National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

BOBKOV Vladimir Andreevich

Vladimir Andreevich Bobkov (b. 22.02.1939, Saltanovka, Zhlobin district, Gomel region), historian, political scientist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1989), Doctor of Historical Sciences (1978), Professor (1983). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (1999).

Major works on the problems of history, party building of the CPSU and the CPB, political science and regional politics. He is a researcher in the field of history and political science, in particular, problems of the life of the CPSU and its component part of the CPB, the history of the creation and functioning of other political parties and movements in modern Belarusian society. A number of works are devoted to the analysis of the nature of political processes in modern Belarusian society, the consideration of the problems of interaction between the authorities and the population, the creation of an effective system of state-building; the content of the Belarusian national idea and ideology of the state is revealed, a scientific analysis of the state and prospects of development of the Belarusian-Russian relations is given.

Author of over 150 scientific papers, incl. 14 individual and collective monographs.

Major papers:

  1. Научный подход в партийной работе. М., 1985.
  2. Возрождение духа ленинизма. М., 1989.
  3. Палiтычныя партыi i грамадска-палiтычныя рухi Беларусi. Мн., 1993.
  4. Куда идет Беларусь? : материалы междунар. конф, Минск, 26–27 мая 1994 г.: в 2 ч. Минск, 1994. (в редкол.)
  5. Технология политики. Мн., 1995.
  6. Политология. Мн., 1995.