National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LAHVICH Fedor Adamovich

LAHVICH Fedor Adamovich

Fedor Adamovich Lahvich (b. 12.04.1945, v. Grabovo, Zhitkovichi district, Gomel region.), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2000; correspondent member since 1994), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1987), Professor (1991).

Scientific works in the field of chemistry of natural biologically active compounds and their analogues. He developed original methods for the synthesis of low-molecular bioregulators of a number of steroids, prostaglandins and their related natural cyclopentanoids (dicranenones, jasmonoids), and some antibiotics. Among the synthesized compounds, pharmacological studies revealed substances with high immunomodulatory, antitumor, antiaggregatory, radioprotective, and radiosensitizing activities that are promising for creating effective drugs on their basis and are at various stages of introduction into medical practice. Conducts work on the creation of environmentally safe chemical and biological plant protection products of new generations based on natural phytohormones - brassinosteroids, pheromones (kairomones) and insect protective substances, as well as their analogues, imitating the action of natural bioregulators or acting as their antagonists; on general issues of organic chemistry and fine organic synthesis, in particular, on the chemistry of b-dicarbonyl compounds, nitrogen- and oxygen-containing heterocycles; a methodology for the complete synthesis of natural compounds based on the synton approach.

Author of more than 700 scientific papers, incl. 4 monographs, 90 inventions.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 1996 for the series of works "Synthesis, research and application of brassinosteroids - a new class of plant hormones". Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after Academician V.A. Koptyug for the cycle of works "Research in the field of synthesis of low-molecular bioregulators" and significant contribution to the development of scientific and technical cooperation of scientists of Belarus and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2000). Prize of the International Academic Publishing Company "Science / Interperiodica" in 2003.

Awarded with the Order of Honor (2009), Francisk Skaryna Medal (1998).

Major papers:

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  3. Нетипичные трансформации 2-изоксазолинов (совм. с Е.В.Королевой) // Успехи химии. 1997. Т.66.
  4. Биорегуляторы: лечебные и диагностические препараты: Химические средства защиты растений // Наука - народному хозяйству. Мн., 2002.