National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LOGINOV Vladimir Fedorovich

LOGINOV Vladimir Fedorovich

Vladimir Fedorovich Loginov (b. 08.03.1940, v. Zelenovka, Gorodok district, Vitebsk region.), a scientist in the field of geography and geo-ecology. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2000; correspondent member since 1994), Doctor of Geographic Sciences (1982), Professor (1989).

Scientific work in the field of diagnosis and prediction of climate change. Established the spatial and temporal patterns of climate change and extreme climate events (droughts, floods) under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. He offered the most complete assessments of the influence of aerosols of volcanic and anthropogenic origin on solar radiation and climate, developed scenarios of climate change in Belarus and assessed their consequences in various areas of economic activity. Supervised the creation of a system of informing state bodies and the public about the state of the natural environment of Belarus and its changes.

Author of 420 scientific papers, including 20 monographs, brochures, reference books, textbooks.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 2002 for a series of works on the diagnosis of the state of the environment based on aerospace, lidar, ground-based and chemical-analytical methods and tools: research, development, implementation. Prizes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1997 and 2007.

Awarded with the Francisk Skaryna Medal (2009).

Major papers:

  1. Вулканические извержения и климат. Л.: Гидрометеоиздат, 1984.
  2. Короткопериодные циклические изменения в нижней атмосфере и гелиогеофизические процессы. М.: Гидрометеоиздат, 1986 (совм. с Б.Г.Шерстюковым).
  3. Колебания климата за последнее тысячелетие. Л.: Гидрометеоиздат, 1988 (в соавт.).
  4. Причины и следствия климатических изменений. Мн.: Навука i тэхнiка, 1992.
  5. Климат Беларуси. Мн.: Институт геологических наук АН Беларуси, 1996 (в соавт.).
  6. Природная среда Беларуси. Мн.: НОООО "БИП-С", 2002 (в соавт.).
  7. Изменения климата Беларуси и их последствия. Мн.: Тонпик, 2003 (в соавт.).
  8. Глобальные и региональные изменения климата: Причины и следствия. Мн.: ТетраСистемс, 2008.