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Изв. Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. мед. наук, 2005, No.3

Главная страница / Издания академии / Научные журналы

Изв. Нац. академии наук Беларуси. Сер. мед. наук, 2005, No.3

Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Издатель Беларуская навука, Минск, Республика Беларусь

Номер 3, 2005

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Ilyasevich I. A., Beloenko E. D., Kulchitsky V. A., Makarcvich S. V.
Neurophysiological mechanisms of polysegmental spinal cord disturbances in patients with thoracic spine pathology. pp. 5--11

Summary: The patients with the thoracic complicated spine injury -- 28, thoracic spine disease (spinal stenosis) -- 4 and healthy control subjects 10, at the age of 18-58 have been studied by evoked potentials (motor evoked potentials -- MEP and somatosensory evoked potentials -- SSEP). Incomplete spinal caudal cord preservation was observed in the patients with the loss voluntary activity of the lower limbs function. The neurophysiological mechanisms of the spinal cord degeneration were more extensive in the spine injury than spine disease.

Sidorovich R. R., Smeyanovich A. F.
Results of treatment for traumatic brachial plexus injuries by neurolysis. pp. 12--20

Summary: In the study undertaken by the authors, in 91.3% of Brachial Plexus injuries in 23 patients, the external and internal neu-rolysis is shown to be an efficient enough technique. Excellent and good results have been achieved in 73.9% of the operated patients. Disorders in the upper limb function as a result of injury of BP structures, with the signs of partially or completely lost electric conductivity confirmed intra-operationally while inspecting the compressed anatomically intact neural structures, are the main indicators for performing the external or internal neurolysis. External or internal neurolysis techniques are shown to be advisable as early post-injury (less than 6 months) as possible, where conservative treatment has failed. To increase the efficiency of neurolysis surgery it must be performed taking duly into the account anatomic and topographic features of Brachial Plexus, making use of microsurgery and magnifying tools, and taking care to avoid traumatizing neural structures and blood vessels. The most efficient neurolysis is established to be that performed on distal sections of secondary trunks and proximal sections of long nerves of Brachial Plexus.

Demidchik Yu. E., Gedrevich Z. E., Kondratovich V. A., Sayenko V. A., Yamashita S., Bariash V. V., Dubouskaja E. P.
Postoperative complications for thyroid cancer in children and adolescents. pp. 21--26

Summary: The short-term results of 1194 initial surgical interventions in patients under 19 years, who have been operated at the Republican Thyroid Cancer Center within the period from August, 30, till December, 31, 2003 have been studied. During the postoperative period 327 complications have been registered in 286 (23.9%) patients. Most frequently, the parathyroid failure and the injury of recurrent laryngeal nerves have been revealed in 215 (18.0%) and 87 (7.3%) cases, respectively. The multi-choice risk estimate has allowed one to establish, that the risk of postoperative hypoparathyroidism is certainly coupled with the multi-focal neoplasm growth (RR = 1.181; P =0.009), total thyroidectomy (RR = 7.396; P = 0.000) and unilateral lymph dissection (RR = 2.891; P = 0.000). The probability of recurrent laryngeal nerve injuries depends on the patient age (RR = 1.085; P = 0.033) and Cryle's conducted radical lymph dissection (RR = 3.802; P = 0.033). Classification by the presented data has been found possible with of the 82.2% accuracy for the cases of parathyroid failure and 92.2% for recurrent laryngeal nerve injury.

Titovets E. P., Parkhach L. P., Griboedova T. V., Vlasyuk P. A., Fedulov A. S., Antonov I. P.
New approaches to the evaluation of the effectiveness of neuroprotective pharmacological preparations on the model of local brain ischemia. pp. 27--31

Summary: A new technology has been developed for quantitative estimation of effects of neuroptotectors on brain cortex respiration and extracapillary oxygen mass transfer. The research has been carried out using a computerized instrumentation that makes it possible to collect, memorize and process the experimental data. The research has been carried out on the model of local brain ischemia in rabbits. The following neuroprotectors have been studied: emoxipin, diavitol, cerebromedin, diaphen, car-nitine chloride, pentoxiphillin, and pantenol. The experimental results are interpreted within the framework of the convective (oscillatory) mechanism of brain cortex oxygenation.

Mastykin A. S., Apanel E. N., Drivotinov B. V., Antonov I. P.
Factor analysis of signs, symptoms and risk factors of the transient ischemic attack. pp. 32--36

Summary: The purpose of the performed research is to design an ethiopatogenic factor picture (structure) of transient ischemic attacks according the data of 77 patients suffering this disease. With this aim, the factor analysis (FA) of the method of the principal components with 25 parameters of the patients has been applied. It has revealed nine orthogonal mathematically independent factors: the 1st -- general (g-factor) is a factor of inevitable age changes, the 2nd -- the factor of the tobacco smoking, the 3rd -- the factor of the informative-conflicted discomfort, the 4th -- the factor of the arterial hypertensia, the 5th --the factor caused by change of the profession, the 6th -- the factor of the insomnia, the 7th -- the factor of the visual disorders accompanying the TIA episodes, the 8th -- the meteodependency, the 9th -- the factor of the weakness of sight in the presence of the TIA episodes. The resulted factor picture gives the mathematically ordered representation of the distribution of the TIA causes depending on a degree of the contribution of each factor to the general structure (picture) of this disease. It enables one to receive the representation of a degree of importance of everyone of risk factors of TIA and to order treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Korotkevich T. V., Vismont F. I., Andrushevich T. F.
Special changes in the blood lipoproteins and total liver cholesterol contents in rats at experimental CLP-peritonitis. pp. 37--40

Summary: In experiments on rats special changes of cholesterol levels in various classes of blood lipoproteins, in the liver and adrenals decreasing the at experimental CLP-peritonitis were investigated. It was found that the development of experimental CLP-peritonitis in rats was accompanied by decreasing of body temperature, liver injury, hyperactivation of adrenal cortex and significant changes in different fractions of the blood lipoproteins cholesterol content. It was shown that 20 hours after caecal ligation and perforation the high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol blood level was diminished, the amounts of low and very low density lipoprotein (LDL + VLDL) cholesterol were increased, the atherogenic coefficient (cholesterol LDL + VLDL/cholesterol HDL) was markedly enhanced. These findings were the evidence of the development of secondary atherogenic dislipoproteinemia. It was found that the decreasing of the HDL cholesterol blood level during liver injury at CLP-peritonitis was accompanied by increasing the liver total cholesterol content which can be related to the diminishing of the HDL synthesis in the damaged liver. It was suggested that the HDL cholesterol level at CLP-peritonitis can be used as an additional criterion for the evaluation of the severity of liver injury and the degree of liver function impairment.

Valasheniuk A. N.
Surgery treatment planning in dependence of clinical and X-ray stages of displasia coxartrosis. pp. 41--43

Summary: In our work clinical and roentgenographical showcases as well as optimal choice of surgery treatment for each displasia coxarthrosis stage are analyzed and proposed.

Lazarchik V. A., Titov L. P., Vorobyova T. N., Ermakova T. S., Vrublevskaya O. N., Vlasik N. V.
Test-system based on antibacterial antibody conjugates with colloidal gold for revelation of shigells antigens in biological liquids. pp. 44--47

Summary: Stable gold sols with the particles of a given size and conjugates with antibacterial antibodies characterized by the high biological activity able to be saved for a long time have been synthesized. It is established that bioconjugates based on the gold sols with the 4, 10 and 20 nM particles can be used for revealing shigells by the solid-phase analysis method. The testing sensitivity does not depend on the initial gold particle sizes in the specified range. The high-sensitive test-system for antigenes Shigella flexneri definition with a sensitivity threshold of 8 • 102 cells per 1 ml has been developed based on the solid-phase analysis using biospecific reactions between antigens and antibodies.

Shimanets S. V., Antipenko A. A., Garkun Yu. S., Roznova L. E., Awad A., Pereverzeva E. V., Pashkevich S. G., Kandibo T. S., Pereverzev V. A., Kulchitsky V. A.
Neuronal activity peculiarities under the influence of water extracts Inonotus obliguus spongy fungus. pp. 48--51

Summary: It was obtained in the experiments on hippocampus slices that the marked neuronal activity exists under the influence of water extracts of Inonotus obliquus spongy fungus. The water extract causes slow formation of the excitatory postsynaptic potential in the CA1 region of the hippocampus. It was obtained in the experiments «in vivo» that the latency time of the tailflack reflex was for certain shortened in the experimental group of rats which veceived the water fungus extract.

Alexeev S. A., Semenenya I. N., Adzerikho I. E., Gain Yu. M., Sokolov Yu. A.
Path physiological peculiarities of stages of experimental peritonitis. pp. 52--56

Summary: The reactive stage of experimental peritonitis was characterized by the activation of compensative mechanisms and relative adaptation with participation of hematological, immunological, and histological indexes of homeostasis. Progressing of the pathological process caused the failure of these mechanisms at the terminal stage of peritonitis and led to the death of experimental animals without adequate treatment. All kinds of disorders in homeostasis of infected rats are closely connected with the stage of peritonitis.

Bychkov A. V., Semenenya I. N., Serdyuchenko N. S.
Chronosurgery model of the tempos of patients recovery after appendectomy operations at the acute phlegmonous appendicitis. pp. 57--61

Summary: Chronosurgery regression model describes the duration of postoperative stay of patients in the hospital depending on the factors: 1) time moment of the operation work; 2) the duration of the operations; 3) the age of the patients. The model predicts the following. In clinically mild situations formalized by low values of the variables of the operation duration and the patient age favorable time for considered operations work falls at second half of the night, morning and noon. In clinically serious situations formalized by high values of the mentioned variables favorable time for considered operations work moves around to afternoon, evening and early night.

Valasheniuk A. N., Prasmytski О. Т.
Analysis of errors and complications under surgery treatment of hip joint and their prophylaxis. pp. 62--64

Summary: In our work analyzed possible difficulties that may accure during operations and post operation difficulties that might appear shortly after intervention. Suggested ways for solving them.

Zelianko E. N.
Estimation of amplitude oscillation variation in diagnosis of fetal asphyxia in the antenatal period. pp. 65--68

Summary: The generally accepted characteristics of fetal CTG: accelerations, tachycardia, mean amplitude of oscillations, and the newl suggested ones: the coefficient of variation of oscillations the amplitude and the maximum-to-mean oscillation amplitude ratio were explored. There were two groups of CTG: the first in case of intrauterine deaths from asphyxia and the second in case of delivery with the normal perinatal outcome. Joint definition of the mean amplitude of oscillations and the maximum-to-mean oscillation amplitude ratio has been shown to be more informative for intrauterine death prediction as compared with that of the mean amplitude of oscillations and accelerations.

Gusina N. В., Budzeika E. S., Rumyantzeva N. V., Naumchik I. V.
Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses and the modem possibilities for their laboratory diagnosis. pp. 69--73

Summary: A short review of the literature on the molecular basis of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses and the modem possibilities for the laboratory diagnosis of this group of inherited lysosomal diseases is presented. There is also the presentation of the first case of classical late-infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (Jansky--Bielschowsky disease) diagnosed in Belarus. The index case had seizures from 3 years of age. The disease was rapidly progressive with a gradual loss of acquired skills and speech, poor coordination but no signs of retinopathy or optic atrophy at 5 years of age. The patient was found to have significantly reduced tripeptidyl peptidase I (TPP I) activity in the leukocytes. The mutation analysis of the TPP I gene from DNA of the family members revealed that the patient was homozygous for the R208X mutation that is one of the most common CLN 2 mutation in different countries. The diagnostic scheme for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses including clinicopathological findings, modern fluorogenic enzyme assays and molecular genetic techniques is discussed.

Melnichenko N. G.
Correlation between the functional condition of cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenase and the thiamine status in healthy rats. pp. 74--76

Summary: The effect of phenobarbitale, isoniazide and caffeine on the catalytic activity of cytochrome P450 and thiamine status in rats was studied. I was shown that phenobarbitale exerted the largest effect on the investigated parameters. It is proposed that the long treatment by barbiturates can lead to the "hidden" thiamine insufficiency.

Sushko S. N., Konoplya E. F., Malenchenko A. F.
Role of the natural radioactivity in induction and realization of inheritable genome damages in mice progeny (F1). pp. 77--81

Summary: The generation (Fl) of drinking natural uranium mice-parents has the increased sensitivity to the radiation-toxic action (gamma-radiation, urethane), which is realized in increasing the quantity of animals with lung adenomes and the quantity of adenomes/mouse.

Suvorava T. A., Lobanok L. M.
NO-mediated mechanisms of hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced functional changes in the heart after irradiation. pp. 82--89

Summary: NO-dependent effects of hypoxia/reoxygenation on the coronary flow and contractility of the isolated rat heart after acute and chronic y-irradiation in the the 1 Gy dose have been studied. The data obtained revealed the increased role of NO-dependent mechanisms in hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced functional changes in the heart at the short terms after acute g-irradiation and its decrease after chronic radiation exposure.

Radkevich Z. I., Mitkovskaya N. P., Denisevich N. P.
Influence of chronic stress on the state of cardiovascular and endocrine systems. pp. 90--95

Summary: With the purpose of studying the adaptation of workers of hard physical labor to heavy physical loading in underground conditions and on the ground, the structural-functional peculiarities of the cardiovascular system were investigated, and the content of hormones and lipids in blood serum was determined. The following methods were used: echocardiography, treadmill-test, the radio-immune analysis, and the enzymatic colorimetric method. Men of the «able to work» age of various professional groups were examined: potash miners, ground workers of hard physical labor as a group of comparison, and men of the control group. The hypertrophy of the left ventricle was revealed in men of hard physical labor, but it was less expressed in miners. The values of the systolic function of the left ventricle and the tolerance to physical loading were the highest in the group of miners. A higher level of progesterone responsible for the expression of the gene of receptors of the central stress -- limiting factor was also revealed in the group of miners. The content of common cholesterol in blood serum was lower in the groups of workers of hard physical labor in comparison with the control group. The conclusion has been made that the adaptation to heavy physical loading proceeds more favorably in the gronp of workers in the underground conditions (potash mines).

Petrova-Sobol T. I., Gerasimovich A. I.
Experimental study of the toxicity actions of polymeric composite car-bofibrous materials. pp. 96--100

Summary: The article presents the experimental data for definition of the degree of toxicity and biocompatibility of polymeric composite carbofibrous materials with soft fabrics on laboratory animals (white rats). The data of the toxic -- hygienic and patomorphological research are supplemented witu the morphometry thath confirms the necessity for carrying out such researches.

Zhidkov S. A.
Acute cholecystitis treatment in the patients older than 60 years. pp. 101--103

Summary: The analysis of the treatment of 296 patients of elderly and senile age with acute cholecystitis was made. In 92.2% of the patients there were from 1 to 6 accompanying diseases, in the main cardiovascular pathology. For a more objective study of the function of the cardiovascular system the ultra-sound research of the heart and measurements of the central blood dynamics were made. 154 (52.2%) patients were operated. The active surgical tactics was supported, dates of operation execution and volume the depended on accompanying pathology. The operation of choice was videolaparoscop cholecystectomy. In the poor condition of patients the smallinvasive technologies of treatment were used. A differential approach to treatment of acute cholecystitis in the patients older than 60 years gives satisfactory results.

Vladimirskaya T. E., Khulup G. Y., Shved I. A.
Definition of biochemical and morphological criteria of the myocardium damages under the conditions of immobilization stress. pp. 104--110

Summary: Dynamics of the biochemical markers of myocardium damages in the serum and the microscopic structure of the rat's cardiomyocytes under the conditions of immobilization stress are studied. It has been shown that the reverse contractures and apoptosis of the rat's cardiomyocytes are the main types of the myocardium damages under the conditions of immobilization stress. The increasing of the activity of hydrocsibutirat dehydrogenase in the serum and the decreasing of the nuclear area are the biochemical and morphological criteria of the myocardium damages under the conditions of stress.

Mikhailov A. N., Khonizhik S. A., Kovalev V. A.
Modern approaches to estimation of tumour regression in lung cancer treated with radiotherapy. pp. 111--117

Summary: Serial chest CT examinations were done in 112 patients with lung cancer. Possibilities of two techniques to estimate the tumour regression after radiotherapy were studied. In 20--38% of cases evaluation was hampered by atelectasis. CT-angiography allowed estimating tumour regression in all the patients. A new approach for tumour regression estimation is suggested which combines both techniques and CT-angiography in case of atelectasis. Perceptiveness for development of CT images mathematical analysis techniques for separating tumour and atelectasis is drawn.



Antoshina N. L.
Changes in the immune system in normotensive and preeclamptic women. pp. 118--124

Summary: Principal changes of the immune system in pregnant women have been reported in this review. The changes have been compared with those in preeclamptic women. The differences in the quantitative level and the functional activity of immuno-competent cells, changes in central and peripheral lymphoid organs have been described. Some data on the possible role of immune system disturbances in etiology and pathogenesis of preeclampsia have been presented.

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