National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

GUREVICH Gennady Lvovich

Gennady Lvovich Gurevich (b. 01.04.1954, Minsk) - a scientist in the field of phthisiology and clinical medicine. Corresponding Member (2017), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1997), Professor (2004). Honored Doctor of the Republic of Belarus (2014).

Studies on the metabolic aspects of the pathogenesis of tuberculosis, diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, as well as improving the effectiveness of organizing the fight against tuberculosis. Established specific forms, clinical and pathological features of a negative pathomorphosis of tuberculosis; metabolic aspects of the pathogenesis of common and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and, on this basis, developed indications for targeted corrective treatment. He developed a method for diagnosing multiresistant tuberculosis in patients with a mycobacterium tuberculosis absence in sputum using video-assisted thoracoscopy with lung tissue biopsy, a method for treating patients with multi-resistant tuberculosis using autologous mesenchymal stem cell transplantation. Proposed new chemotherapy regimens for tuberculosis with multiple and extensive drug-resistant pathogen.

Author of more than 540 scientific papers, including 8 manuals and 16 patents.

Lenin Komsomol Prize of Belarus in the field of science and technology (1984) for the work "Modern methods of diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory system".

Awarded with a medal.

Major papers:

  1. Оценка различных режимов коррекции метаболических нарушений у больных с распространенными формами туберкулеза легких в современных радиоэкологических условиях // Пульмонология. 1996. № 2.
  2. Effectiveness of a novel cellular therapy to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis // J. Clin. Tuberc. Other Mycobact. Dis. 2016. Vol. 4 (в соавт).
  3. Результаты лечения мультирезистетного туберкулеза с использованием новых лекарственных средств и клеточных технологий // Вес. НАН Беларуci. Сер. мед. навук. 2018. Т. 15, № 1.