of concentrations of 0.5--3 mM on parameters of integrity and redox state of glutathione system of rat brain synaptosomes was investigated. The decrease in the degree of synaptosomal integrity, inhibition of Na, K-ATPase in dose-dependent manner, significant modification of protein -SH groups and decrease of the reduced glutathione contents and increase of its oxidized form were found. A significant correlation between parameters investigated was revealed at that. The activity of glutathione transferase and reductase were decreased significantly and that of peroxidase remained nearly to control value. Role of glutathione system in neuronal function stabilization is proposed.

Savitskiy V. P., Zorin V. P., Potapnev M. P.
Apoptotic and necrotic alterations in leukemic cells photosensitized by chlorin e6 and chlorin e6 dimethyl ester. pp. 82--87

Summary: The efficacy of apoptotic and necrotic processes in leukemic cells photosensitized by chlorin e6 and chlorin e6 dimethyl ester was evaluated. Several cellular events relating to early apoptosis (a cell size shrinkage, extemalization of phosphatidylserine) or to late apoptosis and necrosis (DNA fragmentation and an increase of membrane permeability) were detected by flow cytometry technique. The yield of apoptotic and necrotic fractions after photosensitization was obtained to be considerably higher for chlorine e6 dimethyl ester as compared to chlorin e6. The relative weight of apoptotic and necrotic fraction was dependent strongly on the photoirradiation dose and staining protocol.

Fomina E. G., Vladyko A. S., Fomin I. K.
Requirements for translocation of minus-strand DNA during reverse transcription of Moloney murine leukemia viral genome. pp. 88--92

Summary: Retroviral genome contains the terminal repeat sequences or R regions which are necessary for translocation of minus-strand DNA during reverse transcription. Using the set of deletion variants in the 5' R region of Moloney murine leukemia virus it has been studied the influence of homology length and secondary structure of R region on the efficiency of minus-strand DNA transfer. The four-fold reduction of the length of R region did not influence on the frequency of strand transfer, showing that the complete R region is not required for replication of viral genome and this region doesn't contain specific sequences capable to promote translocation. On the other hand, the efficiency of translocation decreased more than three orders of magnitude when the homology length was from 1 to 3 nucleotides, indicating that retroviruses don't posses an additional mechanism, for exception of homology, that is involved in the minus-strand DNA transfer.

Sokolnik V. P., Shreder S. A.
Deletion changes in the SMNc gene in the first trimester fetus with exencephaly. pp. 93--96

Summary: We report the results of restriction site assay study of chorionic villi SMN genes of the 11-week old fetus with exencephaly. The band corresponding to SMNc gene exon 7 was not detected in fetus with exencephaly. As far as we know, it is the first observation of SMNc gene deletion hi exencephaly. The reasons for suggesting that the deletions in SMNc might not be biologically inert and that SMN gene may contribute to genesis of exencephaly in this fetus are discussed.

Strogy V. V.
Substantiation of dietotherapy during symptoms of insulin resistance in children and teenagers with obesity. pp. 97--103

Summary: The article is devoted to one of the most important problems of modern pediatric endocrinology and cardiology among children and teenagers. Among 44 patients with obesity and insulinresistance daily diet, cardiovascular functioning the condition of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism have been investigated. On the basis of the changes revealed, obtained in comparison with the children having obesity and insulinresistance and also healthy children of the same age. The autor scientifically grounded diet therapy of insulinresistance.

Krivenko S. I., Uss A. L., Zmachinskiy V. A., Riabtseva E. S.
Cord blood collection techniques for application in obstetric divisions: advantages and disadvantages. pp. 104--108

Summary: Study purpose was to establish and compare two methods of cord blood (CB) collection: in utero and ex utero. CB was collected from 52 women, who underwent standard examination (medical history, laboratory tests). When using ex utero method, mean sample volume was 52.2 (34--63) ml, which is considerably smaller then the mean volume of 84 (30--126) ml obtained by in utero method. This resulted in higher content of nucleated cells per CB sample, collected by in utero method, then by ex utero method (5.1 • 108 and 3.4 • 108 respectively), which is very important for transplant quality. At the same time in utero method appeared to be more suitable in case of deliveries with complications and prompt afterbirth expulsion. Both methods were microbiologically safe. Ex utero and in utero CB collection methods are recommended for practical use depending on delivery conditions, although in utero method proved to be more effective.

Ilyin I. A.
New synthetic amino acid preparation with antiasthenic activity. pp. 109--111

Summary: The aim of our research was development of a new composition of amino acids as potential corrector asthenic and hypodynamic conditions. As such combined corrector tested mix of BCAA with carnitine and acetylglutaminic acid in the ratio 48:20:32 in % (Hexaminate). It is established, that Hexaminate at repeated introduction in a range of dozes of 100--300 mg/kg (intragastric) renders expressed antiasthenic and actoprotective action on a model of exhaustion physical loading. Introduction of Hexaminate in a doze of 300 mg/kg (intragastric) before physical loading weakens hypodynamic effect of an alcoholic intoxication at an estimation in the swimming test for speed of development of exhaustion.

Mosse N. I., Mosse K. A.
Prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in Belarus. pp. 112--117

Summary: Cystic fibrosis is a multisystem disorder characterised by mutations of the CFTR gene, which encodes for an important component in the coordination of electrolyte movement across of epithelial cell membranes. The incidence of cystic fibrosis in Belarus is about 1:8000 newborns. Analysis of 20 most common mutations on 138 CF patients, revealed 12 different gene defects accounting for 83% of CF alleles. Accurate knowledge of CF mutations in a specific population provides information for CF prevention program applicable through prenatal diagnosis in high-risk families. First trimester prenatal diagnosis have been performed by means of direct mutation analysis and combined analysis using the intragenic polymorphisms IVS6a--GATT and IVS8CA in the CFTR gene. Results of 45 prenatal diagnoses, testing a total of 11 different parental genotypes are reported, in which 12 affected, 20 heterozygous, 13 normal fetuses have been found.



Kizyukevich L. S.
Causes for the genesis of multiple organ failure during surgical pathology of biliary tract. pp. 118--121

Summary: After analysis of existing reference materials in addition to our own investigations, we can definitely note, that benign surgical pathology of Biliary tract ducts is followed by functional disorders of multiple organs and organ systems leading to their insufficiency, which, in their turn, reflect the fact of polyorganic insufficiency development.

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