National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

IVASHKEVICH Oleg Anatolevich

IVASHKEVICH Oleg Anatolevich

Oleg Anatolevich Ivashkevich (b. 19.08.1954, Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2009; corresponding member since 2004), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1998).

Research in the field of physical chemistry and applied quantum chemistry. He studied the kinetics and mechanism of thermal decomposition of tetrazole and a number of its derivatives, as well as a wide range of polyvinyl tetrazoles with substitutes of various nature in the cycle. He revealed the influence of structural factors (isomerism of ring-chain and prototropic type, structural features of the polymer matrix, the presence of a system of hydrogen bonds) in the thermal conversions of the compounds studied, as well as the position and nature of the substituent in the cycle and conditions of the process on the thermolysis mechanism of polymers. This made it possible to formulate principles for regulating the composition of condensed and gaseous products of their decomposition and to evaluate the prospects for the practical use of tetrazole derivatives as components of combustible and thermally destructible systems for various purposes. He developed simple and effective methods and technologies for the synthesis of a number of tetrazole-containing polymers by means of polymer-analogous polyacrylonitrile transformations, on the basis of which their industrial production was organized. On the basis of the research, a new generation of composition components for energy devices used in special equipment has been developed. Discovered and investigated a new type of combustion, called liquid-flame burning. Using quantum chemical calculations, he identified the structure and investigated some properties of small silver and copper clusters.

Author of more than 370 scientific papers, incl. 39 copyright certificates and patents for inventions, textbooks.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 2012.

Awarded with the Medal of Francisk Skaryna (2009).

Major papers:

  1. A New type of Self-Organization in Combustion // Nature. 1986. Vol.323 (in coauth.).
  2. DFT Study of Electronic Structure and Geometry of Anionic Silver Clusters // J. of Molecular Structure: Theochem. 2003. Vol.664-665 (with V.E.Matulis, V.S.Gurin).
  3. Металлопроизводные тетразолов // Успехи химии. 2006. Т.75, №6 (совм с П.Н.Гапоником, С.В.Войтеховичем).