National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LAVSHUK Stepan Stepanovich

Stepan Stepanovich Lavshuk (b. 28.07.1944, Vasilevichy, Gomel region), literary critic. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2004), Doctor of Philological Sciences (1998), Professor (1998).

Scientific works in the field of Belarusian literary criticism. He carried out studies of current problems of the history and theory of Belarusian literature, the modern literary process. Contributed to the development of the problems of the Belarusian drama, its textual. He prepared and published the most complete and verified scientific publications of works by the outstanding Belarusian playwright A. Makayonka in 5 volumes (Mn., 1987-1990) and the classic of Belarusian literature K. Krapiva in 6 volumes (Mn. 1997-2004), one-volume book V. Golubka "Tvory" (Pl., 1983) and others. One of the authors of the publications: "History of Belarusian Soviet Literature" (Pl., 1977), "Belarusian literature and modern issues" (Pl., 1978), "History belaruskai literatures "(Mn., 1999)," The History of Belarussian literatures "in 2 volumes (Mn., 1999)," Narysa pas gistoryi Belarusian-ruskikh literary suvyazey in 4th nigah (Mn 1993 -. 1995). One of the scientific editors and leading authors of the fundamental “Hisstars of the Belarusian literature of the XX Stagodzia” in 4 volumes (5 books) (Mn., 1999-2003), “The Histories of the Belarusian Literature of the XI-XIX centuries (in 2 vol. Mn., 2007).

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, literary-critical articles, including 9 monographs and 3 brochures.

Awarded with the Order of Francisk Skaryna (2004), the badge "Print Excellence of Belarus" (2003).

Major papers:

  1. Сучасная беларуская драматургія. Мн., 1977.
  2. Станаўленне беларускай савецкай драматургіі. Мн., 1984.
  3. Кандрат Крапіва і беларуская драматургія. Мн., 1986; 2 изд. 2002.
  4. На драматургічных скрыжаваннях. Мн., 1989.
  5. Кандрат Крапіва і беларуская драматургія. 2-е выд. Мінск: Беларус. навука, 2002.