National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

AGABEKOV Vladimir Enokovich

AGABEKOV Vladimir Enokovich

Vladimir Enokovich Agabekov (b. 19.01.1940, Grozny, Russia), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2003; corresponding member since 1996), doctor of chemical sciences (1981), professor (1987). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2008).

Scientific works in physical chemistry. Opened a new reaction of carbon monoxide with peroxide radicals in the liquid phase with the formation of carbon dioxide. He established, experimentally confirmed and quantitatively characterized the multi-dipole interaction of an ensemble of polar groups, which has a significant impact on the reactivity of oxygen-containing compounds. He developed a unified method of testing various classes of radical initiators, new methods and catalytic systems for obtaining a number of valuable oxygen-containing compounds (diatomic phenols and synthetic fatty acids). Established the relationship between the chemical structure of organic compounds and the mechanism of formation of the corresponding thin-film materials, their physicochemical characteristics, properties and transformations under the influence of various initiating radiations, the specificity of radical reactions during the transition from the liquid phase to powders and films. He discovered his own paramagnetism of low molecular weight dyes in a thin film state and gave an explanation of its nature. He developed fundamentally new photo and electron resists for dry vacuum lithography processes, contrasting coatings for industrial production technology of large integrated circuits, highly sensitive organic materials to control the defectiveness of metal products in an electrical-discharge manner. For the first time in Belarus, he created polaroid films of the translucent, half-luminal and reflective types, developed technologies for their production for liquid crystal display devices. He created methods for forming mono- and multimolecular films on a solid surface (Langmuir-Blodgett films) from individual organic compounds and from their compositions, and studied the structure and morphology of the surface of mono- and multilayers. Theoretical developments formed the basis for creating a number of technologies for obtaining new high-tech low-tonnage chemical products of various functional purposes (orienting coatings for liquid-crystal devices, modifying components for polymeric materials and chemical fibers, protection means for labeling products, coolants, adhesive compositions) for enterprises of the Ministry of Industry , Belneftekhim, Goznak, Bellesbumprom and others.

Author of more than 900 scientific papers, including 4 monographs, one of which was republished in the USA, 110 copyright certificates and patents.

Awarded with the medal "Veteran of Labor" (1994), the medal of Frantsisk Skorina (2000).

Major papers:

  1. Механизм жидкофазного окисления кислородсодержащих соединений. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1975 (совм. с Денисовым Е.Т., Мицкевичем Н.И.).
  2. Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Oxygen-Containing Compounds. New York: Consultants Bureau, 1977 (with Denisov E. T., Mitskevich N. I.).
  3. Процессы окисления в природе и технике. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1978 (совм. с Мицкевичем Н.И., Арико Н.Г.).
  4. Нефть и газ. Добыча, комплексная переработка и использование. Мн.: БГТУ, 2004 (совм. с Косяковым В.К., Ложкиным В.М.).