National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LOBANOK Anatoly Georgievich

LOBANOK Anatoly Georgievich

Anatoly Georgievich Lobanok (b. 18.06.1938, Minsk), a microbiologist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1991; corresponding member since 1984), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1978), Professor (1983). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (1998).

The main work is related to the study of the biogenesis of extracellular microbial enzymes, physiology and biochemistry of microbial antagonism, degradation of xenobiotics. He explained the mechanism of regulation of the formation of microbial depolymerase in the absence of a specific inducer in the medium. The polyenzyme systems of microorganisms with molecular functional heterogeneity and synergistic effect of action were studied. Developed biotechnologies for the production of enzyme preparations for industry, agriculture and medicine. He initiated the development of promising scientific directions for the republic in the field of microbial biotechnologies, incl. the creation of biological means of plant protection, ecology of microorganisms and environmental protection, as well as the creation of the Belarusian collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms with the status of an international depository.

The author of 400 scientific papers, including 4 monographs, 65 copyright certificates and patents.

Award of the Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova in 2000 for the work "Preparation and publication of the Catalogs of the Ukrainian and Belarusian (Institute of Microbiology, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) collections of cultures of microorganisms".

Awarded with the UNESCO Silver Medal (1993).

Major papers:

  1. Микробный синтез на основе целлюлозы: белок и другие ценные продукты. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1988 (совм. с В.Г. Бабицкой, Ж.Н. Боглановской).
  2. Selection of a mutant strain of Lipomyces kononenkoae with dextranase synthesis resistant to catabolite repression // World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 1993.
  3. Utilization of halogenated benzoats, phenols and benzoates by Rhodococcus rhodochorus strain GM 14 // Appl. and Enviromental Microbiology. 1995.
  4. Screening of Glucose isomerase-producing microorganisms // World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 1998.
  5. Effect of Aromatic compounds on Cellular Fatty Acid composition of Rodococcus opacus // Appl. and Enviromental Microbiol. 1999.
  6. Rhizospheral strain Bacillus subtilis 12A and its effect on pathogenic agents of vegetable crops// Bull. Polish Academy of Sciences. Ser. Biol. 2002.
  7. Interaction between soil Microorganisms: Bacteria, Actinomycetes and Entomopathogenic Fungi of the genera Beauveria and Paecilomyces // Polish J. оf Ecology. 2003.