National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KRASNEVSKY Leonid Grigorievich

Leonid Grigorievich Krasnevsky (b. 27.08.1938, г. Минск), a scientist in the field of mechanical engineering. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2004). Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1991), Professor (2003).

Scientific research in the field of engineering, theory and technology of automatic control of mobile machines. He created the scientific bases of control of multi-stage gear mechanisms of variable structure, based on the ideas and methods of technical cybernetics. He proposed general methods of analysis and synthesis of discrete control systems of transmission mechanisms, analysis of their behavior in case of typical failures, synthesis of reliable hydraulic circuits with given levels of safety and survivability. Theoretically predicted the structurally determined possibility of accidental failures of such systems, later confirmed by the practice of mass exploitation of vehicles with automatic transmissions of leading firms in the USA and Japan. On this theoretical basis, for the first time, the problem of synthesizing control systems for multi-stage transmissions of arbitrary structure has been solved in general. An engineering synthesis tool has been created that is adequate to the classical methods of synthesizing these mechanisms.

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, incl. monographs, 84 copyright certificates for inventions and patents.

Major papers:

  1. Управление многоступенчатыми гидромеханическими передачами мобильных машин. Мн.: Навука i тэхнiка, 1990.
  2. The Synthesis Method of Electrohydraulic Schemes of Mechatronic Control Systems for Hydromechanical Transmissions // SAE 2003 World Congress. SAE Technical Paper Series 2003-01-0319.
  3. The Fundamental Aspects of the Structural Theory of Multispeed Transmissions Control // SAE 2005 Transactions Journal of Passenger Cars: Mechanical Systems. Paper 2005-01-1598.