National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MROCHEK Alexander Gennadyevich

MROCHEK Alexander Gennadyevich

Alexander Gennadyevich Mrochek (b. 14.05.1953, Minsk), a scientist in the field of therapeutic cardiology. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2009; corresponding member since 2004), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1987), Professor (1989).

The main areas of applied research are the study of pathogenesis, the development and theoretical substantiation of methods for treating coronary heart diseases and cardiac arrhythmias. The original approach to the problem of the state of primary hemostasis in atherosclerosis and its complications, including the establishment of the role of central and peripheral hormones in the regulation of the cyclooxygenase activity of platelets and vascular wall endothelium cells, has been substantiated and implemented. Developed methods for early diagnosis of coronary heart disease in diabetes and thyroid disease. The beneficial effects of galvanic current and ultrasound on the infarction zone have been established, which has allowed the development of methods for treating angina and myocardial infarction. Work is underway to study the effects of ultrasound on atherosclerotic vascular damage and thrombotic masses. The phenomenon of accelerating the processes of thrombolysis was discovered, changes in proteolysis activity were detected under the conditions of ultrasound action, and methods of restoring blood flow in vessels were developed and introduced into practice.

Author of about 350 scientific papers, incl. 7 monographs, 28 patents and inventor certificates.

Awarded with the Medal of Francisk Skaryna (2012).

Major papers:

  1. Практическая кардиология. Мн.: Высшая школа, 1997. Т. 1, 2.
  2. Атеросклероз. Мн.: Высшая школа, 2005.
  3. Профилактика преждевременной и внезапной смерти. Справочное пособие. Мн., 2000.