National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

BILDYUKEVICH Alexander Viktorovich

BILDYUKEVICH Alexander Viktorovich

Alexander Viktorovich Bildyukevich (b. 23.06.1956, Minsk), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2014; corresponding member since 2009), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (2001), Professor (2009).

Scientific works in the field of physical chemistry and chemistry of high-molecular compounds. He carried out fundamental studies of membrane mass transfer and proposed a new approach to the description of the ultrafiltration process, taking into account the physicochemical interactions of polymer membranes with the components of a separable solution. He formulated and experimentally confirmed the general principles of the formation of porous permeable structures using the immersion method of molding. He proposed a mechanism for forming the structure of a selective layer of ultrafiltration membranes, on the basis of which common approaches were developed and technologies for producing ultra- and microfiltration membranes from various polymers were unified. He developed the scientific foundations of surface modification of ultrafiltration membranes by non-ionic polymers and polyelectrolytes, interfacial polycondensation of polyamines of various structures, and aromatic carboxylic acid chlorides. He created in Belarus a scientific and technical base for the development of membrane technologies and organized pilot production of micro- and ultrafiltration membranes, membrane elements, industrial membrane plants of various capacities and targets. Developed membrane processes for purification, sterilization and fractionation of solutions of biologically active substances, processing of dairy products, clarification of juices and wines, wastewater treatment, etc., modern energy-saving technologies and equipment for water treatment in a large power system, based on capillary membranes.

Author of over 280 scientific papers, 37 copyright certificates and patents.

Sectoral Prize of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and technology in 2002.

Major papers:

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  5. Новые реакционноспособные и функциональные полимеры: разработка и внедрение (совм. с Солдатовым В.С.) // Сб. материалов Первого съезда ученых Республики Беларусь. Минск,1-2 ноября 2007 г. Мн., 2007.
  6. Мембранные процессы в теплоэнергетике // Главный энергетик. 2008. №7.