National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MANSHIN Gerald Grigorievich

Gerald Grigorievich Manshin (b. 05.08.1937, v. Frunze, Slavyanoserbsk district, Lugansk region, Ukraine), a scientist in the field of technical cybernetics, management. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1994), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1983), Professor (1986).

Research on the theory of analysis and synthesis of complex systems are devoted to the problems of preventive control, mathematical models of complex systems, the problems of preventing equipment failures and human-operator errors. Solved the problem of managing systems machine - man - environment. He performed a series of works on the qualitative theory of machine design of complex systems, taking into account the human factor. Highly efficient control complexes, which are of great importance, have been created, they have been tested in practice. He developed the fundamentals of the theory of quality assurance, reliability, safety of man-machine systems, created and developed ergatic support of automated systems, the theory of automation of ergonomic design of complex systems. Under his leadership, developed mobile multifunctional dual-purpose machines. Developed a number of original devices, technical solutions and control systems, created a complex of GOSTs in the field of special equipment.

Author of more than 500 scientific papers, incl. 13 monographs, over 100 certificates for inventions and patents.

State Prize of the USSR in 1985 for works in the field of special cybernetics.

Awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honor (1981), the Order of Lomonosov (2007), medals.

Major papers:

  1. Статистическая оптимизация качества функционирования электронных систем. М., 1974 (совм. с В.А. Игнатовым).
  2. Управление режимами профилактик сложных систем. Мн., 1976.
  3. Надежность систем "человек-машина". Мн., 1985.
  4. Обеспечение качества функционирования автоматизированных систем. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1986 (совм. с С.В. Кирпичом).
  5. Современные контролирующие и управляющие средства и системы производственных информационных технологий. Мн., 2003 (в соавт.).
  6. Эргатика: Некоторые проблемы моделирования сложных человеко-машинных систем. Мн.: Амалфея, 2008 (совм. с В.А. Асановичем, А.Б. Пышкиным).