National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KULAK Anatoly Iosifovich

Anatoly Iosifovich Kulak (b. 05.09.1954, Minsk) - the chemist. Corresponding Member (2014), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1990), Professor (2004).

Work in the field of electrochemistry and photocatalysis. He proposed a scientific direction - photoelectrochemistry of semiconductor heterostructures and semiconductors with pronounced energy and structural inhomogeneity. As a result of the study of charge transfer processes in semiconductor heterostructures, he substantiated the electron theory of photocatalysis and electrocatalysis, based on the effects of dynamic splitting of the Fermi level in energetically inhomogeneous systems in the presence of lateral electronic exchange between components with different levels of structural organization. He proposed a new class of electro- and photocatalysts that are promising for use in photocatalytic systems for deep purification of water and gas media, electrochemical sensors, metal hydride batteries, and photoelectrochemical converters. He developed nanostructured composite materials with high optical selectivity and energy conversion efficiency in solar collectors and photovoltaic systems. Developed a technology for producing nanostructured substances of calcium-phosphorus-containing drugs, new methods for producing nanostructured phosphate and oxide-hydroxide bioinorganic materials. Developed a new means of chemical protection of securities and bond papers.

Author (co-author) of 320 scientific papers, incl. 4 monographs and 42 inventions.

Awarded with the Medal of the RAS in memory of Academician N.М. Emanuel for achievements in the field of chemical physics (2013).

Major papers:

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  2. Metal nanoparticles on semiconductor surfaces: electrochemistry and photocatalysis. Chemical Physics of Nanostructured Semiconductors, Brill Acad. Publ., The Netherlands, 2003.
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