National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MARZALYUK Igor Alexandrovich

Igor Alexandrovich Marzalyuk (b. 11.09.1968, Krasnopolye, Mogilev region) - an archaeologist and a historian. Corresponding Member (2017), Doctor of Historical Sciences (2003), Professor (2010). Excellence in Education of the Republic of Belarus (2014).

Scientific works on archeology and history of Belarus. He carried out scientific studies on the archeology of the Mogilev Podneprovye and the Posozhie era of the Roman influences, the Middle Ages and the early Modern period - on the burial tombs of the 10th–13th centuries, historical centers of cities, castles and ancient settlements, which made it possible to clarify the stages of urbanization of the Upper Dnieper region, more fully characterize the genesis of the Mogilev, highlight the proto-urban and early-urban periods in the history of this city, as well as the cities of Bykhov, Shklov and Radomli. He developed the scientific concept of the museumification of the ancient unit of Mstislavl "Zamkovaya Gora" and the reconstruction of the old Russian archaeological complex in the village of Radoml of the Chausy district.

Author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 5 monographs, 1 textbook, 1 collection of documents, 1 reading book.

Awarded with the medal "For Labor Merit" (2014), other medals. Diploma of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus (2015).

Major papers:

  1. Магілёў у XII–XVIII стагоддзях: людзі і рэчы. Мінск, 1998.
  2. Людзі даўняй Беларусі: этнаканфесійныя і сацыякультурныя стэрэатыпы (Х–XVII стст.). Магілёў, 2003.
  3. Этнічны і канфесійны свет беларускага гора да XVI–XVIII стст. Магілёў, 2007.
  4. Міфы «Адраджэнскай» гістарыяграфіі Беларусі. Магілёў, 2009.
  5. Žalgirio mūšis – tautų mūšis. Iš ukrainiečių kalbos vertė Vasilis Kapkanas (išskyrus A. Bumblausko tekstą). Vilnius, 2011 (в соавт.).
  6. Українське Козацтво і Велике князівство Литовське. Київ, 2014 (в соавт.).
  7. Belarus: From Ethnic Community to a Full-fledged Nation: Origin and Genesis of the Belarusian National Identity // Belarus: Independence as National Idea. N. Y., 2015.
  8. Археалагічнае вывучэнне курганнага могільніка Усход. Магілёў, 2017.