National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

DOSTANKO Anatoly Pavlovich

DOSTANKO Anatoly Pavlovich

Anatoly Pavlovich Dostanko (b. 02.07.1937, v. Obchin, Lyuban district, Minsk region.), A scientist in the field of solid-state microelectronics. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1991; corresponding member since 1986), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1979), Professor (1979). Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the BSSR (1982). Honored Inventor of the USSR (1987). Honorary Citizen of Luban (1999).

Works on problems of microelectronics, physics and technology of beam technologies, film materials science, diagnostics of technological processes and technology of electronic equipment. He created the physicochemical principles of modifying the microvolumes of solids in multilayer structures by high-energy particle flows. Theoretically substantiated and experimentally realized the physical phenomena of selective ion sputtering, phase separation in multicomponent film structures, and the ascending diffusion of the light component under the influence of ion bombardment. He developed the principles for constructing software-controlled modular technological systems based on ionic and electron beams, infrared radiation fluxes and microwave discharges, as well as integrated technologies for producing multifunctional solid-state structures of micro- and optoelectronics..

Author of about 600 scientific papers, incl. 19 monographs, textbooks and manuals. He has more than 300 patents and copyright certificates for inventions..

State Prize of the BSSR in 1982 for research, development and implementation of a complex of highly efficient technological processes and equipment for the production of microelectronic products. Award of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus in 1991 for the development and implementation of highly efficient resource-saving technologies, providing savings of scarce and precious materials. State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 1996 for a series of textbooks and teaching aids for higher and secondary specialized educational institutions in computer technology, the physico-chemical and technological disciplines of the radio and electronic computing profile (in collaboration).

Major papers:

  1. Технология интегральных схем. Мн.: Высшая школа, 1982.
  2. Плазменная металлизация в вакууме. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1983 (в соавт.).
  3. Пленочные токопроводящие системы СБИС. Мн.: Вышэйшая школа, 1989 (совм. с В.В. Барановым, В.В. Шаталовым).
  4. Технология и автоматизация производства радиоэлектронной аппаратуры. М.: Радио и связь, 1989 (в соавт.).
  5. Плазменные процессы в производстве изделий электронной техники. Т. 1-3. Мн.: ФУАинформ, 2000-2001 (в соавт.).