National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

POTKIN Vladimir Ivanovich

Vladimir Ivanovich Potkin (b. 19.07.1953, v. Krasnye Baki, Gorkovsk Region, Russian Federation), chemist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2000). Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1996).

He developed methods for the preparation and conducted a study of the chemical properties of nitrohalbutadienes, revealed their high reactivity in nucleophilic vinyl substitution processes, which opens up their use in organic synthesis. He proposed methods for the selective substitution of nitro groups and halogen atoms, which allow sequentially introducing 1, 2, 3, and 4 different diene molecules into the diene molecule and obtaining polyfunctional compounds of different classes. He developed methods for obtaining various heterocyclic systems with one and two nitro groups, as well as a keto group in the side chain, and an approach to the construction of hard-to-reach benzazetine and benzazetian systems. Found the reaction of nitro compounds leading to the construction of the isothiazole cycle. Received a variety of functional derivatives of isothiazole, including the previously inaccessible isomer of known growth regulating drugs 4,5-dichloroisothiazole-3-carboxylic acid, which has high pesticidal activity. He developed chemical and electrochemical methods for the synthesis of substituted carboranes and metal carboranes. The synthesized compounds have a complex of useful properties for use as components of high-strength corrosion-resistant composite materials, thin-film photosensitive coatings, chemical plant protection products, antiseptics. A number of the substances obtained showed high antitumor activity, thiocyanogenic and halogen substituted dicarbanide undecaborate are promising for boron neutron capture cancer therapy.

Author of over 190 scientific papers, incl. monographs, 13 inventions.

Major papers:

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