National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LAPA Vitaly Vitalyevich

LAPA Vitaly Vitalyevich

Vitaly Vitalyevich Lapa (b. 21.06.1951, v. Sugaki, Volkovysk district, Grodno region), a scientist in the field of agrochemistry. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus since 2014, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1995), Professor (1997). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2011).

Conducted studies to determine the absorption capacity of phosphate ions and potassium by the main soil varieties of the republic, assessing the effectiveness of various forms of phosphorus-containing fertilizers on sod-podzolic loamy and sandy soils. Developed a methodological basis for the formation of a databank of agrochemical properties of the soils of the Republic of Belarus, which since 1980 has accumulated and summarized agrochemical information on all the soils of agricultural land.

He made a great contribution to the development of issues of preserving and enhancing soil fertility, plant mineral nutrition, the integrated use of macro - and micronutrients, growth regulators and chemical plant protection products, the system of using fertilizers for agricultural crops, increasing the efficiency of using fertilizers and optimizing their range. He developed a resource-saving fertilizer application system based on the principles of maintaining and improving soil fertility and a computer version for calculating fertilizer application plans for fields and working areas for planned crop yields for farms of the Republic of Belarus.

Developed a number of new forms of complex fertilizers with a balanced ratio of nutrients for flax and sugar beet, as well as a number of liquid complex micronutrients on a chelate basis for foliar fertilizing of agricultural crops.

He made a great contribution to the improvement of agricultural agrochemical services. During the period of scientific activity he developed and implemented in the system of the Agrochemical Service of the Republic more than 120 recommendations, techniques and instructions on the preservation and improvement of soil fertility, the effective use of chemicals.

Author of more than 580 main scientific works, including 8 monographs, 14 textbooks and teaching aids and 44 patents and copyright certificates for inventions.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus (2002) for the series of works "Creating a complex of educational literature on agrochemistry for higher and secondary specialized agricultural educational institutions".

Awarded with the Order of Francisk Skaryna (2002).

Major papers:

  1. Фосфор в почвах и земледелии Беларуси (в соавторстве), Мн. “Хата’, 1999, 190 с.
  2. Минеральные удобрения и пути повышения их эффективности (в соавторстве), Мн., 2002, 191 с.
  3. Удобрения и качество урожая сельскохозяйственных культур, (в соавторстве), Мн., 2005, 274 с.
  4. Программа мероприятий по сохранению и повышению плодородия почв в Республике Беларусь на 2011-2015 гг., (в соавторстве), Мн., 2010, 86 с.
  5. Система применения удобрений (в соавторстве), Мн., 2011, 415 с.