National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LISHTVAN Ivan Ivanovich

LISHTVAN Ivan Ivanovich

Ivan Ivanovich Lishtvan (b. 03.11.1932, v. Bolshaya Doinova, Volozhin District, Minsk Region), a scientist in the field of colloid chemistry, peat physical chemistry, environmental management. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1980; correspondent member since 1974), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1969), Professor (1971). Foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2000). Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the BSSR (1978).

Scientific research on colloid chemistry and physical chemistry of natural dispersed systems, environmental management and environmental protection. Developed views on rheology, structure formation, dispersion and modification of natural systems. Established a set of factors that determine the structure of peat. Investigated the hydrophilicity, heat and mass transfer and the rheology of organic natural dispersed materials. He proposed a classification of peat according to the content of cations and sorbed moisture, equations for calculating the main characteristics of the composition and properties of peat. He developed the basics of physical and chemical mechanics of peat. Established patterns of moisture and ion transfer during drying and freezing of peat. Based on the proposed classification of peat, he identified the main directions of its use in the economy. Investigated the migration and diffusion of radionuclides in natural environments. Considered the main environmental problems and features of environmental management in the Republic of Belarus. Investigated the composition and properties of brown coal and combustible shale deposits of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the main directions of their integrated processing.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 2002 for the series of works "Diagnostics of the state of the environment based on aerospace, lidar, ground-based and chemical-analytical methods and tools: research, development and implementation. Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova in 1997 for the work "New carbon adsorbents from local raw materials for solving environmental and medical problems".

Awarded with the Orders of Friendship of Peoples (1982), of Francisk Skaryna (1998), medals.

Major papers:

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