National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KIRILLOVA Faina Mikhailovna

Faina Mikhailovna Kirillova (b. 29.09.1931, Zuevka, Kirov region, Russia), a scientist in the field of mathematical theory of optimal control. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1996), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1967), Professor (1972). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2002). Honored Enlightenment of Vietnam (2001).

Scientific research in the field of optimal control theory. Received fundamental results on the theory of controllability of systems with aftereffect, on necessary control optimality conditions for discrete control processes, high order optimality conditions, and special optimal controls. She developed the basics of the constructive theory of extremal problems, which provide an effective way out of computational procedures for constructing solutions for a wide range of control and optimization problems. Algorithms are programmatically implemented and since the early 1980s have been used in solving applied control and optimization problems. Together with R. Gabasov, she developed a new approach to the construction of optimal controls such as feedback and positional solutions of optimal observation problems for systems in conditions of uncertainty, substantiated algorithms for the functioning of optimal identifiers, estimators, regulators and stabilizers.

Author of more than 350 scientific papers, 14 monographs.

Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1986 for the development and implementation of multi-purpose software in engineering calculations. Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1995 for the series of works "Development of constructive methods for solving extremal problems".

Major papers:

  1. Качественная теория оптимальных процессов. М.: Наука, 1971 (совм. с Р. Габасовым).
  2. Особые оптимальные управления. М., Наука, 1973 (совм. с Р. Габасовым).
  3. Оптимизация линейных систем. Методы функционального анализа. Мн.: БГУ, 1973 (совм. с Р. Габасовым).
  4. Методы линейного программирования (в 3 частях). Мн.: БГУ, 1977-1980 (совм. с Р. Габасовым).
  5. Конструктивные методы оптимизации (в 5 частях). Мн.: Изд.-во "Унiверсiтэцкае", 1984-1998 (в соавт.).
  6. Optimal feedback control. London: Springer. 1995 (совм. с Р. Габасовым, С. В. Прищеповой).