National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

ROGACHEV Alexander Vladimirovich

Alexander Vladimirovich Rogachev (13.08.1949 v. Yurkovichi, Vetka district, Gomel region) - a scientist in the field of physical chemistry. Corresponding Member (2009), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1989), Professor (1991). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2003).

Scientific research in the field of physical chemistry of composite, multilayer thin film systems based on polymeric and inorganic (metal, carbon, carbides and metal nitrides) materials, synthesis of complex chemical compounds from the active gas phase. He conducted a comprehensive study of the processes of vacuum metallization of polymeric materials, dispersion of polymers under the action of a stream of electrons, and laser radiation. He developed methods for controlling the physicomechanical properties of nano- and microheterogeneous systems, based on the use of plasma activation of volatile products, gas-transport plasma-chemical processes at the stage of deposition of nanoparticles from the gas phase of complex composition. He proposed a relaxation-diffusion theory of interfacial processes, on the basis of which he analytically described the structural features of the boundary layers, the patterns of adhesion interaction in static and dynamic contact under various conditions and conditions, including the occurrence of chemical contact reactions; explained a number of experimentally established effects, including: the effect of disrupting the condensation of metal atoms on the surface of a polymer at a temperature close to the glass transition temperature; the effect of transfer by thin layers of the adsorption activity of the substrate; selectivity of nucleation of the condensed phase on the surface of the polymer when mechanical stresses are created in the surface layer.

Author of more than 560 scientific papers, including 5 monographs, 1 textbook, 80 copyright certificates and patents.

Awarded with the Order of Honor (2009).

Major papers:

  1. Вакуумная металлизация полимерных материалов. Л.: Химия, Ленингр. отд-ние, 1987 (совм. с Ю.В. Липиным, В.В. Харитоновым).
  2. Релаксационно-диффузионная теория межфазных процессов. Гомель: [б. и.], 1997 (совм. с М.В. Буем).
  3. Восстановление и повышение износостойкости деталей машин: учеб. пособие. Гомель: БелГУТ, 2005 (в соавт. с С С. Сидорским).
  4. Нанокомпозиционные машиностроительные материалы: опыт разработки и применения. Гродно: ГрГУ, 2006 (в соавт.).
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  6. Особенности роста углеродных покрытий в импульсном катодно-дуговом разряде при легировании ионами азота // Наноматериалы и наноструктуры. 2016. Т. 7, №3. С. 35–42. (в соавт.).