National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

DUBOVETS Nadezhda Ivanovna

Nadezhda Ivanovna Dubovets (b. 27.03.1954, Soltsy, Novgorod region, Russia) - a scientist in the field of genetics, cytogenetics and plant biotechnology. Corresponding Member (2017), Doctor of Biological Sciences (2012), Associate Professor (2010).

Research in the field of evolutionary genetics and experimental plant cytogenetics. Reproduced in the experiment and investigated in the dynamics of the previously unexplored process of microevolutionary differentiation of polyploid cereal species through the formation of recombinant genomes. She obtained experimental evidence for the formation of hybrid zones — active centers of speciation in the areas of co-growth of tetraploid amphidloids with the presence of a common genome, which makes it possible to predict the direction of evolutionary processes in natural sympatric populations of cereals. It has developed an effective method for obtaining meiotic recombinations between phylogenetically distant diploid genomes of cereals, expanding the possibilities of transferring valuable genes of wild relatives to the genome of cultivated plants. She created unique series of tetraploid and substituted hexaploid triticale lines, which are introduced into scientific practice and the selection process of the institutions of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation and are used to solve theoretical and practical problems of experimental transformation of the genetic structure of grain crops. Within the framework of joint projects with plant breeders, I developed an original triticale breeding technology for short stemming, combining chromosomal engineering and marker-associated selection methods, and DNA triticale resistance labeling techniques for pre-harvest germination of grains, which created new triticale varieties.

Author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 1 monograph, 2 collective works, 1 invention.

Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1993) for the best scientific work “Creation and cytogenetic research of 28-chromosomal wheat-rye hybrids”. Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after academician V.A. Koptyug (2006) for a series of joint works “Reorganization of the nuclear and cytoplasmic genomes during the creation of new forms of cereals using biotechnology methods”.

Major papers:

  1. Тетраплоидные тритикале. Минск, 1990 (в соавт.).
  2. Цитогенетические методы в селекции растений // Генетические основы селекции растений. Минск, 2008. Т. 1.
  3. Microevolutionary Differentiation of Cereal Tetraploid Species by the Formation of Recombinant Genomes // Rus. J. Genetics: Appl. Res. 2017. Vol. 7, N 3 (в соавт.).