National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

PANTELEENKO Fedor Ivanovich

Fedor Ivanovich Panteleenko (b. 01.03.1950, v. Kryukovichi, Kalinkovichi district, Gomel region), a scientist in the field of powder metallurgy. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2004), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1992), Professor (1992). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2011).

Scientific research in the field of powder metallurgy, composite materials, strengthening and restoration technologies. He made a significant contribution to the development of a new class of self-fluxing powders and composite materials from them, protective coatings, hardening and restorative technologies. Established the patterns of diffusion mass transfer during the doping of micro-objects. He created a new class of effective self-fluxing powders, wires and highly efficient technologies for obtaining tools, products or composite protective coatings on them. Developed composite materials obtained by thermochemical processing or layer-by-layer deposition of alternating thin (10-15 μm) nickel and zinc-phosphate layers on metal substrates and subsequent heat treatment, as well as effective ceramic powders, gradient and other special coatings of multifunctional purposes. Developed a comprehensive methodology for non-destructive testing and evaluation of the chemical composition, structure, properties and residual life of responsible industrial metal objects, structures, equipment.

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, incl. 13 monographs and books, 30 inventions and patents.

Awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honor (1986), medal.

Major papers:

  1. Самофлюсующиеся порошки и износостойкие покрытия из них. (Обзорная информация / БелНИИНТИ Госэкономплана БССР. Серия 55.22.19). Минск: [б. и.], 1991. (совм. с С.Н. Любецким).
  2. Самофлюсующиеся диффузионно-легированные порошки на железной основе и покрытия из них. Минск: Технопринт, 2001.
  3. Восстановление деталей машин. М.: Машиностроение, 2003 (cовм. с В.П. Лялякиным, В.П. Ивановым, В.М. Константиновым).
  4. Новые ресурсосберегающие технологии и композиционные материалы. М.: Энергоатомиздат; Гомель: БелГУТ, 2004 (в соавт.).
  5. Закономерности электронно-лучевого воздействия на борсодержащие материалы и принципы оптимизации электронно-лучевого оборудования и технологий упрочнения и восстановления. Полоцк: ПГУ, 2005. (в соавт.).
  6. Методология оценки состояния материала ответственных металлоконструкций. Минск: БНТУ, 2010. (совм. с А.С. Снарским).